only 90s kids will remember

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whos grandma is this? who let her out of the house unsupervised?

-squints at familiar

-squints at familiar picto-
Where's grandma's Bedazzled denim jacket and DunkaRoos??
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Juicy hues. What's her story?

Juicy hues. What's her story?
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really missed seeing 88 and

really missed seeing 88 and your other charas around! <3
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@fishbiscuit; Good

@fishbiscuit; Good question!!! They probably got left behind because gramma can't be bound by materialistic needs.

@Uitleger; god that's a good question. shes about 9 years old now and was my very first character on here. a bunch of embarrassing young teenage years stuff happened in her past that i barely remember LOL. so now she's just someones crazy grandma probably

@alcinda; hey!!! 8D ive seen yours off and on over DA and toyhouse sometimes and it got me wondering about the community again LOL. decided to take a peak in and maybe hang around casually! considering i REALLY love drawing deer and creepy mask deer...

YOUUU! I knew I recognized

YOUUU! I knew I recognized 88's picto and damn did I tear up when I saw Nidhogrr with Lev. ;-; You have no idea how much I've missed seeing both of you around! AHHH HAPPY DAY!
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@brokenribbon; teehee <3 i

@brokenribbon; teehee <3 i had logged on just to get 88's old set back and hop around, but when i saw levana on i just had to give nidhoggr a lil time. i was so shocked to still see you around on lev, honestly XD. glad i could brighten your day a little <33
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Oh my! 88! I don't know if

Oh my! 88! I don't know if you'd remember me or not, I used to play as Yori under the username Custard.
Loving the drawing.