2nd day XD

second day friend group, glitchy screenshot
Running around, mimicking each other and dancing was fun
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First day

First day in Endless Forest and first friends I met <3

back in the forest

met these deer and others as well

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First Day Friends

on my first day of TEF
Thanks for the warm welcome! running around in the flowers was really fun with you guys <3 hope we can meet again, I'd love to.
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Dance Till Dawn

ahhh I just love taking pictures with every friend I meet <33 Thanks for the fun dancing and spell casting <3 Im also kind of hard to see in this picture XP anyway please say if you're in this picture.
by the way, this was yesterday, I only discovered the community today! its fun here.
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Five Friends

Whoever these people are, thanks for the fun times!
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The time of reincarnation

-I: to do?
-P: there Comes a time reincarnation!
-I: ...
-P: Wahaha
-I: Crazy
Twisted Smiling Twisted
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Day Chester.

Thank you, my dear Chester.
I always like to play with you)
P.S: The screenshot was an accident when I was going down a roller coaster Laughing out loud
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these d00ds..

are my favorite d00ds don't know why the pictures are the way they are but oh well.

see you guys at the mushroom circle.
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Sashimi and Vidente

Vidente had a lot of fun last week with a cheerful deer named Sashimi, but she hadn't seen him since the day after it rained...
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