Decision..or is it?

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I've been thinking: On one hand, I like doing a lot of lyrical stuff with Seed.

On the other hand, I also like having practical journal entries....
I've never been fully comfortable with having both in the same entry, strange as that sounds...

so I figured, maybe I'll have two different types of entries?

I'll have "What Seed Did Today" entries, which are like most of my diary entries now: Seed, with some pictures, chronicalling the day's antics, if there are any worth noting.
and then there'll be what I'm tenatively calling "Bearing Witness," which will be a slightly more artsy account of a day's events, or a period's events, or Seed's emotional state and observations about the forest.
Both of these will be written from Seed's perspective, and I consider both perspectives a valid part of Seed's inner life. There's the part of Seed that hangs out with his friends, goofs off, tries to please....and then there's the part of Seed that watches, analyzes, dreams...and if feeling tired or lonely, mopes horribly...

I think that some times just one type of entry will be used, other days, both; sometimes, neither. It depends on the day (or period)

or maybe I should just keep things the way they are; this is awful complicated sounding....
any opinions?
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hmmmm.....are you talking

hmmmm.....are you talking about two entries in the same journal, or making two journals?
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two journals, I

two journals, I think.
a unicorn roleplay site.
Check it out.
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the endless forum's got a

the endless forum's got a roleplay and a journal section if youre interested. otherwise just have 2 different journals going
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I agree, two journals should

I agree, two journals should work fine. That way you can post in either one depending on the mood you're in.