Vacation drawings! (By both me and Vee)

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And some belong to either of us!

But all of them are made in the two weeks I was at Vee's place. I'll try to order them by date..

Lots of Geh/Vir. Derp.

But first, a stress-vent when Misako went back home the day before she would take the plane to Vee. I was terrified. Of the plane, not of Vee. XDD

Ah.. The first drawings are from my sketchbook. You see, Misako is addicted to drawing. She HAS to draw once in a while. So Vee was watching over my shoulder as I doodled some concepts for Gehirn's mask.

Derpantlers. Damnit Virgil 8(.... I was going to change them, but now I see I uploaded them anyway. Meeeh. But I guess I like the expressions.

Posessive stag is posessive.

Our first collaboration! You'll see that these two are all our collaborations excist of. Sorry. XDD

Vee drew me a Lucian!! <33 In my sketchbook Cool

We were watching a nature show, and the topic was birds I think... And it caught my attention how all males seem to puff up to attract a females attention.

Ah, inside-jokes at songs played in restaurants are amazing. Loool. Shake those hips Virgil!
(If you want to know what song I'm talking about, does the line "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" tell you anything?)

We went to the swimming pool and saw pidgeons do the poofing-up thing again. AAaaawww!
So here we have Gehirn trying to seduce Virgil. And failing.

Doodling on the couch <3 Current-Sterre and her adult form behind her!

This one I'll put behind a link because of nipples. So it's Auge. If you don't want to see her with nipples, don't click! (It's nothing bad really, but I don't want to offend anyone <3)


Big file, and bad sense of humor ahead! I'd even say mature, but nah, that'd kill the joke <33


And I guess that's it! If I missed something I'm sure Vee will slap me for it Cool
Hope you like these! ♥ Sorry about the bad scanning quality, some of these had to be scanned in four parts! Next to my small sketchbook, I have a rather big one..
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:D!! /failcomment, you

Laughing out loud :D!!

/failcomment, you already know what I think.

Ogod the fluffffffffffffff.

And Sterre's cuteness it burns.

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I lol'd at the one's of

I lol'd at the one's of Gehirn fluffing up to be seductive xD
They're all brilliant c:
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These are crazy awesome. I

These are crazy awesome. I approve of the fluff!

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These are fantastic, guys.

These are fantastic, guys. ♥ I love Gehirn's expression in the 3rd picture. Sexy. 8V

Also, that comic killed me.
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Muahah, these things made me

Muahah, these things made me laugh -so- much. I love them. xD
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Poofed up Geh is actually

Poofed up Geh is actually quite adorable :'D
The last comic strip = Lmao.
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The fluff 8D Rofl you should

The fluff 8D Rofl you should see some of the shows birds of paradise put on.

And Sterre's so prettyyyy <3

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Oh my, the puffed up Gehirn

Oh my, the puffed up Gehirn made me lol. xD

And the last one...xD
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Oh you both... Looks/Sounds

Oh you both...
Looks/Sounds like you had an amazing time. And omygod both your artssss. *leaves drool traces and dropped jaws everywhere* ...okay, that's just disgusting. *wipes*
No really, I adore every single sketch up there, you both have an awesome style, and combining both is just perfect!
I love Sterre's look. Especially her hair cut is pretty. 8D
Also. That comic. -gigglesnort-
Keep up the great artworks you two (:
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I love their expressions,

I love their expressions, haha. ♥

oh god that last comic one

oh god that last comic one xD
I died a little XD
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These were nice to look at. I

These were nice to look at. I love the seduce attempt one, heehee.
And lmao, cocks. That's excellent.

lol I guessed where that

lol I guessed where that comic was going, but it was still funny X3

I KNEW Virgil and Gehirn had a secret love affair going on. These pictures prove it. Though maybe it's a bit one-sided.

Sterre is so pretty! ^^

Now I got that song stuck in my head, damn you! *shakes fist*

Awww They are all so

Awww They are all so stunning! ♥ LOL, the fluff. yknow. fluff.
And Sterre is so pretty. <3

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The far down link killed me

The far down link killed me xD I was like O_o in the beggining but then *dies*
But all are beatiful ♥ fluff!
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Vee: I..I didn't see you

I..I didn't see you burning.. Are you lying to me? 8(.....
ROFL these were fun to do though <333

Honestly, I like that one a lot too ;x Vee did a good job at Virgil's expression there, hehehe.

Fluff! It's so much fun to draw!
And thank you! ♥!

Roofl. Isn't he. I see he got you there, uhuuu ;D It's workiiing.
Geh: *Poofs up* o_o?

Looool. I hope your insurance covers that then, we need you alive 8(

Heee glad to hear it! XDD We had a lot of fun making em!

Secretly, he is kind of adorable.
Lool glad you like it ;_;'.. XDD

Yes lol! Perhaps next time Gehirn can do a funky dance or have a big smiley face all across his... .. Booty?
Thank youu! <3

Hee glad it did! XDD Puff is fun to draw.

We did! <333 .. D8'.. Atleast you wiped it up.. *Shot*
Heehee glad you like it, thanks for the compliment <3 We usually draw a lot together digitally, so it was a lot of fun to do it real life on papeeerrr.

Heey hello there! Thank you, good to hear! Expressions are so much fun ♥

It was fun to make ;_;'.. Although I got a little embarassed when Vee's sister wanted to show it to everyone..
I wonder why you internet people make me so comfortable.

Hehe, thanks XDD Pidgeons are amusing inspiration indeed!
Ah, bad word jokes, gotta love them ;_;'..

Hee, I thought it would be very obvious, but it still seems to amuse people so XDD
What? ;_;" You keep saying that, but it's not all as much "love affair" as you picture it to be ;_;'.. I guess boys will be boys, but these two love to mess about.
Lol one-sided.. *pats Geh*

Aw thank you!

Song? ;_;.. What'd I do? I don't remember rick-rolling you.

Fluff! Cool And thank you! Hee, it seems people think she is! XDD

Woops, sorry about that then ;_; Rofl, but alright, glad you liked it in the end XDDD ♥
Thank youu! <333
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that comic..... I can't breathe anymore.


(I loved it all)

Oh come on, don't deny it.

Oh come on, don't deny it. XD
Nah, it's just a joke. I know they're not like that, but it's just the way they act with each other...they're almost like an old married couple. X3 And then there's how possessive Gehirn is over Virgil. I can see being protective of a friend, but possessiveness tends to suggest something more.
But yeah, I know they're just friends, but I just like teasing them. X3

And the song...the one you wrote the lyrics to. I don't even want to name it or repeat the lyrics or even think about it, because I know I'd get it stuck in my head again if I did. x.x;
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The masks are very nice and

The masks are very nice and the idea of chuffing up like a bird is interesting.

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I'm digging the *puff* "...

I'm digging the *puff* "... Ladies."
It's like Kaoori's ass but backwards.

Dag's cock is far bigger.
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/drools all over Looks like

/drools all over

Looks like you guys had so much fun. :,D

Eeee~! So many collabs!

Eeee~! So many collabs! These are all awesome!.
The fluffy Gehrin... XDD;
Work it Virgil, work it~! ..andthenGehrin'sfaceomgg. XD;
And of course, Sterre is looking beautiful / adorable as always. :]

/and again