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Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Notes: hey some might recall me but I am back, my laptop well now old laptop broke and the RAM overloaded so i needed a new one it took up this this point to get online and come back ( I had forgotten my user name curse those X's) but I am here and I can say i miss the friendly face here and the kind users. SO i am now here and ready to work on getting myself settle down into the community!


I have stop drinking Coffee and switch to tea so it's now funny my name is Coffee Crusher
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Character Updates/Diary Archives

Don't mind me, just making this a placeholder for the time being to remind myself that I need to start saving my character updates now that important things are happening
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This cervid fellow's revival~

*pops out it's head from the bushes of outside life*

"Oh my, such a long while and eternity,
For this fellow's absence in this place's amity~

Perhaps, an amend from this such year(s) of life~?
Yes, a similar ol' dear with an improvement's strife~
Is prepared for another friendship and interest-sharing might, indeed~"

*waves at everyone within it's return*
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Emerged from the blood like a different kind of womb

The Antideluvian
Born from the blood lake
affinity to poppies
broken skull in half
all grown
black and bleached needles

Father? Mother? Pond?

All art:

By vessan
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Nos unum es.-Personal blog

"We Are One."

"Hello I'm not dead I am very much alive and still lurking!"

I like to doodle?? a lot??
i'm very quiet and most likely wont contact you unless you contact me first
hello and hi and welcome, it's not the best but here I am I guess?

[center][=Book Antiqua][=#9370DB][=19] 10/15

Going to start edging back into the forest again using this accounts picto. I'll be OOc and just chilling, so please feel free to message me or sit and chill with my deer. The ambience is very nice. I've oficially been accepted into the Air Force, i'm going in with the Aerospace medical Service job under my name, so i'm happy i'll get to help people Smiling

8/10/18-Heyy. I'm kind of sad, I've lost almost all my drive to play this, rip my characters. I've been on as much as possible to honor Fly and be a part of the circle for him. I'm so sad I was never really around to have interacted with him, he was such a happy, hopeful beacon in my opinion. He was one of the community figures I enjoyed seeing around the forums or in-game. I truly hope and pray he rests well, he deserved the world. <3

3/31/18-I've been feeling really tired lately. Like I know my sleeping schedule is absolutely destroyed but not like tired tired, like. Like i'm just mentally tired, and worn out, and really just want to sit and think for a few hours with books or something. Life is just, so boring??
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My personal blog

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My Friend Can Fly

I woke up today inside my secret hiding place from the forest.
This log is small but big enough for me! but it's by the water and my fur gets cold and soggy when the pond leaks into the log.. . But But! I hid from the forest! It couldn't see me through the log so it couldn't eat me.

I ran into the first deer I met here! A friend who I danced around with! We found a mushroom ring and I could feel a special life feeling inside of it. I dug up some of the mushrooms and ate them but I went unchanged, my friend sat in the center and called me over to sit.

The ring's life was given to each of us, making our symbols grow brighter. I became a small creature with this life- this energy, I was so small! too Small! My friend was as big as the trees like this!

I was scared they might step on me but they were very careful with their steps. I chased them because I was angry! I tried to jump at their legs but I couldn't catch them, and then I stumbled back into my own fur and form.

My energy only changed their pelt into a brown.

My friend can fly! They jumped from the tall rocks and ran through the air sitting on the wind!
I could not catch them no matter how high I jumped! They came down but I could not go up! Sometimes I felt the wind be solid under my hooves but then drift away and send me to the ground.

I think I could fly too... if I learned how. I won't give up!
Someday I'll fly just like them! We did other things in the forest too but I'm tired..

maybe I'll remember the other things we did when I wake up and record them here in this place. I can't see this place but I can feel it with my thoughts, there are others here. Is this how everyone connects? I can't understand most of the voices but I think I know a few of the feelings that are sent through. How strange that this place is always with me but at the same time isn't anywhere...

As I get tired I understand this place better but when I'm awake I can't even remember it...
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Pregnancy Blog [Cereja]

will tack cer's pregnancy and the time he cares for the kiddos until they are "born".
interactions and plotting of any kind is welcome. please contact me via discord for anything at all.
Discord: Calix#0183
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Nice to meet you!

knew the game of deer. It is recent.
Communication this game is to connect with the world of people with only gesture.
It's interesting and interesting.
There are rules that have just started and do not understand.
I do not know whether friends can be made. Please make friends. Ty
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