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"Not say it not concern me."
February 28, 2014~ Sought out Morikiah and found him near the Playground. Sat on him while he was sleeping. Was distracted. Didn't see the bull was bothered by something, except for when an effort to be cuddly was dodged. Found this peculiar. Hounded the bull for what was wrong, but didn't succeed in getting an answer out of him. Unsuccessfully tried to blackmail him. Somehow ended up chasing each other all around the Forest.

Beware invisible scrollbars! Credit for the javascript on this page goes to Hraeth. Size chart by Apeldille. Chibi by Tuoho. This page is subject to change. There might be violence, language, or sexual themes here. Prussia is played IC 99% of the time. If you have a problem with me or the way I play, please don't hesitate to approach me in private. My Skype is Daaelondon.

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Track ^^ Always was curious

Track ^^ Always was curious as to who Prussia was Smiling

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screams <3
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Oh, this is lovely. That face

Oh, this is lovely. That face is so beautiful. <3
"Yes... Like Gods..."
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curious track, i love the

curious track, i love the colours here~


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Mm. Pretty in here.

Mm. Pretty in here. <3

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Simply awesome.

Simply awesome.
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-rolls through and makes

-rolls through and makes sheep noises-
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Aaaa &hearts;

Aaaa ♥
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Thanks, guys. &hearts;

Thanks, guys. ♥