{a shadow in the dark}Damen

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current felling/thoughts: calm/ouch... (rp related)


Mental health 100%

physical health 100%

age: young stag (he will always be it)

Eye color: Red

friends: Ace (he is in love with her and Eldorado acidently told her)

close friends: Lucille (is also so interestet in her)

his love may change from doe to doe

returned interest:...

deer's he has met:
Kisetsu: another doe he flirts with another good friend
Ocean: aqquaintance

mate/crush: none

picto: will be using Evermore's picto to his own grows up

family: sister: Mystey sister: Evermore

gender: stag

he is:

a vampire

protecive to his sisters

he dosen't like other stags very much





he dosen't like Eldorado very much

welcome to rp here

he fears:

only one thing:

his sisters dies

sorry Midnightshadows for doing the sam ething as you i just think its soo cool

he flirt with every doe he knows the name of mostly cuz hes lonely in the minute he gets a mate he stops but again hes lonely

when hes at the brigde he thinks of his life and will he ever get loved

and he will like company

voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoaT6WXUV_M

more coming soon
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Trackie (: I'll look out for

Trackie (: I'll look out for him in forest
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Lucille has already met him

Lucille has already met him

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Track attack

Track attack Eye
Once {Epon} A Time.
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