Once [Epon] a Time...

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Once upon a time, there was a place called The Forest. In the forest live many deer, with no fear of growing ill, old or being injured or killed.

However when knowledge was discovered and evil lurked in the shadows, the deer resorted back to their skittish nature. Rutting begun, to ensure that only the strongest bred to create stronger offspring. As time passed, the evils slinked away into the shadows where they had came from. Although the deer are no longer as scared as they once were, some of their ways of surviving has been etched into their genes as protection against any further evil.


Name: Epon.

Age: Young Adult

Appearance: Epon is plain. Black, white and red are his only colours. His ability to be noticed easily contradicts with his exessive need to hide from other deer. He wears his crow mask in shame, for his actual face is covered in scars. You cannot tell from the lower part of his face if he is ugly or handsom. He is simply Epon. His chest and underbelly are covered in thick, long hairs, some with red beads threaded through. His legs are perfect for running, but the thickness of his chest gives them the appearence of twig-like legs.

[in-game] Space Beluga pelt, Crow mask, Secretary antlers.

Personality: Epon, simply, is a coward. He is weak. He is scared easily. He is ashamed. All deer to him are strangers. He is still kind and gentle. Just nervous. Don't move so much, and approach slowly. He doesn't run away, only freezes. Don't chase him, you'll only make him worse. The worst he can do is hit you with his antlers, and that's like a scared dog biting you. It's your own fault for scaring it. Epon is partially blind. He can only see light and shadows. Basically, outlines. He is less nervous on sunny days, scared out of his mind at night. He doesn't attach himself to other deer emotionally. He doesn't say a lot.

He does like some things though. Sleeping, lying down, small animals, the playground, the ruins and hiding places. He also likes does. Very much, which their mothery ways. But he's still scared of them. Once aquainted with the deer, he likes to timidly follow them. And hide behind them.

He doesn't like sudden noises and movements. The pond when it crowded. He hates the oak tree. He also quivers in fear of skulls, even their outlines are scary! Large bossy males (or even females) he deeply dislikes.

His favourite (hiding) spot is in the playground. Find him if you can (it really isn't hard), but if you find Wally/Waldo I can't give you bonus points.

(Very Little) History: Epon was born in the forest. Raised in the forest. Lives in the forest. He was a confident fawn, but the sudden realisation of growing up hit him too hard and he never recovered. His mother's natural passage to the other side probably effected him the most, as she was always 'there' for him. After he careless and hurt himself being 'a true stag'. Then he began to take care of himself too much, timidly of course.

Family/Friends: His mother and father have passed on.

I suppose you could say he has a 'little sister'. He doesn't like No Eyes that much though. She's loud and repulsive.

His nature has ensured him a life of loneliness.

Current thoughts: What. The. Fuck.

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Ohh nice! I like this pre-bio

Ohh nice!
I like this pre-bio XD
-first post- yay!
No post yet? Sad
Kat would be happy to meet you Eye
look over Kat´s bio under, at the clicky.
she´d be a good friend for him. She´s quiet, but cheerin´ at the same time. Smiling

Just follow me!
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I think I'm going to have to

I think I'm going to have to keep an eye out for him now c: He sounds very interesting.
I love his set, too ♥
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@Katara: Epon would like that

@Katara: Epon would like that very much! I think... Oh well, he'd like some company.

Even if it scares the heepie jeebies out of him.

@Haru: Thank you Laughing out loud Seeing Epon slinking round the forest isn't hard with antlers like his ^.^
Once {Epon} A Time.

This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting character....I like him <3


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Thank you~ (latest reply of

Thank you~ (latest reply of the second)

I know it's just a Thank you but I just feel rude if I don't reply...
Once {Epon} A Time.
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*noses* I've seen your


I've seen your face before...I hope to learn your name, learn your thoughts and ideas someday..

Jettem is interested..and at a distance.

We met today c: This was

We met today c:

This was me.

Sorry for randomly running away and disappearing, my mom was yelling at me to get off Sad
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silentlikethat, Epon is

silentlikethat, Epon is curious about this deer now. Maybe they'll get better aquainted.

@Witcher, ah yes. I think I can remember (I have a little problem with pictos, sometimes they disappear). It was fun Laughing out loud Shame you had to go. Epon was very brave and met some deer.
Once {Epon} A Time.
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Updated/Completely done up.

Updated/Completely done up. So, bump.

Because I can.
Once {Epon} A Time.