Spirits in the Wind - Requests

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Hey guys, so lately I've been drawing group pictures of animal guides. If you're not familiar with how they work, please feel free to read a little about them here.

Essentially, animals are always trying to speak to us. Some animals are signs of good luck, some animals warn of danger. Many of them appear in our lives and even our dreams to teach us.

If you are familiar with your animal totems, I wanted to offer to draw them for you. I've drawn mine as well as FaunGrae's totems so far. All I really need to know are what animals you associate with, and either a scene or season to use for the background.

If you don't know your totems, here are some good guidelines as to which ones may be your guides and totems:

- Your favorite animal, one you love dearly, is often a totem. Even if it was an animal you appreciated in your childhood, they may have been protecting you.
- Any animal you see in your daily life that often visits you.
- Any animal you see in dreams often, or even any animal that randomly appears in a vision.
- There is a Native American zodiac that identifies an animal close to you.
- You can also include animals you have a difficult time with, especially animals you are afraid of. They are there to teach as well.

It helps to be observant of the world around you. Maybe you see an animal all the time and just never realize they're there for you. Animals are always trying to teach, it takes an open mind to learn from them.


To request, simply list your animal totems and either a scene or season to use for the background (up to 8 animals at most, you can request a single animal if you'd like too)

Please feel free to explain what your totems mean to you as well in the comments, I find it very interesting.


Deer, Goat, Cardinal, Goose, Hummingbird, Wolf, Coyote, and Tiger


Deer, Red Tailed Hawk, Horse, Coyote, Cat


Hawk, Bluejay, Crow, Spider

Mr. Sanguine

Elk, Crow, Weasel, Snake


Elephant, Bear, Hawk, Wolf, Coyote, Mountain Lion

My Aunt

Deer, Owl, Cardinal, Rabbit, Sheltie
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This is wonderful! Could I

This is wonderful! Smiling Could I request mine?

Crow- Crow is a teacher, a guide and a protector in my tradition, and he's been all 3 to me. Like all birds, he carries prayers, and he often shows up to teach or show you something. He showed up in my dreams many times shortly after I met someone who, unknown to me, had Crow as a totem, and would be a wonderful teacher to me. Its said that Crow walks between worlds- he is always partly in this world, and partly in the spirit world at the same time.

Bluejay- this one never really became clear. But bluejays aren't really common around here, and yet every so often it seems like they're the only bird I see, and they're *everywhere.* Eventually I'll learn what they want to tell me.

Hawk- Hawks are also prayer-carriers and guides. Hawks are better guides than crows though because they're not tricksters xD Crow will mess with you sometimes. I've been guided along on my spiritual path many times by Hawk, and set back in the right direction after straying, or occasionally just giving up. His message always seems to be patience or perserverance, and strength- don't give up, keep going. Don't let things deter or stop you on your road, but learn how to overcome them, and keep walking having learned something about yourself.

Spider- Had a lot to say on procrastination and responsibility. More often than not if I'm putting something off, whether its out of some kind of anxiety or just pure laziness, I'll see spiders throughout the day, or have dreams about them. This will also happen with irresponsibility- whether I'm doing something I shouldn't be, or not doing something I should be, out of selfishness, laziness, etc.- Spiders show up, most often in dreams.

A fall or winter background would be nice.
Thank you so much! Smiling
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Sounds good, I'll work on

Sounds good, I'll work on this when I get the chance Eye Is there a particular kind of spider you would like?

According to Native legend, Bluejays are actually considered to be bad signs when you see them. They are noisy, arrogant, prideful, and selfish. They take from others for their own purposes, and are considered lazy. When you see a bluejay, it's generally considered that someone is speaking ill of you or plotting against you, or generally they are warning of someone you will soon meet.

It's sad because they're such beautiful birds, but they're supposed to teach that people can be ugly on the inside no matter how beautiful they appear to be on the outside. Maybe what I would think if you often saw Bluejay was that maybe someone in particular was bothering you or hurting your feelings, and you should not take their attacks so seriously, for they act as if they are better than you and everyone else but deep down they're probably very lonely and jealous of someone like you.

Spiders can be good or bad signs. Poisonous spiders are considered to be bad omens, warning of conflict, bad health, and confusion in the future. Nonpoisonous spiders can warn us of small danger, can tell us about the weather, and can help find things. It is always best not to kill a spider but to let it outside of the house. Spider can also teach you to better yourself, especially in the arts.
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This is Mr.Sanguine! If you

This is Mr.Sanguine!

If you wanted to do mine. You could.

Snake {native american zodiac} - Most shamans are born under this Native American animal symbol. The Snake is a natural in all matters of spirit. Easily attuned to the ethereal realm the Snake makes an excellent spiritual leader. Also respected for his/her healing capacities, the Snake also excels in medical professions. The Snake's preoccupation with matters intangible often lead others to view them as mysterious, and sometimes frightening. True, the Snake can be secretive, and a bit dark – he/she is also quite sensitive, and caring. In a supportive relationship the cool Snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, and helpful. Left to his/her own devices, the Snake can be despondent, violent, and prone to abnormal mood swings.

Weasel {spirit guide} - Shamans use Weasels as guides to underworld realms. Their primal energy and fierce courage make Them formidable allies. As Spirit Animals, Members of the Weasel Family are not easy to work with. Minks have forceful personalities but are powerful allies in gaining good fortune. Weasel’s Wisdom Includes : How to be Cunning and Swift How to Protect Yourself and Keep Safe Using Your Intelligence Employing All Your Senses

Crow {Important} - Had a wild crow with a single white feather on its back sit on my shoulder once {it was wild} spent the day with me before flying off. They still mean a lot to me. That I should investigate new things, but also that I should never be afraid to 'fly away' if things look dangerous

Elk {Important} - I have had very few experiences with 'deer' despite there being so many where I live. I've had an oddly large amount of encounters with elk however, which is strange as they aren't often seen where I live. They always manage to find me anyway, however.
They've done a good job of teaching me to be aware of my surroundings, as I've never noticed them until they were right there in front of my face. But that when things surprise me, I should never react with violence when I can judge calmly just as well.
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Sure thing, do you have a

Sure thing, do you have a preference for the background or would you like a surprise?
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Something wintery or fall

Something wintery or fall themed perhaps? Those seasons are dear to me<3
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Zyzzy's is up. Enjoy I'll

Zyzzy's is up. Enjoy Eye

I'll try to work on Mr. Sanguine's request this weekend.
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Gonna track this and maybe

Gonna track this and maybe post later... interesting *_*

I've been meaning to comment

I've been meaning to comment on the pictures when you posted them the first time, but I never got around to doing so. Forgive me xD

This is a really good idea. I love learning about animals that represent myself as well as those that are simply special to me. I've thought about doing something similar to this myself, but I never seem to find the inspiration to do so. Probably because I know it would take forever. I'm bad at singling out certain things ^^;

Tracking for later to see what else you make with these! I love them so far! <3
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I'm not exactly.. aware of

I'm not exactly.. aware of any particular animals trying to be my guides, but these animals have, for the most part, no other reason to be in my life.. So I figure they must be important somehow..

Wolf- Well, this has always been my favorite animal. I love and admire everything about them.

Brown Bear- My Native American zodiac; it couldn't be more spot-on.

Elephant- I'd tried to meditate one day after my then-boyfriend had mentioned animal guides and I had been eager to try. I'd had no real success, but a few days later when I was taking a school-wide test, I'd heard an elephant loud and clear. I'm almost positive that it was because of my attempt at meditation before.

Coyote and Mountain Lion- These two came together, were phased into a single..animal... I have absolutely no idea what it could mean or why I had seen them/it... I'd been on a long drive and had been staring out the window and I guess I daydreamed it?

Hawk- This one was a much more recent. I think I'd mentioned it on another blog, but I'd been outside doing some yardword and had, for some reason, looked up and seen what I'm sure was a white hawk and it was followed by quite a few crows, about 7 or so..

I'm sorry I don't know the reasons behind most of these animals, but...pretty sure (if I paid more attention) that they mean something...
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Mr. Sanguine's is up! Enjoy

Mr. Sanguine's is up! Enjoy Eye

((On Crow I wasn't sure where the white feather was, so I hope it was okay on the wing there))

WonderfullySarcastic, I'll work on yours soon.
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Quad, do you suppose, when

Quad, do you suppose, when you get to mine, could you link to it? My computer doesn't handle big images well, especially if there's multiple... Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Nono it'll be fine, I'll give

Nono it'll be fine, I'll give you the link on Isaita's Bio Eye

Mr.Sanguine: eeeee! Omg it


Omg it looks amazing 8D thank you!
'dat snake may be my favorite part.
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Oh wow! I love it! Sorry I

Oh wow! Laughing out loud I love it! Sorry I didn't respond sooner, and that I missed your response with the question about the spider- it turned out perfectly, I didnt have a particular spider in mind anyway. Thank you so much!

The idea about the bluejays is interesting... I'll have to think about that, and about what's going on, or what happened/happens shortly after seeing them to see if that's their message or not. And its definitely true, always put spiders outside. Smiling For us, spider gave us the dreamcatcher, and she gave it to us because a grandmother saved one's life. Its always good to help them.
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WonderfullySarcastic's request is up Eye
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Ah, these are all really

Ah, these are all really interesting!
I'd love to post mine, when I think of them all.
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I showed my first spirit

I showed my first spirit animal artwork on Facebook the other day, and my aunt commented how much she loved it. I asked if she wanted me to draw one for her, and she said yes and gave me her animals.

I finished it today, I hope she likes it.