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HEALTH ::100% M: 110%(overjoyed)
ACTIVITIES :: Was reunited with her mother Mizu and her older sister Ribbons.
THOUGHTS :: "AHHhh Mom! I missed you so much! You too older sis!"

March 10, 2013
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Reunited with her mom. Danced and played together for a good long time. Buttons was so happy she had tears in her eyes. The day became even better when her older sister appeared and the two played for a long time. It was a good day. It was a good day indeed.

December 11th, 2012
Found out that Eve is PREGNANT! Nuff said.

Name: Buttons
Size: Between 14 and 23
Gender: Small doe
Age: Young adult. Immortal. 20 in human years.
Species: TBA. Perhaps Thomson Gazelle and Muntjac.
Mate: None, she's more of a free spirit.
Offspring: None
Fragrance: TBA
Favorite places: Playground, crying idol
Appearance: Great argus pelt, whistling mask, monarch butterfly antlers.

Neiro: she doesn't trust him and is very wary whenever he's nearby

Su-mi: a very good friend, cuddle buddy

Caden: a very close friend, likes to play around with him, though sometimes feels nervous when caden gets himself in trouble.

Riza: very old friend who she wants to visit more often

Leonardo: acquaintance, growing fond of him due to his kindness

Kurami: doesn't know much but has noticed that he seems rather shy

Thais: acquaintance, enjoys sitting with her

Schtil: acquaintance, enjoys his hyperactive playful nature




Quiet, shy, submissive, hidden bravery, caring, curious honest, confident when situation calls for it, sensitive, sympathetic, observant, used to have terrible trust issues, alert, friendly and playful, anxious, protective, affectionate, calm, energetic, grateful

Likes: Blue flowers, dancing, hopping, playing with fawns, watching others occasinaly, being happy, playing with minis, meeting others when she's in the right mood

Dislikes: Skull masks tend to make her nervous, being
chased, feeling left out, alone, seeing family and friends hurt, pain, strangers

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