{a tulip among roses} Evermore's bio

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Name: Evermore

Mood/thoughts: aww no stags

Nickname: Ever (call her Ever)

Age: Young doe

Familly: Sister: Mystery

Status: dancing around in the water

Eye coler: saphire blue

Gender: doe

ashe speaks in:Pink

Mate/love: none yet single

friends: none yet

deers she has met: Ace a doe she met in the forest but want's to know more about her.

likes: flowers, looking at other deers, running

dislikes: mean deers, falling, ice

she is:

a outsider
not shy
like nuzzles from stags
always finding other deers to play with.
she not afraid she can walk to the biggest and meanest deer and fight.
she loves being with stag (XD)

she is afraid of never find love

your are welcome to rp here

theme song right now:Here her.">she wolf

its also how i imagine her voice sonds like

more coming soon

Traaack xD

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aww thanks

aww thanks

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Could I get a link to her


Could I get a link to her pictogram? ^-^

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cant remember where to find

cant remember where to find it

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ah :"\ I'll make do without

ah :"\ I'll make do without it then :')

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