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Alicia History

Essentially, Project Alice was a project based on the rider's relationship with the horse. The original concept contained sword fighting enemies on your horse and fighting big monster bosses while riding your horse. The idea later evolved into using magic spells instead, which was executed in a similar way to Mariokart. The idea of fighting monsters was scrapped from the original concept as it evolved into the open beta that started in 2011 and closed in 2014. This open beta included horse races in 4 distinct categories: Speed races, ones where you would collect horseshoes to increase the gauge for a racing boost with up to 8 players online in the same racing room; Speed Team races, ones where you could do all this but with a team up to 4 players, also used a bar you would fill up by using racing boosts obtained; Magic races, ones where you'd use magic spells to attack other players or to benefit yourself into reaching the first place; and finally Magic Team races, where you'd throw spells at the enemy team up to victory, with up to 4 players in your team. The original idea with monster enemies seemed to be completely scrapped off the newer server ownards.With this said, the core idea of having your horse horse as your companion and have it spread it's wings out of danger still remains through it's development.
~ Tabaki from AliciaOnHeart ( Link is here )

What can you do to help?

Alicia Online is in great need of programmers and more 3D modelers who can help release some stress off the current team we have right now, the team makes up of one programmer and a handful of artists.

As this game had officially ended in 2014, A programmer has picked up the project again out of pure love for Alicia Online. He continues to work on the game in much of his spare time, trying to keep up with the demands of having an update every Sunday to keep the player base happy. He is currently paying money out of his own pocket for the servers over 4,000 people are using on Alicia live beta right now.

You can help today by contacting for information about the roles that are desperately needed to keep this Fan project going healthy and strong, the community in Alicia Online has been going for so many years, The players have almost like family to each and other. BEWARE that this would be on a volunteering base as NONE of us are making money out of this.

Pictures of the project

~ Tabaki from AliciaOnHeart ( Link is here )

Gameplay and Helpful Links

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;; shameful bump due to it

;; shameful bump due to it being neglected.

Oh man, I'd been waiting for

Oh man, I'd been waiting for this game's global release since the reveal trailer back 10 or so years ago. I used to be obsessed with it x)
Wish I had something worthwhile to offer. You (the developers if you represent them) can try posting some ads here:
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aaaah thank you

aaaah thank you <33 ;; this will help us but we can't pay people to work for us as, it's going to have to be them willing to work for free out of love for a game ;; aaah I was 13 when I played ao..I'm now 20 ( well soon anyways ) As soon as I started playing I've come across old friends I've lost when the game had shut I'm in a guild full of old/new players. Feels like a big family and I love it.

you can list the ad under

you can list the ad under "unpaid opportunities" but idk how much of a response you would get
I always wanted to play it since the reveal trailer but I didn't find out it's not KR locked anymore until, well, this post. having a lot of fun playing it now Smiling
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;; we Will check it out!! Ao

;; we Will check it out!!
Ao <333 whats your user name ;; would be nice to play with you ;;

It's GunMute, feel free to

It's GunMute, feel free to add me!