All the hapenings of today and even more to do...

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Nori: First some more of my happy happenings on my happy stag day:

Nori: I had a lot of fun with those deers, especially with Echo. It was very fun to run as hard as we could and try to chase one another, then hiding and suddenly appearing again. ^.^

Noortiss: Ouch! Look like that's gonna hurt...

Nori: Yesterday was a lot of fun but now more about today. I found Vala again today and also a couple of other funny deer. I know it wasn't like that but it felt as if they were celebrating my stag day. Everyone looked kinda the same and we danced a lot. Then we played a really fun game in which the other deer followed the action I did and later we followed the actions Vala did. Some nice pics of it:


Noortiss: They are all afraid of the great leader Nori!!!
Nori: It's just a game...
Noortiss: I know ^^
Nori: =.='
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Tee-hee, that "Simon says"

Tee-hee, that "Simon says" game is always fun. Mind you, i'm always too chicken to go up on the podium myself! xD

I was one of the does =]. The one with the brigde dance obsession x3. That was a reeeally fun day! <3
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I'm so behind the pillar XD

I'm so behind the pillar XD (On the left.) I have some pictures of the group too if you'd like to see them, but the're not as special XD.. (But at least I'm visible.) It was a nice day. I really laughed a lot. Congrats with your stag day too!
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To Tabithaaa: It was the

To Tabithaaa: It was the first time I played that game in the Endless Forest and I find it a really amusing game. xD Nori found you and the other doe really cute ^.^

To Seele: Oeh show me those pictures! I couldn't get a good view on the whole thing because I was standing there :3
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Just for the record I

Just for the record I started the butt dancingin the rock! I was the 1st deer, well actually my friend! LOl
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haha XD that was fun, 'Simon

haha XD that was fun, 'Simon Says' 8D. I was next to Vala, in the Skull Mask =D.

Ooh that picture of the deer leaping over you doesnt look like it's gonna end well, nice shot of them jumping though o.o

I also took a pile of pictures, I may put them up in a diary entry sometime soon XD
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To Timber: Lol, butt dancing

To Timber: Lol, butt dancing rocks.

To Draak: I'm looking forward to your diary entry. ^.^
(Nori still has a pain in his back because of that jump) xD
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We were standing on the

We were standing on the bridge here! Dancing if I'm not mistaken XD We just.. Happend to turn around o.o"... (So I don't have a butt-obsession, really)

Lol this looks like the same picture, but from the other side XD!!

I fail at screenshots ^^'..
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xD I've done the entry =D

xD I've done the entry =D its got lotsa pictures from that night and before when I met you ^_^
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First pic: I'm on the left

First pic: I'm on the left Laughing out loud Dance in rock was cool!
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To Seele: I like those

To Seele: I like those screenshots and dancing was really great ^.^

To Draak: I saw your entry, playing with you was really lots of fun :3

Nae: It sure was xD