[Condes sionses] Second session

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Now that I have better understanding of deermans language, I will translate what I had spoking before.

[Dingnats foreeb pairfoa lessknurt sgel. Hapsrep Longgnieb ot theraf ro therom? Dneps skeew rounda meth ecnis rilavra. Formedrep mongnimus ulatir toontub vaila. Therso rivera. Kingaeps thiw meth rivesed on ticebleaon sultser. Dyob si linela meot. Spil peno, lyno veygninoc esion:]

Standing before a pair of trunkless legs. Perhaps belonging to father or mother? Spend weeks around them since arrival. Performed summoning ritual but to no avail. Others arrive. Speaking with them derives no noticeable results. Body is alien to me. Lips open, only conveying noise:



[temptsta ot inteetargni lliw gineb. Nottsum getrof sionsim. Pingeels nowrof.]

Attempts to integrate will begin. Must not forget mission. Sleeping for now.
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[Nyam therso proachedpa.

[Nyam therso proachedpa. Proachedpa theraf dna thermo, ton selfym. Itdexe oftuo specter. Tpels ani cleric fo roomsshum. Ton cusdemotca ot vingah a dyob prisedmoc fo taem. Smra dna sgel lingeef derloc dna daeh lingeef likemraw headdethgil. Kingnith ami ckis.]

Many others approached. Approached father and mother, not myself. Exited out of respect. Slept in a circle of mushrooms. Not accustomed to having a body comprised of meat. Arms and legs feeling colder and head feeling warm like light headed. Thinking I am sick.
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Guess my English skills are

Guess my English skills are not good enough to decipher this now, but I think I will return later, when I will have more time to it.

So, tracking for now.
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[Thingemos si

[Thingemos si fertnefid]

Something is different

[Pengesadpa longtedae dna lerstna fullerom nath foreeb. A vergnioc cealsnoc faceym. Somerof emit, seniv glednat toni rackym. On gernol veneliuj. Ami dulta.]

Appendages enlongated and antlers more full than before. A covering conceals my face. For some time, vines tangled into my rack. No longer juvenile. I am adult.

[Proachedpa ofpuorg mansreed. Koot fencefo meot dna doots. I polgizeoa dna tfel.
I wnat ot nrael ruoy syaw. Tingrats ot nrael ruoy uagegnal.]

Approached group of deermans. Took offence to me and stood. I apologized and left. I want to learn your ways. Starting to learn your language.
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[Youknath, rentrap childdna,

[Youknath, rentrap childdna, myrof nersuoeg tfig. Shalli themraew lyduorp.]

Thank you, parent and child, for my generous gift. I shall wear them proudly.

[Somerof emit dayot, spliti toin owt mansreed. Thissi malron therof lessest rofdne? Timemorf timeot, ticedon plietacud tosmargcip thein estrof. Anynac plainex?]

For some time today, I split into two deermans. Is this normal for the endless forest? From time to time, noticed duplicate pictograms in the forest. Can any explain?

[Tlenam bluesi won. Ami pypah. Ami mantab. M-A-N-T-A-B!]

Mantle is blue now. I am happy. I am batman. B-A-T-M-A-N!
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Heya Foxglaive, I took some

Heya Foxglaive, I took some screenshots of you:

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Thanking of you, Quadraprot!

Thanking of you, Quadraprot! These work as better mirror than surface of the ever changing water. Most helpful, yes, thank you!


Quad! There are trees growing out of your bread!!
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Wrote you a little something,

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Taking from Quadraprot’s

Taking from Quadraprot’s blog!

Choose 10 of your OC's or canon characters and answer the questions below.

Ahh! But it only has one character. Unless temporal displacement of time or use of tachyons and croissants, perhaps multiples of it exist? Let us condensation!

1. Foxglaive
2. Foxglaive
3. Foxglaive
4. Foxglaive
5. Foxglaive
6. Foxglaive
7. Foxglaive
8. Foxglaive
9. Foxglaive
10. Foxglaive

1. 5 is locked out of the house. What does he/she do?
Ahh! Poor Foxglaive! He would likely wonder around the lodging for a period of time, study and examining it with much detail. After many hours of story and contemplate, he would realize he was, in fact, already back inside of the house without existing a realization of how or when it transpiring.

2. 4, 1 and 8 go to a strip club. The outcome?
“Ahh! We are lost, Foxglaives.”
“Perhapsing it could ask for direction?”
“Good suggestion, Foxglaive. Oh, looked! A sign! What is it it says?”
“Stripe Club … what could it mean?”
“Ahh! Look, Foxglaive! And you too, Foxglaive! Our coats have stripes. With most certainly, we are member!”
“Ahh! Good suggestion! Inside, most lickly, advise will be dispense! Shall we?”

After stepping inside, in unison:

3. 6 walks in on 9 and 2 making out. What happens?
Ahh! This would not happen it does not think. Unless … perhaps they are rehearsing a performance? Ten Foxglaives could perform a small play, though, like the day of William Shockspore, all characters would be play by French toast. No. Fellows. Yes. So! Foxglaiveo makes out with Foxglaiviette while Foxglaive watched and eating corn. So! A total of nine Foxglaives are perforating the play and only one Foxglaive is left to watch it.

4. 7 and 3 are stranded on a deserted island with no food or water. What does 3 do?
Foxglaive the third would begin to performing summoning ritual. Foxglaive the seventh would remember performing such an act because he had done it previously when he was Foxglaive the third.

5. Pair everyone up! You can't use characters outside of this meme!
Ahh! This is difficult!
Foxglaive and Foxglaive
Foxglaive and Foxglaive
Foxglaive and Foxglaive
Foxglaive and Foxglaive
Foxglaive and Foxglaive

6. 1 and 10 are arguing. What are they arguing about?
Possible on the topic of whether or not people can walk backwards in the future. Since Foxglaive the tenth is the most future-most, he has a belief he is correct where the first Foxglaive does not know who the tenth Foxglaive is, so it does not realize he is correct.

7. 8 finds out that 4 is pregnant. Who does he/she tell first and what is their reaction?
Ahh! Such a thing could not happen! What is much more lickly is that the fourth Foxglaive ate a very large meal, which gave Foxglaive the eighth the wrong impression. Not realize who or what the fourth Foxglaive is, he would approach and congratulate. Foxglaive the fourth would be fattered to receive a compliment, though, assuming the congratulation would be for eating very muchly.

8. 5 eats 6's last cookie. How does 6 react?
Foxglaive the sixth existed right after Foxglaive the fifth, so he would remember being Foxglaive the fifth and eating Foxglaive the sixth’s cookie. Therefore, he would not be too surprise.

9. 1 and 2 steal 10 and lock him/her up in a dark room. What goes on?
“Ahh! A dopplegang!”
“Ahh! What do we do?”
“Lettuce lock it up in a dark room!”
“Ahh! Now I am in a dark room. Guess I will make the mast of the situation and go to sleep.”

10. 10 decides to get his/her own back and tries to steal 1 and 2, but grabs 7 instead! What happens?
“Ahh! Please to forgiving! It meant to lock two other Foxglaives in this room but stole you by mistake.”
“Ahh, no need to apologizing. We look so similar. It is understand.”

11. Everyone goes to the movie theatre but 9 needs the bathroom halfway through the movie. What does he/she do?
The ninth Foxglaive would try very hardly to wait, but it is very unfortunate that he is muchly distracted from the needing to go. He would wind up leaving during the most important part, but it is okay! Since this is the ninth Foxglaive, he would have seen the movie at least eight times previous.

12. 3 walks in on 5 and 1 doing something. What are they doing?
They are trying to break open the moon to see what’s inside. The third Foxglaive watches from a distance while the fifth broked it open with his jaws. The very first Foxglaive is excited to learn the moon is empty.

13. Everyone decides to dress up for Halloween! What do they go as?
Foxglaive – a luchador
Foxglaive – a breakfast cereal
Foxglaive – Darkweaver
Foxglaive – Galactus
Foxglaive – Quadraprot
Foxglaive – a fox
Foxglaive – Batmans
Foxglaive – Vala
Foxglaive – Samurai Cat Pizza
Foxglaive – Foxglaive the first

14. Prom night, and 4 is left without a date. What does he/she do?
Foxglaive the fourth would likely visit an [Tertionlaanni Ofesuoh Cakesnap] to eat panclocks. To his surprising, he finds nine other Foxglaives who didn’t not receive dates from the proms as well. None of the Foxglaives mind since blueberry or apple is the fruit of choice for panclock topping, though, a date topping has an interest sound. This is possibly where Foxglaive the eight thought Foxglaive the fourth was pregnant from question seven.

15. 10 discovers 5's porn collection! How does he/she react?
Foxglaive the tenth would vaguely remember such a collection, but he could not remember what had becoming of it. Seeing it again, he would take it for himself, which would explaining why it was lost – when he was the fifth Foxglaive, the tenth Foxglaive took the collecting away.
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Lol, Darkalark makes a good

Lol, Darkalark makes a good halloween costume indeed. XD
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Ahh! Ever have the licking of

Ahh! Ever have the licking of a thing and possession of the think, "Ahh! It could be muchly better!"? It shall demonstration!

Ahh, see? Discerning dwarven bravery, coming over to exhilarate of the felines! So now for the improvingments, howabout!

Muchly better! Yes?

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Whoa! Random Foxglaive in

Whoa! Random Foxglaive in the news!