Some players up for plots?

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I got a few characters that I really want to get some interaction/plot for, so if anyone is interested, hit me up on Discord (Anaïs#6888) and we can figure something out.
RP will be through Discord only.

Beri - I bought this girl a while back and I'm still figuring her out so if anyone wants to help out with her development (and perhaps have either some bonding or conflict going on eventually), I would be happy! She might be a source of drama though so beware.

Gabi - Haven't got anything going on with him for ages so I would really be happy to have a plot with him.

Panoptès - They need more interaction. I was planning on having a plot with them discovering their powers for a long time now.

Moonriver - I really want to play him but I don't have any plans for him...

Roshan - He just got 1 year old and I barely figured him out so...

Chloë - Kamaya 2.0 She's both IC and OOC, which means that you should expect me to confuse her with myself and get emotional/affected by drama OOCly. This is just a warning because I used to do that with Kamaya subconsciously back when I was still playing her. I have grown up since and learnt the boundaries between IC and OOC, but I still prefer to warn you if you want to have some negative interaction with her, in case of. I'll do my best to avoid it happening...

I'm going to say this too: I welcome anyone so don't be afraid. If there is any problem, I'm always open to resolve it so if you feel something is wrong/off, I made a mistake at some point, or you're not happy with the plot's outcome, feel free to let me know and we can try to work things out.
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