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"Two brothers are better than none."

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May 25, 2017:

Approached Thais' nest, noting the scents of each family member that lingered within the matter. Carefully examined its' condition, pleased that it appeared Thais had tended to it recently. With that, acknowledged that the doe's scent was within the vicinity, and she must had been near. Gazed around, and finally located the burgundy-female in the company of Isiel. Laughed slightly at this site, believing Thais was having "girl time", which included the image of the pair exchanging motherly advice and neighborhood gossip. Regardless if this wasn't the case, did not approach the females, feeling that Thais needed some female companionship and conversation from time to time, instead of always being around males (Even though Draven wants to attach her to his hip for eternity). Remained idle for sometime, just keeping an eye on things, though the atmosphere appeared to be tranquil for the most part, however, the peace ended when Nix appeared, and thus causing: BRO REUNION. Romped and rough housed with the Alpha, equally missing his companionship and company.

Continued these antics, though slowly found the playing coming to a halt on both sides. Took this interval of pause to catch my breath and just enjoy the moment without all the running and jumping. THEN, Nix brought out the biggest surprise of them all, which was in the form of a small, blue-hued, and adorable, fawn. Was introduced to Bronx, and at first thought the child was a orphan adopted by the Alpha, but then Nix explained it was his younger brother, and my mind just exploded with this information. Nonetheless, was quite enthusiastic and thrilled that this meant Bronx would be joining the family as well. With this, wasted no time in running and playing with the little bro when he initiated play, and noted that he was just a bundle of energy. Furthermore, recognized that his, good-natured, and lively attitude seemed to match Nix's, though Bronx had more energy to burn through. Finally settled with the two brothers and officially feel in love with Bronx when he rubbed his head against me.

Practical, Tactical, Possessive, Prideful, Hyper, Observant, Loyal, Obsessive, Bold, Jealous, Witty, Reliable, Charming, Flirtatious

Draven is a very social stag, not afraid to interact with others especially if the individual(s) caught his attention. Though he may try to test and toy with their minds, he means well by his actions and intentions.

Like all stags and bulls, Draven holds himself in high regards, viewing himself as the more dominant male and an elite competitor to his rivals. If Draven defines another deer as a nuisance or a pest, he will have no problem with getting physical. That's what antlers are for, right? However, despite his mindset, he does enjoy making connections and even allies with males that 'prove' themselves in his eyes.

(WIP due to a change in his appearance)



SEGIN The Sunrise. First newborn son. Immediate admiration and unconditional love for. More relaxed and laid-back, willing to observe and inspect before acting. Has mastered the art of puffing feathers. Will protect with his life.

LESATH The Sunset. Second newborn son. Immediate admiration and unconditional love for. More daring of the two, though tends to get himself into more trouble. Has also mastered the art of feather puffing. Will protect with his life.


THAIS Oldest friend of the forest. Met the doe during his first rut and immediately was drawn to her charisma and mannerisms. Began to seek the masked doe periodically, gradually growing more fond of her company and ability to engage in conversation. Been through countless scenarios with the burgundy, watching her fall in love, witnessing heartbreak, and the emotional devastation that overwhelmed her. Regretted leaving the doe during her time of need, but felt his own emotions taking a toll as he watched her spiral. After a while, returned to the forest, only to recover the relationship he and Thais had, regaining their close-friendship and memories from the past. Has always cherished and treasured her intelligence, charm, and caring nature, despite her failure to realize her own perfection. As time went on, was approached by the doe about her desire for children, knowing far too well that she would flourish as a mother and parent. 6 months later, was proud to announce the arrival of their two sons, Segin and Lesath, raising both boys with the doe.

JOVAN Adoptive son. Meet the star-pelted buck when he was just an adolescent, quite young and green to the forest. Immediately had a growing curiosity over the youngster, and developed a bond that would be unbreakable. Raised Jovan as his own, teaching and shaping him until he reached his maturity. Even now, as a well-rounded, independent, and outgoing buck, Draven cannot help but baby him. Unconditional love for and will not hesitate to defend and protect, regardless of the circumstances.

Met the adolescent through Thais, and immediately fell in love with his quirky and calming demeanor. Sees him to be quite intelligent for his age, especially when it comes to his knowledge with healing and knowing which plants to use. Enjoys his presence and ability to swoon crowds with his adorable features, plus outgoing persona. A son to Draven, and a highly cherished relationship. Will seek and protect at all costs.

First quite wary of the alpha, even envious of his growing closeness with Thais. However, had a change of heart after observing his loyalty and protective nature toward the doe. Eventually enjoyed his presence and the idea of having another male around; a brotherhood developing rapidly the more he returned. Respects all aspects and qualities of the bull, including the strength and endurance he shows when fighting. An ally, friend, and brother. Always a good time when the male is around, and can rest easy knowing he is watching the "pack".

(need to add)


Very energetic doe Draven was acquainted with during the last rut. Met her through Mandel, impressed by the amount of energy that seemed to vibrate off of the female. Though wasn't able to fully interact with her during the rut, was pleased to be able to maintain a friendship with her after the season had ended. A constant aura of good vibes, especially when seeing her with her new fawns.

KEROSENE Meet this deer some time ago, and upon meeting them, was charmed by their outgoing personality. Since then, has always been pleased with Kero's company, whether they just sit with Draven or decide to hop and bounce about. A deer that has earned his respect and trust, but above all, friendship. Always can count on Kero for their protective and vibrant ability to provide to the family. Will always be welcomed.

(need to add)


(need to add)

(need to add)

Although the first interaction with Matthew was tense, really grew to trust and respect the stag during the rut. Sees him to be wise and noble, though a little quite at times. Definitely wouldn't mind sitting with him for long periods of the day and just watching the atmosphere. Grateful for having met the male and getting the chance to know him.

Remembers the doe from the previous rut, fondly meeting her once more this season. Infatuated by the female and couldn't seem to find the will to stay away from her. A rut affair and small fling occurred, causing some tension between the two. A sense of confusion, now that the season has ended, unsure whether or not to pursue her, or just leave the memories with the season.

First encountered the desert stag while sitting with Thais, quite intrigued by the headdress he fashioned. Soon after, began encountering Sadiki more and more prior to the rut, growing somewhat comfortable with his presence. During the rut, Draven was impressed with the way the male displayed himself on the 'battlefield' and his skill at taking down larger opponents. Grateful to have considered him an ally and share responsibilities when watching a herd together. Now that the season is over, continues to maintain that comrade relationship and seeks him out when possible.

KATO Met the stag prior to the rut and their first encounter was less than friendly. However, after seeing and observing the stag multiple times, grew to appreciate his presence and the power behind his antlers. Viewed him as a comrade on the battlefield, providing an extra pair of eyes are ears to watch the harem. Now that the rut is over, will still look at the blue stag as a friend and ally.

VIRGIL High respect for this stag. Considers him a legend and teacher, though will never admit it out loud. Encountered him multiple times during the rut, getting into a couple of fights with him. Due to his young age, Draven hopes to learn from this veteran, taking his knowledge of the forest and the battlefield into the next season. Will always watch him from afar, until given permission to approach.


COLE So much to say about this guy. Met the doggie during the rut, highly intrigued by his sassy personality and ability to defend himself. Absolutely loved being around him, especially knowing Cole wouldn't put up with Draven's shit. Grew to appreciate his loyal companionship and gift of being a master groomer. A relationship he hopes to maintain, even though Cole branches out to other groups. Deceased. Learned about the wolf's sudden death through Thais. Came upon his body and mourned with Thais by his side. Misses his presence and hates how they might have ended on bad terms. Will forever feel some regret and guilty over there confrontation, and for not being able to say goodbye before his death.

DJINA Was Draven's first encounter in the forest. Remembers the meeting like it was yesterday. Holds the doe in high regards, always seeking her out above others. Despite the rough patches the two have encountered, Draven will always go back to her; despite if she pushes him away. Very good and close friend, possessive over, trusting, likes being around, protective of, enjoys her company, loved at one point. However, seems to be drifting away from the doe slowly. Missing.

KESTREL Mother to Rose. Slightly intimidated by the male due to his quite nature at first, though grew to respect and adore his sincere and intelligent personality. Also met Kes through Mandel during the rut, and highly regrets not spending more time with the male, but is trying to make up for lost time time. Enjoys his company especially when he transforms into a, sassy, bird. Missing.

SEVERA At first, Draven was unsure of this doe and her judgments towards him. However, as the season continued, he found her to be one of the most loyal of the judges, always seeking him out, even when it was just him by his lonesome. Severa always sat by Draven's side, time after time, never demanding anything from him. Just company. A good friend. Missing.

VERVE Was introduced to the dark doe during the rut. Was a little taken back by her strong personality and independent nature, but began to see her sassy and headstrong demeanor as a positive. Though she would always kick his ass and take no shit from Draven, he loved her company and the way she always kept him on his hooves. He only hopes he can continue to pursue their friendship. Missing.


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trackers~ :B

trackers~ :B
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tracky <3

"Sorry for turning ya' into a

"Sorry for turning ya' into a crow mister. But it was rather cute to see."

Tracking this. <3
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That is alright I was able to

That is alright I was able to enjoy the change by flying after Does so thank you. Eye

You're welcome. I'm glad he

You're welcome.
I'm glad he had fun. XD

Tracks- Kileah:"whaaaa!!!!


Kileah:"whaaaa!!!! O..o You scared me! Mega sureprised when I woke up. :o"
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Draven:"A fawn oh my

Draven:"A fawn oh my goodness. Would you just look at it ^__^!!!!"

He is a gentle giant don't worry ;]

Kileah: Giggles and smiles a

Kileah: Giggles and smiles a bit nervous before scenting him the smiles. "hihihi? :3"
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Woooot Jay! Finally! : D

Woooot Jay! Finally! : D Love this " partners in crime " ! Indeed! u_u

Now I just need to finish up those bios of mine >.>..

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Haha, I think I just got done

Haha, I think I just got done playing with you for a few minutes...I had to leave...
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Yea I remembered your deer

Yea I remembered your deer from earlier today when I was looking at her bio. Draven enjoyed meeting her ^^

Adelyte enjoyed spending some

Adelyte enjoyed spending some time with Draven as well. =)

Well, herro durr ^^

Well, herro durr ^^
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hiya Laughing out loud

Hello. :3 My deer Avenka

Hello. :3 My deer Avenka seems to have taken quite a liking to Draven. You know, the doe with the Skull mask, Great Argus Pelt, and little black Deer of the Dead(Halloween) Antlers? I'm glad to finally know who Draven is now!~ xD Avenka's picto has three lines in it, if you're unsure.
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Oh hey, I remember your doe

Oh hey, I remember your doe :] Draven really enjoys her company and finds her quite amusing. I was looking for Avenka's blog since yesterday and I am glad you found me xD

Tracking~ My char Willow is

My char Willow is the mini sitting with him right now c:
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Aww :] Willow has so much

Aww :] Willow has so much energy. Draven is having trouble keeping up with her xD

That's Willow all right

That's Willow all right xD
Sorry I didn't have her say goodbye, my connection randomly disconnected and wouldn't reconnect 8|
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Oh same here xD I ran into

Oh same here xD I ran into you and then I lost connection ._.

Draven now sits near the

Draven now sits near the bridge with my doe and Domino) He seem really nice)
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He really enjoys your

He really enjoys your company. Both of you seem to be gentle and social :]

Thanks! Mutually. (:

Thanks! Mutually. (:

Thanks! Mutually. (:

Thanks! Mutually. (:
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IM with you in the forest

IM with you in the forest xD... and youre afk. Now I have to goooo :I
SO ANYWAY, read your mail! fffs.

So if did, ud know that im leaving to my aunts place for a week :c....
wanna talk more, can you get online later? likeee I have to go to sleep early today,
early wake up, early leave :U.
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Sorry I had classes D: and I

Sorry I had classes D: and I will probably be on ummm at 3:30? I will try to be on later today though.
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"I cause inconvenience at

"I cause inconvenience at you? If it so, I can stop it. Excuse me if I frighten you."
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"An inconvenience? No, not at

"An inconvenience? No, not at all! If you thought my actions made you feel that way, I am humbly sorry. I find your company much needed." The stag bowed to the doe respectfully and gave a small smile. She was much smaller than he. "And I think I should be the one frightening you." He smirked and then laughed a little, looking down at the doe.

"Oh, me very pleasant it to

"Oh, me very pleasant it to hear."Has slightly smiled Gina. She has explained the words to those. "I thought that you don't want to spend time with me and all time leave. " She has a little raised a head.
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*Track* Nice to meet you,

*Track* Smiling Nice to meet you, Draven.
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Hey darlin' -3-... Read your

Hey darlin' -3-... Read your mail, I even made tay txt you about it Eye
fffs We need to get that txting working ._. but read read read your mail >Shocked
I wrote like a novel and it was night and I felt so sad that you didnt >:I
and Idontwanttowriteyousothateveryonereadsit. Like here.

ohyeah my Internet worked today, It works most of the time but just it didnt work back then xD,
and it didnt work earlier toady but now it did. We have that internet stick with us,
and ill be going home at sunday sooo Ill be on more then 8'D..
And I dont have to go to sleep so early. I feel bad spamming your bio page about non bio stuff xD.. But its your fault for not reading your email -3-
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Lol it would be so much

Lol it would be so much easier if your phone liked my phone and would give me the texts you send me. But will start checking my emails daily ok xD? I am sorry I am neglecting on doing that. It takes so much work to open the window then wait for it to load T___T mer but I guess you are worth it.
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Hello....Sorry for leaving

Hello....Sorry for leaving suddenly , its when the game is lagging....
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Oh it is ok xD I figured you

Oh it is ok xD I figured you lost connection or were brb
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psh got ur txt and i didnt

psh got ur txt and i didnt mean that u_u,,, One moo + sit down is brb haha! so brb, i have to shower
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Ohhhhhh yea ok take your time

Ohhhhhh yea ok take your time lol I have sports at 3:30 and will be back at 4:30 so if I am asleep, that is why ._.
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Greetings, a good deer at

Greetings, a good deer at you:)
I hope, you know me Eye
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Greetings, a good deer at

Greetings, a good deer at you:)
I hope, you know me Eye
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hi Smiling
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Hey :] sorry for the late

Hey :] sorry for the late reply
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(No subject)

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d'awww little heart xD

d'awww little heart xD
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My Ember was playing with him

My Ember was playing with him today ^^
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Draven enjoyed running around

Draven enjoyed running around with her xD
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Happy Valentines Day! ;D

Happy Valentines Day! ;D<3
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AW XD Happy Valentines Day!

AW XD Happy Valentines Day! x]
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Greetings! A cool deer!

Greetings! A cool deer! Thanks you today in the spent 5 minutes with me Smiling
I think, you have remembered me? The Mask-bright, red-yellow, coloring white-black with red stains. Horns-candles Smiling