The silver doe [Shika] with a golden heart

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Physical oooooooooo oooooooooo Psyche


Feeling: curious, relaxed, asleep.

Ventured upon a small herd of deer, and joined in on the fun for a moment. She observed a strange, lonesome creature near the river statue. Shika interacted with him in a reserved manner; he seemed to be introverted and disliked any sudden movement from her. He was finally able to approach her, so she invited him to lie down. Perhaps she encouraged the situation because of her own weakness of loneliness.

Awakened by the beautiful calls of fawns. Shika was perplexed to see so many around; however, their presence brought her joy. Unexpectedly, a deer came forward, raising their hooves to Shika. Shika became angry, and tried to scare off this deer. It was made clear that they must go.
The fawns went on their way, and Shika found her new friend, Kerosene, near the pond. She lied down next to him, then drifted off to sleep peacefully.

Shika awakened in the evening and began to travel. She greeted a few deer but they did not want to stay around. After walking alone for awhile, Shika felt afraid. The forest was in a desolate state; every noise was silenced.
Awhile after, Shika's ears perked; a familiar call was heard. She wailed many times-- in an attempt to gain attention. She followed the scent brought to her by the wind. After walking for some time, she came across the strange deer from the day before. The deer was as friendly as they were yesterday. Their presence reassured Shika. Shika remained by their side during their time in the forest.
Unfortunately, the deer was summoned and vanished while Shika slept.
Shika lingered by the bed of flora, hoping for their return. The scent of the blue flowers induced peace. She laid down and positioned herself to feel comfortable, closed her eyes and sighed. It did not take long for her to sleep.

Sex › female, doe
Age › young adult
Species › TEF deer, Sika deer, and Whitetail deer
Diet › herbivore
Scent › smells of lilacs, and early spring
Voice › calm and soft spoken

Speaks in #99B2B7

Appearance › Silver pelt that comes in different shades of silver-grey. Long grey antlers (3-4 point) that hold common lilac flowers. Tall, slender body structure. Light brown eyes that represent her kindness.
She has a humanoid or deer face depending on your interpretation of her.

In game set › Gray pelt, RD mask, default antlers with purple flowers

Personality › Shika is playful and very kind-hearted, a little oblivious too. She tends to trust strangers too often. Anxious when she can't find a friend in forest. It's uncommon that she prefers to be alone, but will if she feels resentful.
Shika finds beauty in every aspect of the enchanted forest she resides in. She cannot stay in a single area for too long, for it bores her. Shika has a keen desire to explore, because she yearns to find him, and to understand herself as well as the forest.

Current Relations
Cypher › best friend, father/elder brother figure, the one Shika trusts, adores
Kerosene › fond of, excited whenever they're summoned
Mag › curious of, enjoys his company

Arts and Gifts

Silver Lullaby

Remnants of a broken dream
Tattered shards of endless stream
Recount the days, all would seem
The lullaby of silver gleam

Oh how fragile she had seemed
Thunder flash from metal beam
Don't look back, run downstream
It is too late for those who scream

Run my child, doe of silver gleam
Run from terror, from death and ream
And without warning, you shall see
Peace, beauty, Forest for thee

And this is the lullaby of silver dream
Remnants broken, endless stream
But a happy life ahead, so it seems
Fear no longer, for you are free

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ohh haha.

ohh haha.
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track! ~ Gotta track the one

track! ~ Gotta track the one im RPing with! Smiling

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"Damn it, child! Go hide in

"Damn it, child! Go hide in the bloody oak tree! So I can actually keep them off of you..."
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"But I hate Tieff and those

"But I hate Tieff and those guys! They've caused nothing but trouble to my friends! They're the one thing that I actually dispise!"
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"That does not mean you go

"That does not mean you go and start a bloody fight!" groaning in pain, the stag let his sore body sag. He could not be harsh towards her. He sighed heavily in frustration, "Are you at least alright, my dear"
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Hullo! My Bishop was the one

Hullo! My Bishop was the one wearing the monarch pelt~ He definitely wasn't pleased with Shika (and he's still really young, so once he gets going, he has a hard time stopping until he wears himself out), but I wasn't upset at all. Completely IC (in character) on my end~ I hope this was mutual, but please let me know if you have any troubles ♥

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Kumiko: Shika sulked and


Shika sulked and hesitantly replied "...I'm fine....Don't care about me, this is my fault.. The important thing is are you hurt!?"


It's all fine! Don't worry about it, it's just IC after all, I completely understand, and Shika can get quite reckless herself and fight nonstop sometimes
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"Nothing to concern yourself

"Nothing to concern yourself with, my dear," he moaned as he shifted his weight, trying to keep pressure off his leg. His vest and shirt showed signs of the fight as they cling tattered to his fur, coated in dirt and drying blood. His lip had clearly been busted and his mask had been knocked off, revealing a blackened eye. Beneath his shirt, multiple cuts laid hidden as a punctured gash revealed itself on his leg, slightly disguised by his torn shirt sleeve. "You need to be more careful, dear Shika. It does not matter who's fault it is. What does matter is that you do not deliberately put yourself into danger."
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"But, you don't understand...

"But, you don't understand... I want to give that Tieff a punishment!" By this time, Shika's face was wet with tears, she immediately stood up, smelling a faint smell that was familiar.. 'I..think that is Caden.. but I don't want to leave Cypher..and I mustn't ..'She thought to herself. Trying to stand up her body was not stable enough to withstand the pain, but Shika kept on fighting it. She sat back down and inhaled then exhaled into slow sighs, seeing bruises,cuts, and stained blood all over her silver fur.
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The stag's body sagged

The stag's body sagged heavily as his weakened frame was pulled to the ground. As if his bones had turned to metal and the Forest floor turned into a magnet. He allowed himself to lay down, feeling greatly embarrassed and defeated. He looked over to examine the silver doe closer. Sighing silently to himself as guilt began to weigh him down farther. All his efforts to protect her were for nothing, "What is there to understand? What is the point in a punishment if you will only get punished in return?"

Cypher watched as Shika tried to stand. Something within her seemed to be calling to her. "Go on, my dear," his mouth muffled by the tie clenched in his teeth as he attempted to wrap it around his gushing leg wound. "If you feel the need to leave, do so. I will be fine, though I would be better if I had a little gin." He gave her a brief wink, attempting to lighten the mood.
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"Even if I do get punished

"Even if I do get punished myself, I still got to beat him a little...he deserves it! He has hurt Mr. Zombie... Kian and Caden and his family! I will not stand for it... They can hurt me all they want, but not for the people I care for! I do not want you getting beat up because of me, Cyph, yes I may be getting beaten up myself, and I am paying the price and It is a choice I am willing to take..." She said sternly but still soft in that voice of hers. She stopped thinking about the pain and briefly stood up.

"Now.. You stay here until I go check on Caden!" she said with a weak smile and ran off to the ruins, in hopes to finding what's wrong.
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Sorry Caden wasn't as fun

Sorry Caden wasn't as fun today. His father and their good friend got into a nasty argument over the nameless one...and it didn't end well, but Caden felt very bad about the whole thing and he didn't want Shika involved, in case she got hurt D:
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Oh alright, I knew there was

Oh alright, I knew there was something wrong so I just had to get Shika to check on it, she tried to get in between and settle it without a fight, she also saw Tieff near Caden and quickly became cautious.
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Actually, I'm just going to

Actually, I'm just going to go lay down.

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This is a ghostly track. Just

This is a ghostly track.
Just to let you know, the link on your deerectory is not working: I suggest you to use node links c:
siggy by Pegasicorn
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Thankyou! And yeah, I know I

And yeah, I know I forgot to fix the links xD
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I minimized and that killed

I minimized and that killed everything. D=
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Oh xD ok I see, it's alright.

Oh xD ok I see, it's alright. I hate when that happens, also sorry I had to go, it was late...or very early XD
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Cypher didn't leave you; my

Cypher didn't leave you; my internet killed itself. D=

So who was that that attacked Shika? Was that her sister?
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The terrifying screaming

The terrifying screaming echoed through the Forest. Tainting its beauty with horror. Bruised and bloodied, Cypher stood tall in the grass. His bleached pelt and tattered clothing standing out against the red clay soil and shades of tan from the birch trees. The ripped clothing blew in the gentle breeze, carrying the antagonizing yells in his direction. His ears were pulled forward to catch the echos in attempts decipher them. As the yells dripped into his ears, his blue eyes widened with alarm. The source of the voice was of Shika, coming from somewhere in the distant.

His teeth clenched as he turned towards. His stiff muscles whined beneath his scratched skin as they carried his limp body over the swaying field. A strong burning sensation crippled his movement, but he had to get to the lonely doe.

As he turned around the trunk of a large tree, he discovered the silver doe curled in a ball at its base. Her once polished pelt had dulled; the gorgeous purple flowers that dotted her thin antlers had began to wither. From beneath her mask, he could see her bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheek. Gently, he nudged her with his front leg to get her attention. "Shhhh..." he whispered in a deep, soothing voice, "There is no reason to be afraid, my darling. That thing is here no longer."
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(Yes, that was her sister. It

(Yes, that was her sister. It was an idea my friend and I had, sometimes she plays Shika's sister or I'll ust open two TEF's I made a story about Shika and her sister and they are people, it's called the dream 8D
Btw I gtg very soon, like in a half hour)

Shika's eyes slowly opened, her vision was still blurry and fuzzy. She tried her best to focus on who was standing before her, a white stag slowly became visible. Shika shivered and tightened herself up some more, still trembling from the fearful sight from before.

Shika breathed heavily, her heart was pounding hard and fast against her chest. Her head ached, and so did her legs. She blinked her eyes to regain her vision faster then looked back up at the stag, Cyph?

Shika quickly rose to her feet but her knees shook and ached so much she fell down. AFter hearing Cypher's words she shook her head and spoke out into a shaken, quiet voice "I am afraid.... she won't be gone long..."
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The silver doe collapsed

The silver doe collapsed before him. Shit! Immediately, he dipped himself down to her level in attempts to catch her. The smaller doe leaned heavily against his side as she gasped for air between her fear-filled whimpers. He pulled his chin closer to his chest as he clenched his silk tie tightly in his teeth, loosening it from around his neck. Gently, he lowered Shika to the Forest floor where he then spread the tie out against the grass. Its silver fabric glistened in the setting sun. Carefully, he pulled a corner of it up around her leg, covering a gash. He tightened the tie around the wound in hopes of protecting the young doe from an infection.

After the wound had been cleaned and dressed, he settled himself beside her. "Who is she...? And what does she want from you?" He bitterly asked.
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Where is Shika? >_

Where is Shika? >_<
Anogelia miss her

tracks this

tracks this Eye

it's alright! my computer was

it's alright! my computer was having some problems earlier itself, haha. kerosene was extremely happy to meet a friendly face, they haven't come across many yet.

track e: mag wasn't afraid


e: mag wasn't afraid xD playful maybe
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good to know! Thanks for

good to know! Thanks for clearing that up, his behavior was quite odd to Shika. x)

kero's overjoyed to see shika

kero's overjoyed to see shika again haha ;; <3