Candle revamp

I thought I might as well redo how Candle looks a teeny bit. His hair still remains as wild and thick as ever though!

The difference between the

The difference between the original and the revamp is buck wild! *rimshot*
No but really, nice job! I love how he looks so glowy-warm and it's interesting to see a different take on the human faced deer with a bare neck.

Aaah thank you!! I'm really

Aaah thank you!! I'm really proud of how he turned out in this picture.

Also +1 for a Grade-A pun haha!

aww cute.

aww cute.

wow. so pretty.`

wow. so pretty.`
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Thats sOO cute! and the art

Thats sOO cute! and the art itself- line art, highlighting, colors. Its so pretty!
PrimitiveCall:Lynx / kounávi
~ Ive actually played this game a long time ago- its still so fun!

The ginger artstyle works

The ginger artstyle works well with that personality, hah.
I like the wild line dynamics in hair.
Overall, got nice blending, easy on the eye.