Pray, tell me

Pray, tell me.
What has come of me?
Must I watch you wither and die one day as all I've known has before me?
Or will you live on with me?
Maybe one day, without me, to tell my tales.
But we both know, that day will never come where I am no more.


Demonax has a Gardenia that thrives in her den where the ceiling of it is cracked and allows sunlight and enough rain in.

To be frank.

I haven't been real great.

But Whatever.
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Such a wonderfully rendered

Such a wonderfully rendered flower and lovely story. I hope you feel better soon.

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This is beautiful. Like,

This is beautiful. Like, put-as-my-phone-background beautiful. I hope you know how much talent you have.
I also hope you feel well, eventually. But I totally get that some days/unit of time we just need to take care and appreciate something that isn't ourselves. As long as you have something that is thriving, things will turn out alright.

Evern & Wonder - Thank you

Evern & Wonder - Thank you both, means a lot ~
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RS, feel free to hit me up on

RS, feel free to hit me up on discord if you want, k? #1354
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This flower is beautiful. I'm

This flower is beautiful. I'm sorry you've not been feeling well.
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Hey Resi, get better. <3

Hey Resi, get better. <3

Lovely art as always!