dearest butterfly doe

I made this on Procreate (gosh I love this app) but on my boyfriend's iPad mini by hand cuz he got no apple pencil and it got me really wanting an ipad (pro) and apple pencil because Procreate is amazing to work with and I'd have a tablet to draw on anywhere I go which you can't really do with Wacom tablets (unless you buy the mobile studio pro but im a poor student ok). Does anyone have experience with an iPad (pro) and apple pencil? Is it worth it? Feel free to tell me all about it n-n

Anyway here is a lil Waar, much love to the forest ♥
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Incredible work, as always...

Incredible work, as always... <333
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Always love to see your Art

Always love to see your Art !
So adorable Smiling
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A Nopje ...&hearts;

A Nopje ...♥
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♥ ♥

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thank you all so much

thank you all so much ♥

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I have tried an ipad pro, and

I have tried an ipad pro, and wil be buying one soon for myself IT IS WORTH IT
Also for not having those things this is gorgeous ,good job!