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it's been awhile!!!

HEY, it's been awhile since I've shuffled around the community which is unfortunate because i miss this place and my own characters a lot.
I would say I've just been too busy but that's only half true because I'm lazy as hell lmao so most of my free time is spent sleeping or just scrolling through social media. BUT I WANT to spend at least a little of it back here, on my favorite internet community.
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Shep's 2020 Rut Blog

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Happy to Help

I have to say, there is just something about helping people on TEF to get the set of what they want and to see them happy when they get it to how they wish. It puts me in such a wonderful mood and makes me happy to be able to help them out. That is one thing I really love about TEF. Helping each other out!

-- Knight

My drawing corner

Hey guys this will be my drawing dump site. LOL

Here is a sesshomaru i did a few weeks ago im still working on the hair and clothes/fur.~

here another version i did color in

birch forest quick 10 min doodle


My deer design

This is my deer who has no name or bio yet Cool I will update the brio later. if you see in the forest come say hi! Thanks

Hey guys im making small gifts free

Hey! Post a link to your deer picture please so i can make some small free gifts for you! Smiling

Will be done out of order pls sorry for wait Also some random ones

Any news on the remake?

Hello~ So I have not sense a new update on the remake for a many weeks now. any news when it comes out? please
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A beautiful night...

When I spent such a quiet night with this friend, I didn't hold back when I wanted to draw his appearance. I had the audacity to do that for such a good company, thank you very much!

It was accompanied by a track so lovely that I want to share with you: Films - I'm Sleeping Under The Dead Tree.
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