ArtRage 2

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Man, I have been having a blast with this program lately. Check it out!

Here is an example of what you can do in ArtRage 2:

Basically, I loaded a screenshot. Then, I made a stencil from another painting I did in ArtRage 2. After loading the stencil onto the screenshot, I took the palette knife tool and smeared the screenshot over and around the stencil, creating this effect.

It's so much fun. You can do layers, too. Check out this picture in my subVarience gallery.

If you don't want to pay full price, the free version has quite a few features in it.

I'll see you in the Forest!
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Oh I love ArtRage! I don't

Oh I love ArtRage! I don't think I've tried the second one though. It looks like you can make some neat stuff with it. Have you tried OpenCanvas? There's a free version somewhere on the 'net... I can try to find it again if you'd like. It's a neat little art program (especially since version one is free!).

I browsed your subVariance site (I've never heard of that?) and I love your photography. Do you still use a Canon Rebel? I'm considering a Canon Rebel XT; I've been using a dinky point-and-shoot for years. Laughing out loud
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Thanks for the nice reply on

Thanks for the nice reply on the post and on my photography. I still use the Canon Rebel, it's terrific. I'm still learning how to use it, but my dad took some great pictures with it before he passed it down to me.

I took a looksie at your deviantART page, and I like your photography, too. I like the "Steps" one.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]