'Mm, well... Maybe all I want is the stripes on your back... How would you know?'

Atti, 'okapi', the rook.

An ancient deity.
Cursed and stripped of his stripes.


Overall creepy as fuck, really.
Not that that's all there is to him.
Or maybe it is.

Calling out!

Calling out!
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Beautiful! I love okapi,


I love okapi, they have lovely markings.

As for the set, not sure what to tell you but maybe the beluga or kabuki pelts?

I love that drawing.

I love that drawing. <33
Sure tracking, and maybe for a set, Noh Antlers, Real deer mask & Real deer pelt{dark}..♥

Oh my, what a gorgeous

Oh my, what a gorgeous deer.
I'd vote for the beluga pelt, noh antlers and of course the real deer mask. (:
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My gosh, that is some gorgeus

My gosh, that is some gorgeus shading there.. Love the face structure, really amazing.
As for a set, uh.. Wouldn't know, wish we had such a beautifull dark brown as an okapi carries. Real deer mask would most likely represent the shape of the face most, but the distinct white compaired to the pelt gets lost. I guess it also depends on what you want to put the accent to, colour, contrast, markings.

Quadraptor, nopje, mrsmorbid,

Quadraptor, nopje, mrsmorbid, seele - Thank you all. I don't want the real deer mask or the noh antlers as they are already used by many. I am thinking either the beluga or fan pelt because they both portray his colors well, and the orca antlers because they are similar to a grown okapi's horns. Mask is still undecided.

Ah, the trailing scent of

Ah, the trailing scent of Bombyx mori..

Great execution with the form and the colouring.
I've got two bits of constructive criticism, if you would like to hear..

Uitleger - Thanks, and yes.

Uitleger - Thanks, and yes.
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Lovely rendering.

Lovely rendering.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.

Eyestrain - Much appreciated.

Eyestrain - Much appreciated.
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The okapi is such a

The okapi is such a beautiful, unique animal, I really hope you enjoy RPing your character as such <3

As for the mask...if you dislike using the real deer mask, the only other one that comes to mind for me is the orca, but it doesn't really appropriately coincide with the facial markings D:
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Secretary bird mask comes to

Secretary bird mask comes to mind when I look at the face. It's not often used either.

The artwork's lovely. It seems familiar somehow, I really like it. The shading and color use especially.

Krystal, hraeth - Beautiful

Krystal, hraeth - Beautiful and unique is exactly my thought of them too.
As for the mask, I'm pondering using the peacock one. It has a delicate and calm look to it, and especially the eye reminds me of the okapi's. Now he just needs a name.

It's like the perspective is

It's like the perspective is bent between a profile [neck, ears, back of the head, forehead, lower lip] and a three-quarter view [from the eye-level down including the nose].
Then there's this deep shading behind and going under the eyesocket almost to the corner of the mouth. To my eye, it disrupts the flow of the upper and lower jaw structures. The space could use less depth and more anatomic relief..
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Wow... Beautiful... I might

Wow... Beautiful...

I might suggest the gazelle pelt, noh antlers, and real deer mask? I'm sure you'll know... ♥
Icon Art © Beloved

hey thats truly amazing.

hey thats truly amazing. Honestly, love it! anyway uh is okapi pronouced - Oh kah p

or - Oh kuh p???

or other???

thx!!! love ya all! :)xoxo Sauntara (oh or Oh kaw p??)
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I know its amazing huh?? y am

I know its amazing huh?? y am i asking? OF COURSE IT IS!!! love it truly!!


Uitleger - I see what you

Uitleger - I see what you mean, I will try to fix it. This drawing started out as a color test, so I appreciate the feedback. Thank you, and for the lovely time in game today as well as for helping me get his set.
Serenai, darling - Thank you. I think I will settle on the set I have for a while, but it might change randomly.
Blmunson - It is pronounced oh-cop-ee. It is not his name though.

I love okapis.

I love okapis. ♥
Maybe the skull mask would work. But it's also used a lot.
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holy.. woah.

holy.. woah.

Glad to be of assistance. And

Glad to be of assistance.
And the pleasure was mine.
Love how you animate him in the forest. It was refreshing to watch.
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That picture is amazing.. and

That picture is amazing.. and the pictogram is also quite appealing.
Very interesting, it would be nice to meet her.

Your art is absolutely

Your art is absolutely stunning!♥ You have a beautiful character here.
If I'm not mistaken, he is currently sitting with my Brio. :) The company is much appreciated, and I think I've fallen for the set you've chosen.

Brio - Thank you. I am glad,

Brio - Thank you. I am glad, likewise.
Starling - It is male.
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oops.. sorry, I assumed it

oops.. sorry, I assumed it was female looking at the picture.
Although he is only a fawn right now, silly me heh.

"You are the cutest little

"You are the cutest little thing. Call me Grimm, and what may I call you?"

{I LUV this character!}

I figure an African name

I figure an African name would seem appropriate.
you could try here for names

Princessalligator - The young

Princessalligator - The young okapi's ears flicker as it takes in the seemingly jagged wolf creature's appearance and words, yet it remains curled up on the cool, earthy ground. His voice is soft and the tone careful as he replies, "I am known as ".
Nuevapaz - Thank you, this is certainly helpful.
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-sits here-

-sits here- Shocked
Ourania's picture

-sits here-

-sits here- Shocked

stunning. -tracks


Ourania, kittyo - Thank you,

Ourania, kittyo - Thank you, both.
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Omg yeees &hearts; Okapi's 8D

Omg yeees ♥
Okapi's 8D
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Nice to see.

Nice to see.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.

Ocean, z.m, eyestrain - Thank

Ocean, z.m, eyestrain - Thank you all very much.
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Another gorgeous picture! I

Another gorgeous picture!
I like the design too, somewhat simple but really nice..

Starling - Thank you, even if

Starling - Thank you, even if it might not look that way I spent a lot of time on it. His design is far too simple, but I'll keep it that way until I've figured out what else I want. This character was made on impulse, otherwise I would probably have made something entirely different. I play him very rarely but I'm starting to get quite attached to him.
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(No subject)

So, he has grown.. I love the

So, he has grown.. I love the depiction, these subtle changes, sharper horns.
Also, the whole framework of the biography, and the diary's word arrangement.
Very neat.
Nice to have a peek into his mind, too. I wonder where this story will go.

The closing image.
As a speed-painting, it's excellent.
The bodies positioned in such a way, in such noble palette and smoky strokes.
Reminds of moving colder days.

And this kola gloss next to the burgundy negligence. Your interpretation of my deer's build and colouring is almost spot on.
I could pick away all the details I like, but it's simply beautiful en masse.

Regarding the constructive piece of critique,
okapi's lower jaw is lighter than it should be with this muscle structure and head direction, the shadow lower beneath the eye is rather heavy;
the back of his left side could use some clarity, either more shaded, or more like dissipating into the background;
the left side front shading could have been balanced with the one on Lem's neck, as they're on the same level;
oh, and Lem's nose looks broken, though I don't see it as a flaw, personally.

Thank you so much for this unexpected pleasant gift.
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That bottom picture is

That bottom picture is beautiful.

Uitleger - I will probably

Uitleger - I will probably end up rewriting the diary or whatever to call it, I don't think the first person way of writing suits him. Glad you enjoy everything. As for your critique, it's very helpful, but I don't think I will be changing anything on that drawing though. Thank you and you're welcome. <3
Kaoori - Thanks.

Tracking. Perhaps an RP


Perhaps an RP later? <3
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MygodJin-- Your artwork is

MygodJin-- Your artwork is incredible. And your small writings there. So beautiful..

Ahaah I love this blog <3
I'll probably roleplay sometime c:

Oh my god. I love this entire

Oh my god. I love this entire biography, but the first very picture, like a sinister clown almost with those crying markings and long mouth... it's so macabre and I love it so, so much. Goodness.
Beautiful artwork, and a lovely, clean layout.

Ryff - Thank you, and sure.

Ryff - Thank you, and sure. <3
Starling - Thanks, and feel free to whenever you want to. <3
Childlessfather - He's nowhere near as sinister as he looks though, more like very sad. Really glad you like it. Thank you so much.
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tracking (:

tracking (:

This character is

This character is wonderful,
This face disrupted me , he reminds me someone or I don't know^^
it is really great and beautiful, and really well done,
"He dreamed of thick vegetation, vivid flashes of contrasting stripes." this sentence and bio is so eloquent

Hellsbells, zikos - Thank

Hellsbells, zikos - Thank you. <3