Ten Years Later...

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Ten years ago, when I should have been studying for exams, I came across a little jewel on the Internet. It was around midnight and while I probably should have been sleeping, I sat with my laptop, staring at the wonder of the Forest and all it had to offer. Sure, I had school in the morning, but that wouldn't stop me. After an hour of running around as a nameless, I registered the username Verdalas.

Those ten years have been both fun and sad. There was a time when you would talk about your adventures on the old forums, posting screenshots and thanking others for participation. I created 'The Demon Gazelle' (later known as Walter) and began to roleplay with him. It was always light-hearted though; any misunderstanding was laughed about later on the forums. There was flower dancing, friendly spars and long marathons across the Forest.

Phase Two ended and fawns arrived. The Big Zombie Deer showed his face for the first time and so did the Playground. The community grew bigger and, while I could no longer remember everyone's names, I still had fun.

There were plenty of times when drama hit an all-time high. I remember when people were opposed to 'mates', myself included. Sluggs and Run were the first to do such a thing (despite people saying how good Walter and 21 were together) but eventually it became commonplace. Families started happening, and Walter/21 adopted Quad. It seems so long ago now, but that family tree has grown longer and longer over the years, with deer coming and going as the times passed.

Real life had been kind to me in those years. I finished school, graduated from university and landed myself a good job. Not a great one, but something I enjoy doing.

However, I cannot celebrate as much as I would like.

Coupled with my frequent absence, tragedy occurred a few weeks ago. My father, a man who I've loved dearly and shared so many memories with, passed away. He wasn't that old, but he had underlying medical problems. Things we knew nothing about until seven years ago, when he started bringing up blood. He was taken into hospital, patched up, and sent home. Two weeks ago, it happened again. Only this time, there were complications. He suffered a cardiac arrest and didn't pull through.

Since then, any thoughts of celebrating my old man's tenth birthday have been instead been occupied with visits to funeral directors, florists and government buildings. I should pay more homage to the character who helped me to get through the difficult years of bullying, but my heart right now longs for the other old man I had in my life.

Regardless, Happy birthday Walter.
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Happy 10 "old man".. Welcome

Happy 10 "old man"..
Welcome in "The club "
♥ ♥
Sorry to hear about your dad .Hug .
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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I'm sorry about your

I'm sorry about your dad.

Happy 10th, though.
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My thoughts are with you ,

My thoughts are with you , hugs !
Happy ten tefyears though !
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Thankyou guys. I'll likely

Thankyou guys.

I'll likely have Walter in-Forest later for a more chill session. Anyone is welcome to come visit him and me.

I think he can afford to not be grumpy for one day.
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My condolences for your loss.

My condolences for your loss. I am glad the forest has been with you all these years, it always lifts my heart to hear everyone's discovery and relationship with The Endless Forest ♥
Happy birthday to Walter!!

I'm really sorry to hear that

I'm really sorry to hear that about your dad. But it's always nice hearing from you.

I've always loved Walter as a character, even if none of my characters ever got to interact with him much. I'm glad he's still around, even if rare.
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I'm so sorry about your Dad

I'm so sorry about your Dad :[ My thoughts are with you.

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I'm so sorry to hear that,

I'm so sorry to hear that, Verd. My thoughts are with you.
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Happy 10 years. Crazy how

Happy 10 years. Crazy how time flies. Also, I'm sorry to hear about your father. You're in my thoughts.
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So sorry, Verd.

So sorry, Verd.
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Sorry to hear about your dad.

Sorry to hear about your dad. Such loss is never easy.
Also happy tef tenth anniversary. I probably had only one chance to meet Walter and always felt it was not enough, cause I adored this character.
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Thankyou all for the kind

Thankyou all for the kind messages. I realise how depressing this post came across, heh.

Walter will be in-Forest for another hour or so before I sleep, and any company is appreciated.
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Happy New Year , and happy 11

Happy New Year , and happy 11 Tef year "old friend " All is well with you ? ♥!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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♥ Much love.

♥ Much love.