Atticus Biography

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Name: Atticus
Deer Name- Atticus (the same)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Relationship Status: Married to Silver Bells. (my persona)

Physical Health: 100%
Mental Health: 100%
Is currently: Lying in a mushroom circle

Physical Health: 100%
Mental Health: 98% - Somewhat frazzled. xD
Is currently: Trying to make breakfast for the Royal children. They're bickering over the strawberries and pulling eachother's ears. -____-*

His in Forest set- Large grey antlers, permadevout pelt, and long mask.
Screenie Screenie Screenie
Voice- LINK

  • Chivalrous
  • Cordial
  • Adorable
  • Friendly
  • Gentle
  • Soft-hearted
  • Pleasant
  • Handy
  • Amusing
  • Comical
  • Relaxed
  • Attentive
  • Playful
  • Lively
  • Firm
  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Dependable
  • Observant
  • Alert
  • "Quiet Strength"
  • Sensitive
  • Protective
  • Paternal

  • Cooking
  • Multitasking
  • Carpentry
  • Listening
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Playing the piano and accordion
  • Good with children
  • Card games


-Atticus "In Forest" His in Forest set- Large grey antlers, permadevout pelt, and long mask. Screenie Screenie Screenie

-Large rounded rabbit ears
-About the height of a moose
-Bright blue eyes
-Large reigndeer type antlers
-Big poofy soft mane around neck
-Long white mask with red markings
-Somewhat long legs
-White all over
-Without mask, his face is the same as his human face
-Two long locks of hair on either side of his face
-Two locks of hair can be braided or left in loose curls

-Native American features such as high cheekbones and strong jaw.
-Long white hair in loose waves, slightly past shoulder length
-Freckles on face. (Also covering most of skin area.)
-Exotic bright blue eyes
-White brow spots
-Rabbit ears, often floppy but are erect when startled etc...
-Rabbit nose, pink on the pad, and it always wet. If his nose is dry it means he's sick.
-Wears spectacles
-Smokes a pipe

-Large tail covered in long silky fur - similar to that of a Spitz dog.
-Soft pink pads on hands
-Has short nails on hands (claws) they aren't very sharp - more dog-like
-About 7'8" tall
-340 LBs.
-For his height, he should be more around the 310 LBs range. But... He's heavier than he should be. lol
-Body is very warm - Average normal body temperature is around 120°F.
-Dark peach skin tone
-Dusty pink scars across chest and on his back from an accident with plowing equipment

Art by me-

-Atticus's appearance in the Forest-

-His face, as a deer. Atticus is in the middle-

-Atticus and Silver Bells-

-Atticus with a rabbit face. Unused version-

-His human-ish face-

-Atticus's non-deer appearance in chef clothes-

-An example of the sort of clothes he wears-

Art by others

-Lovely art by Nirwana-

OCCUPATION- Atticus comes from a long line of bakers and is a chef, as well as a veterinarian. His family has been among the royal staff for generations, living on the castle grounds and cheerfully serving king and country. Sometimes Atticus's height can make things difficult. He sometimes finds himself with the task of trying to pull the mischievous future kings and queens of the country ( Photo) from behind wardrobes and the like, and trying to fit into small spaces to get them can be a bit awkward. (The children of the royal family are forever getting into trouble.) But for the most part it comes in handy. Like reaching things on ridiculously high shelves and not having to use the ladders in the massive library.

  • Silver Bells- Her devoted and loving husband. ♥
  • Brehach (Silver Bells adopted father)- Son in-law
  • Crybaby - A friend. C:

    His Country

    THE CASTLE- (Yes the first two are of Neuschwanstein Castle!) ♥


    Atticus is a fictional character of mine, he represents qualities I hope to have in a husband whenever I meet "the one". ^3^ And Silver Bells, or Elodie, is a representation of me. <3

    If you do any fan art for Atticus, make sure to drop a note to me on his bio and send a link so I can add it here. I don't want to miss it! (:

    PS- I'm not going to be mad if you comment with "TRACK" but I would rather you didn't. I don't like those. :c I would rather get a heart or a smiley than a "LOLTRACK". x'D

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I adore the art here, you

I adore the art here, you draw faces so well, he seems so sweet and congenial. I love the small details of the plants and flowers in the border. Very nice bio!
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Aww thank you! &hearts; Yes

Aww thank you! ♥ Yes he is very sweet. x3

What a gorgeous biography and

What a gorgeous biography and I utterly adore this character. He seems so sweet, I love the art that goes along with it, his design is fantastic. Loving this.
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Ah finally : D

Ah finally : D
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Childless- Thank you so much.

Childless- Thank you so much. ;u;

Munkel- hahaha Yes! At last! : D

lksehfkiaerg I WANT TO GO

lksehfkiaerg I WANT TO GO LIVE THERE. NOW.

I love this guy. Smiling
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GO!!! Go now mah friend!

GO!!! Go now mah friend! *thows suitcases at you* xD

Thanks. x) <3

Seriously, though. You put a

Seriously, though. You put a lot of thought into EVERYTHING. I'd be tempted to canon the General from you, but I have enough characters bahaha.

I'll have to meet him in-forest someday. :]
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hahaha Aww! I didn't think

hahaha Aww! I didn't think anyone would really notice the general. xD I'll be adding information about him later, with pictures and such. I got the idea for him from a man I know that only has one leg. I never even knew until someone told me because he always wears long pants, you'd never know. It wasn't until I found out that I noticed he did walk a bit stiffly.

You can meet Atticus now if you'd like! I was going in the forest anyways. He could meet you at the playground. (:

Wow, that's neat. Awesome! I

Wow, that's neat.

Awesome! I can go in with Ryff and they can be mask-buddies, since she wears the Long mask too! xD

Also, while we're in there could you quickly cast the Key antlers on her?
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Oops. lol xD I think I

Oops. lol xD I think I thought you were somebody esle... And my game froze up. lol I'll be right back if that was you! D':

xD Start Dancing when you come up to him so I'll know it's you.

And to cast a spell I'll have to sneeze off the white pelt, so he won't be white when you meet him. (: Still meet at the Playground.

Ah, my game crashed too,

Ah, my game crashed too, haha. It probably wasn't me. I'll try to recognize the picto so you can come up without his pelt on. :]
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lol xD Okay, just remember to

lol xD Okay, just remember to dance at me so I'll know! :3

LOL. She was trying to tell

LOL. She was trying to tell him to try it too.

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Oh! xD lol I dunno how.

Oh! xD lol I dunno how. hahaha

Glad I could help with the antlers. (: ♥

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Hooray! He's a sweetheart

Hooray! He's a sweetheart ♥
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:3 Thanks! &hearts;

:3 Thanks! ♥

Awh, I love this! Your art is

Awh, I love this! Your art is amazing. <3 /stalk
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;u; Thank you~ &hearts;

;u; Thank you~ ♥

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The map isn't working for me

The map isn't working for me at the moment, but...
....does that happen to be Atticus sitting on Tombur at the moment? XD
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Tracking! Very organized bio

Tracking! Very organized bio and the CSS is beautiful! Do I even need to go on about how cool your character is?
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Ach I haven't tracked on this

Ach I haven't tracked on this account! <3 Uncle Attie....
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Momochi- Probably. xD He's

Momochi- Probably. xD He's hard to mistake for anybody else! hahaha

And thanks you guys! ;u; Even though I really need to update this bio... SRSLY. o_____o lol

Your character sounds simply

Your character sounds simply charming and to put him in human activities like cooking and living in a castle - never heard of that on TEF before. Calida would love to see him again and if Moss is calling him Uncle then that would make him Calida's Great Uncle? lol. See ya in-forest!
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I believe I saw you in the

I believe I saw you in the forest earlier while I was running around derping and practicing in-game interactions...stumbled across your bio, and just want to say this character is way too cute. :3 Trackin' <3