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Memories (M/D/Y)

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Previously... On Avatar


There were gravestones everywhere in the forest! You couldn’t walk a few meters without seeing one. It at least helped strengthen Korinix’s thought that what happened the other day wasn’t a dream, but it was still spooky. He wondered what the weird things were doing there.
He realized he hadn’t been using his powers much since he came to the forest, and even though he disliked to, he knew Lefi would be insisting that he practice, so he tried standing on the pond.
Key word: tried.
He fell into the pond with a big splash, which was a very unpleasant experience, scattering the fish. He went back onto dry land, and though he was uncomfortable with being soaked, he was still very determined. Sometimes he could be strangely stubborn.
He went back to the pond once he was half dry, but despite his attempts at standing on the water, he splashed it instead again.
And sometimes he gives up easily.
Now sopping wet, he dragged himself to shore and stayed there for a while, deciding not to try again. He encountered Yumi and another deer, running around and playing with… bubbles? He tried mooing?, only to find out that no sound came out of his… non existent… mouth…. Either way, instead of sound, a bubble came out. He found that it didn’t have a particular taste and he could still breathe. (How was he doing that? Were they made out of saliva?ew) He was kinda disturbed by how he was mooing out bubbles, but he realized how fun it actually was quickly, forgetting the question of how it was even possible. He played with Yumi and the other deer, and they went to some other deer and a fawn - put more detail derp whatactually happened
The fawn went walking away from the group, but Korinix didn’t want them to be alone and left out of the fun, so he left the group and followed the fawn. They played with antler spells and the bubbles, then they went across the bridge and near the side of the pond. Two (were they the lion siblings?) deer and another deer(Shiranui) came and they played with bubbles and spammed each other with the devout pelt. At some point the fawn went away, and the two lion? disappeared. Korinix was left spamming the devout pelt on “Shiranui” until the deer went in the shallow part of the pond with a reluctant Korinix in tow, and his new friend went into the pond and the devout pelt faded off of Korinix, so he couldn’t give them back their mini pelt. They went to the white statues and got the devout pelt again, which they spammed on each other a little, then Shiranui jumped and started floating over the side of the hill.
I can do that too!
Korinix “landed” (it’s not land, so would it be aired?) a little ahead of the other deer and below them. The other deer made playful motions in the air, and transformed into multiple deer by changing accounts several times, then got down and tried to reach for Korinix with their front hooves. He soon returned to the ground when the deer on a blank account told him to follow. He was led to a pine cone tree, and started helping them get a set. They went to a mushroom tree after, then started to get pelts. When they finished, they started playing with moo bubbles and Hana?) and another person (Rodan?) came and played with them for a very short time and then went away. The other deer switched back accounts, and then Korinix started playing by casting pelts on each other. The other was getting frustrated and sad when the sleeping deer wouldn’t give them a pelt spell sometimes, and Korinix nuzzled to try to comfort them (yes because this makes total sense in the context of a character that doesn't know he's in a game). When they were done playing they went back to the twin statues and started spamming the devout pelt on each other, with bubbles included, again. Korinix followed the deer to a group of people


maybejustpretendhewastakenbackhomeallofasudden andthentoldhisguardianabouttheforestandhowhewantedtogoback


The forest was back to normal today, or at least, what Korinix assumed was normal. He started to think that maybe everything that happened yesterday was just a really weird dream…. But he also wanted to believe it was true.
The BZD didn’t come today, or Korinix didn’t see him at least, so Korinix was upset and broke off his imaginary friendship with the beast before he was feeling sorry and apologized to an imaginary Velocity, rekindling their not friendship somehow all by himself.
He found Widmung and sat with him for a short while, but fell into a deep sleep and missed him going away cuz I was afk.
He was apparently turned into a frog by Widmung (unless someone else did that) before he woke up.
All he noticed was that everything was much bigger and that he felt kind of gross and slimy before realizing he was an actual frog. Proceeded to enjoy the frog life a little. Movement was kinda weird because it felt awkward to crawl instead of hop. In this form it didn’t seem that he liked the cold as much as he would normally, and the only sounds that came out of him were ribbits!
Wasn’t sure whether he liked being a frog or not, but he didn’t know how to change back so kept being a frog anyway. He encountered two strangers and Arabella playing around, and played with them also for a very short while. He also discovered he could scoot backwards on his amphibian behind without moving.
He went back to the mushroom circle where he slept before the two strangers returned and he woke up Urschanabi, who had been sleeping nearby since he was with Widmung, with forest magic. He had first turned him into a squirrel before, then it either had no effect the second time or he turned into a mini. Ran around with him and the strangers before the strangers left and he was left running after Urschanabi. The other spirit sat on him at one point, and then started squishing him with his hoof. This is frog abuse!
Korinix tried to express his anger as a frog as best he could, and chased Urschanabi around, jumping at him to try to take revenge. Eventually things settled down, and Urschanabi lied on the ground with frog Korinix at his side. The two slept there for a long time.
Korinix later woke up (actuallyIminimizedthegamebyaccident), something itching at his nose severely, and he let out a great big scary sneeze. Okay, it was a small little sneeze, but Korinix wanted to sound tougher. As soon as he let out the sneeze he noticed he was back to his normal self. He was glad, but he couldn’t help other thoughts going into his mind, ruining the moment.
He didn’t know frogs could sneeze. Can they sneeze?
Korinix stayed by Urschanabi side for longer, then a random fawn came that changed Urschanabi’s mask and pelt, probably aiming for Korinix. Korinix played around with the other kid, changing each other’s pelt until the fawn disappeared. Korinix had managed to get Urschanabi’s pelt back with one spell, so he decided to give his mask back to him. Unfortunately for the poor kid, this wasn’t as fast as returning the pelt, so Korinix had to trek back and forth between the nearest mushroom tree and Urschanabi to give him back his mask after many failures that took maybe ten minutes. When he finally succeeded, Korinix was happy and hopped around, though the older spirit would never know about the struggles that had happened. He slept by Urschanabi’s side again before playing with another fawn near the pond that he danced with. When they fell asleep (in the middle of dancing lol), then disappeared later on, Korinix went back to Urschanabi and curled up next to the deer, going to sleep for the day.


When Korinix woke up, he saw red flowers falling from the sky. He was enchanted by it, wondering how it was even possible before he turned and saw that there were grave stones everywhere.
Did he wake up in a forest of Hellfire? Was this the place he was told he would go if he was bad?
He ran around, worried he was taken to some dark and terrible place as punishment, but then he saw the familiarity of the surroundings and realized he was still in the same forest.
But then, how could everything have changed?
It was dark, but not that dark. It was like there were clouds shading the sky while letting sunlight seep through. He didn't mind the weather that much, but it was also a little foggy. And how were there flowers falling from the sky?
The winter spirit wandered around, not paying much attention to his surroundings as he thought about the nature of the forest. He wondered if the spring spirit could make it rain flowers like this.
He then noticed the pond, which was red! It looked gross. He didn't like going in the pond normally, but now he absolutely would refuse to go in, even if he was following someone else. What was it made of? He wasn't drinking that, although the curiosity was itching at him.
He wandered away from the pond, trying to get it out of his mind as he found himself at the playground. There were candles everywhere on the rocks. He was extremely fearful of the candles, but he made himself sit down on one of the flat rocks that only had a few candles, and kept a large distance from him and them. He kept a close eye on the flames, not wanting to be near them, but also not wanting to give up to some candles.
You can't beat me, candles!
He glared fiercely at the candles, almost challenging them to grow legs and jump toward him. When he thought further about that, though, he realized he would be incredibly afraid if that happened. He would probably die from it.
He soon forgot about the mean candles though, when Widmung came to him. He hopped up happily and nuzzled the stag, then followed him to the ruins. And then followed him to the play ground. Then back to the ruins. Then back and forth between the playground and the ruins, because he kept getting candles to put on people....
Decided not to follow him to the playground later because Korinix wasn't needed, and he wasn't gonna put those evil candles on his head (Even though his player already put candles on his head anyway...). The two lied down together on the stone platform in the ruins, and later fell asleep. Then Widmung's player went to have a happy reunion with their friend Comen who was gone for a few years, and he decided to leave them alone. Ifeellikesuchastalker
Korinix wandered off by himself to a patch of blue-looking flowers, then was dragged into some sort of playing when a group of people approached him. After running around in circles, he was told to sit down by someone, so he lied down between two people. The person who told him to sit down went away soon, and the other person on his right fell asleep, so he decided to just back away slowly out of there.
He walked around, looking at various people from a short distance until he settled down at the twin mushroom trees near the ruins and fell asleep. He woke up a short while later and was bored, so he went to the ruins and looked around for Widmung. He didn't find him, so he went up a broken stone wall and sat at the top, feeling impressive. Widmung soon came to him, making his presence known, and Korinix quickly got up and nuzzled him. He was with another deer he and Korinix had sat with before at least a week ago, and they lied down on the wall together. The other deer left in a short while, and Hana came later, then went.
Korinix fell asleep, and Widmung disappeared when he woke up. He was worried about the adult stag, wondering if he got into some trouble or left because he didn't want to be with him anymore selfesteemissues. He shook these thoughts from his head, then wandered around in hopes he would somehow find him. He fell asleep near the pond at one point, then started to follow a fawn around that he played around with, turning them into a frog and making their pelt white with forest magic. They separated at one point, then he found the fawn again and followed them around until they sat in the oak tree where the fawn disappeared.
Korinix strolled around by himself feeling a little lonely and sad until he went back to the ruins and fell asleep near the BZD without Widmung.


Korinix thought of something today. Everywhere the Big Zombie Deer goes, the fog follows him. Even if he runs. Did that mean the BZD was cursed? Cursed to always be surrounded by a never ending fog. Korinix thought as much as he liked snow, he wouldn’t really like to constantly be surrounded by snow in the air if it made it hard to see. Though, maybe the BZD likes the fog. Korinix wouldn’t know. The big deer isn’t very talkative.
Korinix sat at the twin mushroom trees today. It was far enough away from BZD in the ruins that the fog wasn’t that thick, so Korinix could see much better. Although, there was still a thick fog at a certain distance where Korinix couldn’t see anything, and it made him feel uneasy, so he dropped his gaze to the ground instead.
He was feeling very alone. One person came by, but they only wanted mushrooms. Korinix was thinking maybe he should move. He wondered if there would be anyone coming to him, wanting to be friends. Probably not. He only really knew one person, but also didn’t really know. He wasn’t sure how to describe it.
Either way, he didn’t really have anyone to be with in this strange other world. He felt a little better when Widmung came after he slept for some time. He sat at the stone platform in the ruins with him and two other deer, and one of the strangers left, but the other stayed and slept, then also left some time after.
Later on, the deer from the other day that Widmung knows came and sat down with them. They slept together, but the deer left in an hour or so. The two stayed on the platform for the rest of the day. The BZD was also still sleeping there all day. Korinix wondered if the big deer ate anything.
Today wasn’t that exciting.


Today he woke up right next to Velocity in the perfect position, his big sleeping body slightly curled around Korinix.
He got up and backed away to the back of the oak and sat down there, not feeling like going out of the comforting tree. He could see people playing around outside, but he didn’t feel like getting up. Didn’t really feel like doing anything. It wasn’t like anyone would acknowledge him anyway.
The big zombie deer got up at one point and ran away toward the white statue. Korinix didn’t know which way he had gone initially, so he followed the scent of other people going toward the deer. He found the big deer sitting in front of the statue, but it didn’t really matter anyway since the deer always ran away when it was leaving the forest. Korinix wished he could leave too. He wanted to go back to his forest.
He watched groups of deer interact. Whether or not they saw him, he didn’t know. He wished they would notice him, but it didn’t matter. He was feeling unbearably lonely. He ran away to the playground and sat on a flat rock looking out over the edge of a hill. He called out to see if anyone would respond. Of course no one would.
The tiny birds that came to nestle on his antlers made him feel a little comforted, and wondered if they felt cold being around him. The thought didn’t really make him feel good, because what if no one approached him because of the cold air around him? But the birds were still there, so maybe there was hope.
He watched a few deer run around with each other, making him feel even more alone. The little spirit was soon comforted by Widmung’s warm presence, though. He followed the older deer to the pond where they were greeted by a red doe and a fawn he had met before. Korinix didn’t like getting his fur wet, but he also didn’t want to be alone so he followed Widmung into the pond. Although they went to the deepest part they could go, so Korinix was a little disconcerted. They drank from the pond- Korinix did like the water there, but he didn’t like getting it on himself. Drinking it was fine, but wading in it made him feel like melting snow. He reminded himself that it was just his legs though, and that it wasn’t like he fell into the whole pond. His legs would dry fast.
He was startled, though, when a deer suddenly appeared right in front of him out of thin air and he splashed water on himself. Widmung didn’t seem concerned though, so Korinix just tried to act casual as he drank from the pond again.
Widmung said goodbye to the red doe, and they went out of the pond. Korinix was led to a mushroom circle which had a ray of sunlight shining down in the middle. He lied down with Widmung underneath the warm sun. These were always nice kinds of places to sit and sleep, and that seemed apparent to some other deer as well. He used to not like to go out in direct sunlight, and the other spirits seemed to judge him for that. He would try to use the shade as cover as he walked around or go out in twilight, or, uncommonly, night time.
This forest didn’t seem that bad, though. It wasn’t too hot that often, and Korinix knew how to use his powers so that his cold atmosphere could keep him cool as well. It didn’t take that much effort or energy, but he was still apprehensive about using his powers, so he only used it when it got too hot under the direct sunlight. He was reminded of his question earlier as to if his cold air warded off people and was comforted by the idea that Widmung wouldn’t get too hot under the sun with Korinix being a portable cooler. The idea was a bit less cheerful when the winter spirit thought that Widmung didn’t really need help with cooling down, especially considering the deer didn’t have as much fur as Korinix. Still, though, maybe his fur made him too hot, and his cold air let him cool down! But how can his fur be warm to someone else, but the air around him be cold? Confusion?
Either way, Korinix slept with Widmung there, feeling a little restless, but much better about the day.


Korinix woke up to a dark and dense gray fog. It made the pond look a little like ice. It was almost like the fog was snow, but you couldn’t touch it and it moved away when you got near. An illusion. The thought of it being like snow made him feel a little better, but it wasn’t enough as he soon decided to run out of the fog, discovering that it was only thick around the big zombie deer. Made him feel conflicted on whether to like the big deer or not. He was soon led back into the fog by Widmung, more comfortable with the older deer.
Korinix was told to put on the zombie pelt by Widmung, which meant that he liked his matching with him yesterday. Yay!
They interacted with another adult deer, and then sat down next to a curved leafless-looking tree. The stranger deer sat down next to them as well, then soon left. Korinix and Widmung slept by the tree until Korinix woke up to find that Arabella was sitting next to them and that the BZD was inside the old oak. He went over and watched as the huge deer disappeared into thin air. Korinix was left to wonder where the BZD goes when it leaves the forest. He went into the oak tree, pretending in his head that he was the new BZD, but obviously that wouldn't work out. He went back to sit next to Widmung, who was still sleeping. The fog was soon gone, and Korinix wondered if he could make it snow around him like the BZD made fog around him.
Korinix slept next to Widmung until he woke up later on, feeling bored. He noticed that it was still twilight. Made him wonder if time worked differently in this forest. He didn't care, though. He much preferred the twilight to the day time. There was less sun out, but it wasn't as dark as night, so he could still see fine. He didn't really like the dark.
He ventured a bit away from Widmung to explore and look at the other animals around. He felt bad about leaving Widmung though, so he didn't go that far and quickly came back, feeling a little lonely. He waited for Widmung to wake up, then the two walked over to the ruins and sat on the flat stone platform together. He fell asleep again, but later he woke up to Widmung running away from the platform and calling out excitedly to another deer it seemed. This deer was almost as small as him. He wondered if the deer liked him though, because when they walked together to the old oak and sat down in it, the deer continued standing and then ran away from the oak even though they were told to sit down. You should listen to your elders >:[. Rebellious, this one.
Korinix followed as Widmung chased after them. The other deer sneezed off the mini spell.... Widmung seemed to be encouraging them to come, or whatever those playful looking emote combos while merged in the other deer's body were. Maybe this deer was another fawn that Widmung had found and was with as they grew up? Maybe they were jealous that Korinix was with Widmung. Korinix also felt a little like the third wheel.
That didn’t matter though, because Korinix wanted more friends anyway, even though they barely interacted. Widmung nuzzled each of them, seeming to indicate that he loved them both equally. They went back to the tree and sat together, Korinix sitting at the new deer’s side instead of Widmung to somehow tell them that they could be friends. He didn’t know if they got the message, but they didn’t run away after. Or as far as he knew, because he fell asleep, and when he woke up the other deer was gone.


He met the BZD today. He had a nice cold atmosphere, so Korinix liked being near him. He was too scared to go out into the fog alone, so he stayed by the big sleeping deer for a while. He took the chance to dress up like Widmung to surprise him the next time they would meet. Hana came by later, so he played with her until she told him to sit down with her by a few others that included Arabella and some other people he never met before.
Later on the BZD got up and ran to the playground, leaving behind fog as the big deer left the forest. He joined people dancing, and everything started to die down when the fog lloneft. He still played around with a few other deer who stayed there after that, and then slept on the flat rock with Adolf, Hannelore, one other person who left later, and a familiar deer without a community account- "Xrooven".
He left the still sleeping three immediately when he noticed Widmung had came and was sitting on a rock on the other side of the place. Was worried that Widmung was sad or mad that Korinix copied his looks, but he didn't seem unhappy. Korinix sat down next to him and soon slept by his side. Later sat in their usual spot within the oak tree.


Bio has hidden scrolls and hovers….

Korinix is IC maybe 90% of the time.
He'll be more OOC when I interact with people that are not IC.

My shyness might unwantedly influence his actions in-forest,
so if I'm standing there awkwardly 'cause I don't know what to do don't consider that him lol.
He's a very extroverted character.

I need to edit this bio better….

I'm not a very confident person, so it's hard for me to initiate interactions.
Just approach me in-forest if you ever want to interact I guess.

If I'm sitting down I'm probably AFK or tabbed out, but if I'm tabbed out I check on the forest occasionally to see if something happened.
I can also be distracted with one or both of my cats or something else if I stop moving suddenly.
I can also find myself unable to reach my computer properly if my cat is on my lap.
You can moo or cast a spellIt doesn't really matter to me if I'm mini and you cast a pelt spell. I find spells fun. lol i'll probably regret thinking that later on me to try to get my attention.
I play on my laptop and can't zoom in or out sometimes graah.
(Although I found out connecting a mouse to my laptop before I open the game lets me zoom in and out even if I don't use it.)

I'll never put profanity or anything obscene in this bio, or any of my bio's, as I don't like that stuff.
Minor violence is probably fine, but I dunno if that will ever happen.
Maybe dark themes are allowed, just nothing gruesomely graphic or explicit.
(I guess it’s okay if people with those kinds of stuff on their bios want to interact with me... alotofthebiosiseehavewarnings.
Also, what you do with your bios is your business. My stuff will probably stay relatively clean though.)

We can make plots or roleplay, drama, or something.
I'm not confident in my ability to write a good roleplay and I'm very shy, so I'm sorry if they don't turn out very well ;w;.
I'm not sure how things actually work since this is my first time actually going to write updates and stuff so plz guide me.
I'm also not entirely sure what some gestures in-forest would mean, and I derp up my hotkey emotes most of the time so....
Please be gentle with me

You can harm my character, but you may not kill him.
Severe injuries will probably have the bleeding stop quickly cuz of his healing ability.
Though, they won't be fully healed that fast, so I guess wounds are able to be reopened.
I hope his healing isn't overpowered ;w;.
(He probably doesn’t have very good “defense” though.
he’sgotthickwoolthoughhmm ineedtoplanthisoutbetterderp welliguesshasthickwoolbuthecangetwoundedalittleeasily)
Maybe no one would actually want to hurt the cute little thing lol.

I dunno about poison and stuff.
Maybe he'd be affected by the side effects of whatever, and it would be painful- the amount of pain depending on what kind, but he wouldn't die from it.
He'll probably be under its effects until he finds a cure or until his body cures it naturally, which would probably take at least a week.

Since people seem to use discord guess I'll have one too:


You could also just comment in this blog if you wanna talk.
I'd really appreciate that :u


I'm not sure what else I should put here....

I wish I wrote out the bio better. Mostly the personality and stuff.

You has found secret paragraphs that I'm too shy about to put out there :U

My name used to be LostInANightmare, though I only got to play the one character ("Ghostie", a purple cat deer thing) on it. I had other accounts before that, but I never actually had any friends and changed my account repeatedly after I stopped playing and started playing again repeatedly.
I guess I first joined The Endless Forest nine years ago when I was 12, but I left and came back a few times until establishing a more significant identity with "LostInANightmare" (which isn't that great of a name, but I still thought it was cool lol and still kinda do).

If anyone remembers me and actually cares, then I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly. That often happens with me when I join stuff (mmo's, forums, social places). I'm not sure why, but I just drift away from places, due to lack of space on my computer or something that prevents me from coming back like a forgotten password, which happened one time.... I never really have any specific friends that are also outside of those places, so I guess that also factors into my leaving. Also, I was having trouble with school and stuff cuz I kept failing and stuff, and I'm still kinda depressed, but I feel like I'm doing a little better in school now.

Hopefully though, this account is permanent and I'll be here to stay, and if I leave, at least I'll come back to the same account instead of changing. I'm an indecisive person who likes to change names cuz I want to use many names I like but want one name to identify me.

I'm also extremely socially anxious, but at the same time lonely and clingy, so eh I'm weird.

(Ugh the paragraph above (outsideofparenthesis) is too inadequate unless I have some sort of ‘world revolves around me’ complex. Eh maybeif idoucanjustignoremeimembarsd i feel so horrible for just dissapearingwithout a word. I dont remember exactly when i left or why but i know that i really wanted to start doing updates for my character and do other things and stuff was happening and UGH. i just hate myself so much. I probably ruined characters’ stories by disappearing (here is where that worldrevolvesaroundme thing comes in) and if i did i just cant apologize enough. If i didn’t just ignore this hahaimembarassedtrtryukhjv. I’m such a terrible horrible person for leaving ughhh. Why IS PAST ME SO STUPID! Also, I looked at my past blogs and I cringe at myself. (I cringe at myself now though, like this whole paragraph I just made lol.) I mean past me wasn’t as bad as past past me but eh. UGh i’m so dumb im such a horrible person. Lol Nobody will understand what I’m even saying. Ghh i wishicouldgoback intime and have stayed.) Mostlythisisaboutonepersoncuziknowiprobablymadeatleastonepersonupset

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♥ he's a lil cutie

♥ he's a lil cutie
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Thank you ;w;

Thank you ;w;
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Oh look, a snowflake. Looks

Oh look, a snowflake. Looks like the winter's coming.
Signature © Draak


Cute :3

Cute :3
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I enjoyed spending the time

I enjoyed spending the time with you, my precious one. You are not alone; there is always someone to take good care of you. Bless your character and pictogram! Smiling
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added you on discord

added you on discord

We saw each other in the

We saw each other in the forest today! I love running in the forest and with you I've so much fun Laughing out loud I hope we'll meet again someday, little one! Laughing out loud
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Urschanabi: I guess the

Urschanabi: I guess the winter's been coming for two years now lol.

Remora: Thank you! I'm trying to edit my bio so I can add you to his friends list, but for some reason my blog isn't saving >W<. /eh it saved now

Widmung: I love spending time with you too! I'm always looking for your pictos. Yes, I'm not alone. I'm just a bit overly dramatic. Here I have you, and others too! Bless you and your pictograms too! <3

Lauriel: I hope so too! Our time together was very short. Hopefully next time we can play together longer!

track to this nice little

track to this nice little fella c:
But if you hold me without hurting me you'll be the first who ever did
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Thank you!!

Thank you!! <3
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so cute! track (:

so cute! track (:
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Ah! Thank you! > w <

Ah! Thank you! > w <
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Track ^^ Sweet little

Track ^^ Sweet little creature.

Signature by Alcinda

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Thank you qwq

Thank you qwq

it was fun playing with you

it was fun playing with you today Smiling I really like your pictogram!
(I'm new to this community thing and I can't upload a picture of my deer for some reason D:)
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I had fun playing with you

I had fun playing with you too! Laughing out loud
I like my pictogram too although I was questioning whether I should use it when I found it because it didn't really fit, but obviously I ended up using it. I thought it was unique since it looked like a swan and I'd probably never find it again.
I do like pictograms that are more symbol?-like such as yours too though.

If you're talking about a profile picture, apparently that was broken somehow and now we can't upload them ;-;.
I just found that out indirectly yesterday and I was even trying to upload one a week ago but it just wouldn't work.
I don't know if that will ever get fixed ;-;.
It was working the last time I was here two years ago, so I don't know what happened.

it was a pleasure to meet you

it was a pleasure to meet you for the first time.
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track <3
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Hey! Small and white, are you

Hey! Small and white, are you an angel? My Alpha noticed you. Track~
Such a picto is beautiful. White Swan.. amazing character

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

/Ugh, sorry for super late

/Ugh, sorry for super late replies ;;

Quintle: It was a pleasure to meet you too! Even if it was very short.

Mifsher: Thank you!! <3

Rabbanim: Haha, no (I) am definitely not an angel, but that makes him happy to be seen that way! I noticed your Alpha as well <3 >w>
Thank you so much for the compliments!