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Shapeways Model Perk

As part of donating to the new remake of TEF, I was able to earn the perk for having a model of Walter made in 3d and printed out as a figurine. Well, I thought I'd share the result as I received my delivery today:

I asked for the smaller details such as the spikes on the horns and the goatee, but I'm really happy with how it appears overall. I also had the frog added in and the tree stump at the back.
Full size can be seen at

Hoping this inspires other to try and contribute more too!
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Small PSA

Hello everyone,

A couple of months ago I made a blog post regarding Walter's 10th birthday and how, unfortunately, my dad had passed away a few weeks prior.

Today I received the news that my mother now has multiple myeloma - terminal cancer in the bone marrow. We don't know how long she has left just yet but obviously we're trying to remain optimistic and see where treatment can get us.

Obviously, with the recent passing of my father, this has come as quite a shock to the system, so I'm posting this. This is because Walter may be more unresponsive than usual if he is around, or there may be times where I simply need to pause and have him log off suddenly. I know I am not in the Forest very often but it often helps me relax when I need it.

I hope you can all understand and I appreciate anyone who decides to just sit with Walter and myself during those quiet periods. Of course, I'll still try to keep him the same old grumpy bastard.

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Ten Years Later...

Ten years ago, when I should have been studying for exams, I came across a little jewel on the Internet. It was around midnight and while I probably should have been sleeping, I sat with my laptop, staring at the wonder of the Forest and all it had to offer. Sure, I had school in the morning, but that wouldn't stop me. After an hour of running around as a nameless, I registered the username Verdalas.

Those ten years have been both fun and sad. There was a time when you would talk about your adventures on the old forums, posting screenshots and thanking others for participation. I created 'The Demon Gazelle' (later known as Walter) and began to roleplay with him. It was always light-hearted though; any misunderstanding was laughed about later on the forums. There was flower dancing, friendly spars and long marathons across the Forest.

Phase Two ended and fawns arrived. The Big Zombie Deer showed his face for the first time and so did the Playground. The community grew bigger and, while I could no longer remember everyone's names, I still had fun.

There were plenty of times when drama hit an all-time high. I remember when people were opposed to 'mates', myself included. Sluggs and Run were the first to do such a thing (despite people saying how good Walter and 21 were together) but eventually it became commonplace. Families started happening, and Walter/21 adopted Quad. It seems so long ago now, but that family tree has grown longer and longer over the years, with deer coming and going as the times passed.

Real life had been kind to me in those years. I finished school, graduated from university and landed myself a good job. Not a great one, but something I enjoy doing.

However, I cannot celebrate as much as I would like.

Coupled with my frequent absence, tragedy occurred a few weeks ago. My father, a man who I've loved dearly and shared so many memories with, passed away. He wasn't that old, but he had underlying medical problems.
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[The Demon Gazelle]

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Rubies in the Pond - Chapter Twelve: Empathy Resonance

At long last, here it is! After two years I'm going to start trying to finish this fanfic. I do believe this chapter will be somewhat lame in quality because I haven't written for so long, but let's see, shall we? Also, Virgil will get a slightly bigger part later on. It will involve swinging from trees naked.

The volley of raindrops and veil of mist surrounding the Pond had lifted in the early hours of the morning, where the fight had taken place. Just as before, when Cutlery died, the body of water had been tarnished with patches of blood; the two combatants each had their share of malevolence. Crumpled amongst the reeds lay Vipin, his wounds being examined by a selection of those whom deemed themselves capable. Ephra lay beside him, speaking softly and slowly with words of explanation to Vipin. She explained how she had encountered the Demon Gazelle in the middle of the night and survived. She spoke of how she met with Walter beside the Pond, of how he was trapped in a world between worlds. All the time Vipin listened silently, his weakened expression twitching whenever the doe treating him happened to be too inconsiderate.

It took some time until Ephra was finished explaining. Vipin, requiring time to recuperate and heal, allowed her departure whilst in turn allowed himself to be escorted away to the Ename ruins by persistant healers and others concerned for his safety. The doe turned and began a slow walk towards the border of the Birch Forest, lost in her own meditation and emotional magnitude. The catastrophe of the night before had claimed her hope and left woe in it's place. She had seen how badly Vipin and Walter had torn each other apart.. How was there any chance he was going to survive now? A body could not exist without the heart..

Ahead of the drifting female, the large fountain contained within a mushroom ring became visible, although Ephra did not acknowledge it.
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Who remembers..

.. This?

I was just browsing through DeviantArt and I came across some old art I remember from the old forums. Good times..

Maybe this could be a nostalgic art thread or something? Sticking out tongue

EDIT: Also got the other one. <3
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"From the Reunion:"

"My count of days and nights past had long been lost to the wait I had endured. It was only when, on that 'perfect' summer day, did I find her. Or she found me. The sun was high, the birds sang. Every little detail is crystal clear in my mind. I remember."

"She was standing there. I was frozen. And all around us, the Forest was quiet and peaceful. We were alone. I.. Found it hard to breath. I couldn't understand why, exactly, nor did I dwell on the matter too much. I weakly stepped forwards and she mirrored my movement. Our eyes were on one another and I was mesmerized."

"All I can remember then is the frantic scramble and the sudden contact..
.. It was so warm. The sun couldn't have compared itself to the embrace I held with her.
And I cried..
.. I cried tears of joy, tears from the long-hidden pain at her absence.
She comforted me, she nuzzled me..
.. And each time that she spoke those reassuring words I felt that stabbing pain in my chest.
.. I thought I was dying.. "

"I knew I had sworn myself to avoid it. But I couldn't.
I loved her.
But she was with him.
And I knew my tears would make little difference."


Just a small random.. Walterthing.. From when he first saw Lemon return. I'm in a writing mood and all emotional from listening to this song on repeat. :x
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White Flame :: A Story Abandoned

He stood, a magnificent cavalier, upon the mandate of paradise,
His eyes obsidian and laced with ruby.
With the verdure of a King in his prime
And the grace of a breeze able to turn to a typhoon,
His focus moved across the province.

There she stood, a glistening gem of alabaster,
Her eyes golden and laced with beryl.
With the serenity of an Angel from the heavens
And the voice of a diva able to pacify a storm,
She revealed herself with song.

There they stood, together, a beacon of happiness,
With the cosmos as their playground.
With their shared compassion only paramount
And their rapturous forms embraced,
Their future of anguish was concealed.

Then alone he stood, perturbed and afraid,
Taking in the sight of his fallen beloved.
Just able to speak, He inquired of his pearl,
"By whose hand were you slain, my love?"
Lips tainted crimson could only reply:

"The strike came from you, dear one."

Just bumping this for people who might miss it.

This little piece of.. Whatever it is, is loosely based around a plot idea I had for Walter. However, due to the more recent "no moar violence!" outcry, it probably won't come to pass, especially now that I've revealed it.

What I had intended, was for Walter to finally find his love. However, in his overwhelming compassion for her, he smothered her to the point where he killed her accidently. The reactions, responses and consequences would be totally down to all you people as the community who would have wanted to have been involved. But like I said, since the idea of violence is rejected in TEF, this will no longer occur.

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Rubies in the Pond - Chapter Eleven: Rubies in the Pond

Another OOC note for me. I broke up with my boyfriend recently so this chapter is probably going to be full of venting emotion. I'm sorry if it's suckish in quality and I'm sorry for it taking so long to finally be released. But I hope you all enjoy it.

I also added in a few random deer because I needed some extra fillers. I'm ebil.

Bumped for people who haven't read it yet! Also correcting any minor mistakes I've spotted.


Vipin didn't have time to waste. With the information he had been given by the five stags, he had come to realise that if the creature was to attack again during the night, it could mean -any- night. It could mean tonight. He had to confront the killer as soon as possible, and put an end to this nightmare, before another lost their life. He had counted the fawns and deer who died or had come close to it, and already there were too many lives lost. The killer had to be stopped.
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More vent writing

He couldn't do this anymore. He couldn't live like this.

Why did he have to suffer so?

The navy-pelted stag dropped to the soft, cool soil. With no other desire than to relieve the anguish consuming him, Walter slammed his face hard against the ground. A scream of agony followed and filled the air. Droplets of blood splashed amongst the grass. The mask's spines previously used for defence had turned against their master and now embedded themselves deep within Walter's cheeks.

Beneath the mask of ivory, tears formed and fell. He knew he deserved this pain, this inner turmoil. Each day of his human life had been spent rejecting hospitality and love from others. But now, here, in the eternal second life, he desired nothing else than the warmth and comfort of another.

Walter lay where he fell and made no effort to move, letting his blood and tears combined stain the floor around him. Noone was here to comfort or assist him. He was alone.

Sleep overcame the stag, with the pain and sadness being his only lullaby. He made no effort to remove the mask from his face, or even stop the bleeding. Instead he lay there and accept the agony burrowed mentally and physically within him, tearing at his soul.

"This is the punishment I deserve."
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