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A letter

You all know who you are, I wonder if you still think about me. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss you (all).

I used to be anxious every time I got a DM, but now, I particularly burst with joy when somebody boops me.
I'm in a much better place now than ever before.
Now I only think of the good stuff now.

The friends we've made along the way, the many fun, perhaps emotional experiences we've had, the jokes and belly-bursting gags I've had with others...
I hope y'all doing fine too. How are you all?

You may occasionally spot me with my dearest Cannibriel, Siddhartha or Torfastr in the forest.
(Don't be shy to poke me if you miss any particular character.)


i happened upon poppy flowers. it was like they were looking at me, and i didn't know what to do. i was going to sit beside them, but the ground was saturated, so when i stepped forward w my right foreleg, the spongy soil squelched, pushing rainwater up to my hoof. i smelled petrichor; i thought it smelled nice with the poppies. i could've found hard ground, but i didn't want to move bc i thought i might offend the forest, poppies, dirt, etc.. if only the poppies' petals were dry, airy, soft like a finch's down feathers. i touched the tip of my nose to a petal, and i thought it's texture was velvety. "who's to say that they aren't?" i guessed. chirp. chirp. chirp. i caught a waft of another stag. chirp. chirp. when i turned my head left, i saw a snow white coat. its neck was bowed to reach a mushroom growing low on a sapling. chirp. chirp. its coat was brighter and more blue than other white coats, so i thought its dirt and dust might be falling to the ground. chirp. chirp.

tsubaki | up here my eyes are green leaves, unseeing

reposted because i want everything on this account more or less because otherwise i get tired of logging

prism | blood and gore is all i get for being yours

i moved it here because i get tired of logging into accounts lmao
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A greeting + impressions

Hai! I actually first installed and briefly played The Endless Forest a year or two ago, but I had things going on irl and forgot about it until now ^-^;

I really enjoy this game and don't think it's boring at all! I play more action-packed video games, and they're fun but it's really easy to get burnt out quickly with them. But this I think I could play for ages; guiding lost souls in the form of a dove, flitting around the forest and collecting spells..I've also seen the stags called creepy and weird, but I think the human faces make them look really mystical and otherworldly without sacrificing the elegant shape of a deer. And there's something so pure and innocent about a little child-faced fawn with his golden halo and a flower crown. They look like little nature spirits.
The unique pictograms are a nice touch, and my rune with its entwined swirl design has really grown on me. Magic is fun to use, and my favorite spells are of the shapeshifting variety; I love fairy circles and the ability to take on another form. The map also has such a mysterious charm to it, from the somber ruin to the enchanted spring. I've played similar games like Meadow, but this still has a unique feel of its own.

There's just something really special about this game, and I appreciate its existence.

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A wild Ves had been sighted?

What the title says.

You can see me in the forest maybe. Nothing changed. Can ask me for updates.
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