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Vessel Bruised heavily around her chest, neck, and collarbone. Sore. Spirit Pensive, guilty. Wary and quiet. Note no longer wearing her rosary.


returned warily to the forest after a night with barely any sleep, seeking out favager immediately and curling beside him, squished pleasantly between the warcat and the tree he frequents. didn't sleep, but drifted aimlessly in her mind through the entirety of the afternoon until the early evening.

it was then she thought to try and find eremes, so she dislodged herself from fav to go looking. eventually came across the sphinx by the pond on the very edge he'd rescued her from. now that she could get a better look, her suspicions were piqued even further. still, she decided now wasn't the time to go snooping. instead, thanked him for his help and apologized profusely for endangering him and getting him involved. was told he was happy to do so.

engaged in a little more conversation about the forest, how it behaved, how many people end up passing through. found herself interested, and gave him a few answers based on her years in the endless, and her birth there. when the sphinx seemed pleased with her answers, was happy she could provide them. found him rather charming, actually.

noticed fav coming back to her and greeted the cat with more affection than she meant to, but... you know. kittie (: anyway, ended up inviting eremes to sit with them both for a while until would ultimately head back to his own home. stayed behind with favager and rested with him, oddly content despite her harrowing experience the day before. took comfort in the great wall of the cat's body beside her.

still troubled by many thoughts, mostly of aischro, some of her parent and teacher, along with missing her brother and mom in the strife, but glad at least to have a couple of new friends and allies beside her.


the day started out fine, as she entered the twilight forest again. found favager pretty quickly and ended up sitting happily with the firecat at first.

everything was great until the fire aischro nation attacked. well, more accurately the trickster approached the pair, and yasu was... wary. as she always was with the god after the warnings of her teacher and parent. was questioned about her hostility once again, but this time refused to be apologetic about the uneasy feeling the grufted gave her. also, didn't want to get favager involved, and placed herself bravely in front of the cat who was uhhh several times her size anyway oh yasu.

aischro, being aischro, decided he'd had just about Enough of her nonsense, got up in her face, and before the moonquake could retaliate, ended up clipping her rosary and breaking the thing. the resulting collision between the deity energy stored within the necklace and aischro's own caused a fierce blowback that shattered the rosary, and sent yasu stumbling back into the forest pond. shocked, hurt, and forlorn she struggled in panic toward the high shore where she was pulled out by a face that looked very familiar to her until she realized it wasn't who she thought it was. not disappointed, but curious all the same in that moment albeit distantly. thanked eremes for his help in getting her out, and apologetic for her scrambling at him.

noticed the fight with favager and ai nearby, trying her best to keep tabs on it despite her current state of being. dissolved her mask for the sake of not feeling so claustrophobic while catching her breath, and placed herself firmly between eremes and the fight so the sphinx wouldn't get hurt by accident. even in her unfortunate state, she didn't want an innocent bystander hurt. contemplated running in to help, tried to tune out the background noise of the forest's souls, and thankful it seemed... quieter than usual. until a great crack and the hum of winds whipping assaulted her ears.

her teacher had arrived.

she barely saw the storm as indra rumbled by and began a chase with winds howling about her. instead, stayed behind to discuss with favager and check on the cat, along with eremes. admittedly paid more attention to the firecat than the sphinx but can you blame her............. let her teacher run off the trickster before she returned with... an arm. a very gross smelling arm that she assumed belonged to the god. said arm was spat at her feet as the deluge paraded proudly despite the damage to her form, told it was a trophy and to take it.

glanced back to see eremes gone at this point. made a note to seek him out later, and apologize.

turned her attention back to favager, and pleaded to indra to help his injuries. felt awful that the other had gotten himself involved despite her efforts to ward off the trickster. cursed herself for escalating the situation and allowing it to happen, giving a few apologetic nudges of her nose to favager for it. after her teacher had done what she was asked and gone off, settled down with the cat properly and apologized to him. was told he would gladly do it again and asked what the trickster had broken.

saddened again by its loss, she told the firecat what the rosary represented and why it reacted the way it had. laid herself against him until he deigned to get up, to her confusion. that was, until she saw he had retrieved an intact piece (the only intact piece) and brought it back to her. she thanked him, nudging the magatama to her fur to take home later, along with the "trophy" from indra that lay elsewhere. heartened by the fact a piece of the sentimental object remained, even if its power was now gone, laid herself just a little more contentedly in the curve of favager's body and rested with him.

visited later on by her parent and had a small conversation with them. told them of what had happened despite knowing that indra likely told them when she had a chance. given comfort, assured what happened was hardly her fault, but still can't help but blame herself for what occurred. still, happy to be with her parent for a time until they suggested taking her home for something to eat and left the forest.

6.30.20 - 7.2.20

really hasn't been doing much besides thinking about life and the things little demigods think about. finally asked favager for his name and ended up more engrossed in a conversation than she meant to get, as she was made curious of the cat and some of the things he said. spending time with him when she finds him, usually. also keeping a nose out for sadiki, even if she's trying to sort out her odd feelings for him.

otherwise, if either's not around, finds herself wandering a bit aimlessly until she comes across a scent she recognizes even if vaguely. what's being social? don't ask me. came in today (7/2) to find it raining. rolled in the mud at the pond for a bit and then took off to chase down ashira's scent.


after a strained conversation with her parent in the morning hours about her meeting with aischro the day before, was told in no uncertain terms to stay as far away from the trickster as possible. asked why, as she is prone to do, but was given a rather cryptic answer from her parent. frustrated and on edge about the whole encounter and her parent's reaction, but likely to heed their warning regardless.

entered the forest with ideas in her mind, took a drink and wandered before sadiki found her. perfect! just the stag she wanted to see. challenged him to a spar (except it was less challenge and more "please spar with me senpai" unfortunately) and had a surprisingly good time locking horns with the desert stag. also learned a few things about both her style of combat and his, found the whole fight rather enlightening from a tactical standpoint.

thanked him generously and sniffed him up to make sure she hadn't done any permanent damage because she'd feel awful if she'd managed to Actually Hurt him. uh oh he's hot when he's out of breath and messy did not pay attention to any surrounding bystanders because she was coming down from the high of the fight, though that didn't take her very long.

went and got a drink, greeted feige politely, then settled near a tree to cool down. relaxing, but finding her mind can't quite stop running. keeping a watch on sadiki as he rests (even tho ur also beaten up a little, idiot? oh yasu) stayed with the stag until he went back home with a polite goodbye, then just kind of... wandered for a while. eventually came across ashira, rather glad to see her well and joined her after very awkward greetings.

at least. it was fine until aischro came wandering by and struck up a conversation with her again. told some things that made her question her parent, but also remembered the warning of her teacher, indra, before she'd left to the forest today.

"Every god has a purpose, he's good at his but that just means you can't trust his ass even more."

Still, recognized a few truths in what the trickster told her, unfortunately. passively trying to protect ashira in case he tried anything, but seemed to realize he wasn't interested in the osedax child.

eventually ended their conversation with a firm word. shot a few apologetic looks to ashira who was (reasonably) uncomfortable, and settled back down despite aischro taking up space nearby. glad, at least, that the canine didn't seem upset with her over the matter as she returned to her distant company. at some point, watched ashira sit with someone she didn't know who'd been sleeping nearby but assumed that the other did because of their proximity. hung around for a while after this, but eventually decided to leave her to it and went quietly on her own way.

decided to grab a drink before she pondered leaving, approached by a... thingy. wasn't all that alarmed until said thingy got too close and ended up making contact with her. did Not Like This after the long day she'd had and the conversation with aischro that'd left her in a precarious mood. proceeded to be a bit of a baby about it because she had NO idea what was happening and whether the aquatic creature wanted trouble.

after the thingy backed off, kind of just slunk regretfully off to the ruins, flopped herself between her two best friends (the stone idols in front of the ruins, what a fucking loser) and returned home.


wandered around until she found ryuusei and was invited to join him and his mother for a time after waffling about nearby like the awkward wallflower she is. conversed with him about the forest and life, and found his insight intriguing. divulged a few things about herself to him in turn, and decidedly liked the stag's company. at one point, heard her teacher in the forest but didn't opt to visit her, instead just figuring the deluge had her own reasons for being there. besides, it's rude to leave company. then, the forest began to grow dark, snow drifting down. ah.

the weather prompted her to move again as she bid a polite goodbye to ryuu and his mama (who she also thought was nice for letting her sit). enjoyed the snow and darkness as both things appealed to her nature, but doesn't enjoy the tense act the forest puts on when darkness encompasses it. considering she was having a far easier time being able to see, she roved about and passed a couple of fleetingly familiar faces (thais, nix) but decidedly didn't disturb either due to the fact they already had plenty of company otherwise.

then................ met "uncle ai" aka aischro the trickster eidolon himself. of course, knew little to nothing about him going into the conversation because she is kept out of Deity Matters. was introduced and found out as a halfling god by the male, learned he was one of the gods of the inbetween from which both her parent and teacher hail from. curse the scholar in her wanting to know more about the affairs she isn't part of, and other gods in general.

"Are you close with her? Your Mortal mother?"

"I am."

"Tell both her and Kero, then, 'Hello' from Aischro."

after an off-kilter discussion with him, found herself unnerved by the entire encounter. that and he touched her face (disgustang). left him with his thoughts as she made her way to another part of the forest, finding favager and thankful for a familiar face as she sat in peaceful silence with the cat until she decided to head home for the night.


Enjoyed the random snowfall a lot, generally just hung out and let it accumulate on her like a horrible little snow poff. swung by a couple familiar faces but both seemed occupied or already in company so decided to just slink off on her own for the time being

found sadiki eventually and sat with him, finally getting to introduce herself properly to him after he spoke up to her. also noticed the injured stag from the other day nearby, but was rude af and didn't say shit to him whoops


uhhhhh did some things, chased jae away from ashira and that's about all that's notable unless i'm forgetting which i could be because i have the memory of a fuckin goldfish whoops


spent pretty much all day with inaria, keeping the little fawn warm and out of the rain in the ruff of dense fur around her neck. did, at some point before that, see the strange machine broken in the muck of the pond and examine it to little avail.


sat in the mud again today with olaniyi and carys, but not before visiting sadiki (and llyr!) to check up on the buck. at some point before carys came along, had roved by a fresh kill by what appeared to be the same raptor that had drove her away previously after she'd heard a rumble across the pond and sensed a death. removed a few ribs for her collection but was perplexed by how to clean them while in the forest. offered them to olaniyi who proceeded to turn her nose up at them. she, herself, did not eat red or gamey meat.

bless carys, who was starving and very good at cleaning bones for doing most of the dirty work. the bones were then teleported home by yasu so she could set the rest to her beetles to clean later.


earlier, sat with sadiki in the mud and just provided him with some company after the fight the day before. was.... concerned for him and stayed by his side, especially when a fight rumbled by that seemed to be rather large. was put on edge as she and the stag watched, but didn't intervene despite her wanting to. no! must guard sadiki. so she did. and she stayed until he left off.


chased a predator away from ashira, hung out with alika, and met olaniyi who warmed up to her quite fast. hung out with all three for a time until she fell asleep with her head slung over her sister's shoulders.


went to visit her old birth den and was chased off by garai. got inexplicably really upset about it and went to go sit in the pond mud and cry. was approached by ryuusei (who she didn't even realize was there at first whoops) and asked what was wrong, proceeded to engage in a little conversation with the stag that made her feel better. eventually he took his leave and she just sort of continued to wallow in the mud.

later, heard scuffling in the distance and she discovered the scene with niklaus, sadiki, inaria, and eventually iva. sort of just inserted her ass between niklaus and inaria after assessing to understand what was happening. joined by sadiki, who was in less than stellar shape. mostly just guarded the bab but did take a little bit of a pummeling when the fighting started back up again.

once niklaus had been chased off with iva, she just sat by the baby with sadiki. noted after some time there were two deaths in the forest. wondered about it and wanted to collect some bones from the corpses but the forest seemed.... mmm dangerous today. best not to leave the little beeb. after a while, met carys, witnessed ANOTHER fight with different combatants. she was right to stay and guard. did that until finally she had to set abouts to home.


Cache of Bones: Collected from various dead things in the forest. Currently includes: 3 rib bones from a raptor-like predator, an almost complete set of arm bones from Aischro (black, with glowing blue claws).

Rosary: Protective in a dire situation, but will only expel its power once. It will be tapped out after that. Has not been used. A gift from her parent. Broken by Aischro.

Fox Skull Helm: Used a bit like sound-reducing headphones for her soul-hearing ability. Worn more in the Forest than elsewhere if only because she roves across many souls and doesn't wish to be drown if she needs to engage a crowd. Also used to protect her face. Durable, and divined to grow with her as she ages. A gift from her parent.

Cassie's tine charm: Holds no special properties but cherished all the same. Hung over her bone collection. The combined rune means the following: Isa - Ice, standstill, block, challenge; Ehwaz - yew tree, stability, strength, reliability, enlightenment; Ansuz - communication, insight, truth, wisdom.

CSS by Shey with edits by me.
IC at all times, damage accounted for. Yasu is not me but I am responsible for her. If you have any questions concerns or just want to interact, contact me at snartie#0122 on discord!

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