A scratch upon the Forest

Hello TEF!

I am Kudzo. My symbol looks like a whale jumping out the sea, I love it.

You may have had encounters with me recently but I'm honestly quite a noob and a bit shy Laughing out loud

I just have purple flowers in my antlers at the moment and often park myself next to someone for some warmth and relaxation.

I danced and worshipped a statue today with two little ones in skull masks. Thanks for the derpy fun, fawns!

A bit about me, in real life.

I last played this fabulous game when I was roughly 13 years old on my mothers work computer. I'm now 27. Needless to say, this game was quite a significant piece of my early teens and arguably a title that got me interested in the games industry. I grew into a 3D artist and I'm about to land my first job in industry. So thank you, TEF team. You are part of the reason I decided to stick to my gut feeling and pursue games.

My heart was so warm when I saw the crowdfund page. I can't wait to play The Second Decade in UE4!

It's great seeing old faces

It's great seeing old faces returning to TEF to share in the fun!

I also first got into TEF when I was around 12/13, so I definitely can relate to the nostalgia it brings you! It hasn't changed much itself, just the player base seems to have gotten older and we all have jobs now...the beautiful way of becoming an adult LOL That's awesome to see how it inspired you for your career choice! Good luck in the industry, and if you ever see my chars in Forest, you're more than welcome to come chill with them ♥
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Those "fawns" were me and a

Those "fawns" were me and a person called Remora.
Well, we were actually mini-deers, which are adult deers that are the size of a fawn through a transformation spell you get and can cast on someone else when you sleep (by not moving your mouse on the game's screen as your deer sits for maybe five minutes) in one of the circles of mushrooms in the forest.
I like to pretend I'm a fawn though ;P.

It was really fun playing with you! I wish we could have done it for longer. I wanted to cast spells on you
( (Not sure if you already know but:) which you can get (masks) from eating mushrooms on certain trees, rubbing certain trees to get a pinecone to eat (Antlers), and sitting next to a sleeping deer for a few seconds (Pelts))
to customize your deer because you didn't have anything except flowers.

I also first played the game around when I was twelve, but I've joined it again and again off and on for some years.
Recently I left for two years, but I'm back to the same account. It's funny how a number of us found this game when we were around that age. I'm still in college though, so I guess I joined later than you. I'm also very shy >w<.

I hope you'll be very successful and happy with your future job!

Maybe we can meet again soon Laughing out loud.

Oh my goodness, hello

Oh my goodness, hello hello!

That was so much fun, trying to emote in unison. I was bopping to the spooky music Laughing out loud

Thank you for explaining the masks and pelts, I'm still trying to work it all out again haha. Some wonderful mini-deers were endlessly casting spells on me last week as we all ate mushrooms together but I was still a little fawn at the time so nothing lasted.

It's lovely rekindling altogether after so many years away. We shall definitely play again very soon!

Best of luck with college by the way! It will be gone before you know it (I feel this pain).

Thank you so very much! <3

See you soon, I very much look forward to it. ^_^

SingaReindeer, Good to meet


Good to meet you! It seems a chunk of us found the forest at that age!

We are indeed getting older, creaking like a willow more and more. Laughing out loud (Not quite at the settled down with kids stage yet though!)

Thank you very much for your kind words, I will come and give you a nuzzle in the near future. <3
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(Sorry for the late

(Sorry for the late reply)

Haha, thanks for wishing me luck. I know I'll definitely need it. Time definitely passes by too quickly, though. I feel like it was only yesterday I was in high school lol (I sound old). I'm getting busy, but I'll probably be having the game open almost every day while I try to do my work. I'll keep a lookout for you! c:

My picto I use is this: I think it looks like a swan.

It was great how we all knew to emote in unison without any words being spoken. Laughing out loud

Here's a list of the pelts and things you can have for your deer:

Maybe you'll also find this useful:

You're very much welcome. <3