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Art by Anjali

~Basic Info~

Name: Ronan
Age: Adolescent/near adult
In-forest- devout pelt
Community/RP- Albino bull elk, brown hooded robe

+ Kind / - Very shy
+ Unassuming / - Initially distrusting; May appear rude
+ Highly loyal to friends / - Somewhat aloof by habit
+ Playful / - Unaware of his own strength; may be overly aggressive in play
+ Quiet, contemplative

Despite his impressive size, Ronan is quite timid, and even slightly fearful of strangers. He may initially distrust deer who approach him, or be frightened by a lot of attention. It may appear as if he's ignoring you at first, but with time he will begin to open up, and the cheerful, playful nature will take over. He quickly loses shyness among those he trusts, but out of habit he may waver in his opinion for a time, one day openly playing and talking with you, the next day sitting quietly or avoiding you altogether. Those who are patient with him will find a life-long friend in the end, though.

He does enjoy company most of the time, and enjoys helping others, whether lending a kind ear, helping to solve a problem or simply providing company. He won't turn anyone away to the best of his ability, though his nervousness may get the best of him at times.

Favorite spots: The Ruins, The Old Oak(he likes the humming sound)


This is all... so very strange. I did not know such wondrous worlds existed! I hope this forest will be a place of respite from the wickedness of the lands I have traveled from...

My name is Ronan. I was born what must be ages ago, on the island of Eire. I was born with strange blessings, though others saw them more as curses, and myself more evil than good. I was often ridiculed for my abnormally white skin, and shunned, even feared, for my red eyes. Some claimed my ashen skin was a sign of a connection to the spirit world, which was a feared thing. To speak to the dead was surely to be evil. I wasn't able to do any such thing, nor was I bad, or fearsome, as far as I was concerned. I didn't think myself such a bad person at all, just quiet and, admittedly, somewhat strange looking.

It was my unfortunate visage that cost me my life long before it was due to end. Drawn to a life of seclusion, I entered the Franciscan Order at a young age, by way of a gentle brother who saw God's gifts in me beyond my flaws. He was kind, but the other friars seemed disquieted in my presence, avoiding the rooms I worked in until I had gone, rarely speaking to me. They often spoke to each other of me, however. Within months I was already being accused of bringing bad luck to the friary and all manner of ill, superstitious things! It did not take long for the others to decide to expel me from the friary for the disruption I caused among them. Knowing I wasn't welcome even among those meant to accept unconditionally, I resigned, humiliated, leaving to walk to the nearest town, the habit I wore my only possession.

I found myself hiding away in the church in town, the only doors open to me. Some who took pity on me would give me bread, but children still mocked me, and people turned their gaze as I walked by. I found peace and happiness in the wild, however, and spent most of my days sitting among the trees, preferring the quiet company of the unassuming bird and beast over people who had no want of me. The forest is where peace of mind and soul can truly be found. Not long after my arrival, an illness struck the town, quickly claiming the lives of several. Many seemed to go mad, acting out terribly and raving of impossible things in their fevers. As the sickness spread, so did rumors of witchcraft. These were superstitious days, when such things were often blamed on malevolent forces. It did not take long for the blame to reach me, the red-eyed one with animal familiars in the bordering woods, as many claimed. People noticed the coincidence of the illness's arrival with me, and my fate was sealed despite my desperate protests. My death was by their hands, believing the demise of the evil I carried would restore order and goodness to their lives.

My spirit fled my body, and for a long time I seemed to float, semi-conscious, in an in-between world... not on earth, not in the heavens. It seems to me now that it is a place where souls who will be concieved a physical body dwell. After what must have been ages of rest, I suddenly found myself on the earth, in a physical body... alive again, But not human. I felt very different. Finally noticing my surroundings, I saw I lay on four legs. I see hooves... I am a deer! By the size of those around me, quite a large one. An elk? I believe so! What a blessing, after the horror I experienced with humans, that I would be reborn among the animals I was so fond of. It seemed my curses hadn't fled me though. To my horror I discovered I had no tawny or dark fur, but my whole hide was the color of snow. Still unwanted by my fellow creatures, as now my presence truly threatened their safety. Growing up at all was a blessing, somehow managing to avoid the detection of hunters long enough to reach the young age I'm at now.

But this place feels... different. Joyous. As if there is no danger here. The deer I have seen have such fantastic pelts and adornments that I appear dull! Maybe here I can find acceptance and live peacefully... even help others, as my monks' creed taught me. I still feel a pull to that life... even as I was wandering I found a large discarded cloak, so similar to the woolen habits, and feeling oddly naked without it, slipped it over my head. Surely among these marvelous beings, a robe-clad elk will be nothing strange!

(Note: May not appear in the forest often[mostly because my computer is quite slow, and often can't handle having TEF running, bah]. If you would like to meet or interact with him, feel free to do so here!)
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Oh hey ♥ I enjoyed

Oh hey ♥

I enjoyed reading his backstory...poor guy. It's no wonder he's initially mistrustful of others.
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Yay! <3

Glad you like it so far. I feel bad for him and I wrote him like this, lol any character I make seems afflicted with some terrible history. That should stop before they decide to turn on me xD