Bountiful youth.

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This new world is a strange one. There are no strings attached - no obligations to fulfill. No enemies closing in on my tail. Just... happiness. The company of others. The simple pleasures in life. Although I have not yet made any friends in this wood, I have certainly made numerous acquaintances, and already their scents are familiar to me when I sense them.

Sometimes I find myself unable to decide what to do; and other times I feel the loneliness of a vacant forest. I desire for the kinship of my fellow behooved, and I'm sure I will attain it sooner or later. I am but a spotted neonate in this wondrous land, and I spend my days running and rolling in flowers, and my nights huddled by the ancient stones, hoping for someone to prance by.

This wood without end truly is Paradise.

EDIT: So, the reverent candle-lit circle is now extinguished. Our memory of the fair Run (or rather a vague impersonal imprint, in mine case) is now held only in our hearts. Here now are some images of my experiences with this place:

Forever rest in peace, Run.
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Welcome to the Forest, and

Welcome to the Forest, and thank you for being so understanding. *nuzzles*

I love your screen name, by the way.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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I thank you for the welcome.

I thank you for the welcome. *paws ground happily* *returns your nuzzle*

Thank you, about the name. (Actually, thank x3 and their elf name generator. Fun stuffs thar.)
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Welcome to the Forest. Those

Welcome to the Forest.

Those pictures you posted a simply beautiful and very emotional. I personally didn't know Run; I started getting active with the community shortly after it happened but I read some of the older blogs and posts about it. How tragic...

I may not have known Run, but I know people who have gone through this. I've witnessed it first hand too, so I can just feel the pain and sadness just from reading things people have said and looking at those images. I understand and my heart goes out to both Run's family and friends.

And don't feel lonely because we are here for you. Just call out and I'm sure one of us will answer and coming running to keep you company. I know I will.