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A scratch upon the Forest

Hello TEF!

I am Kudzo. My symbol looks like a whale jumping out the sea, I love it.

You may have had encounters with me recently but I'm honestly quite a noob and a bit shy Laughing out loud

I just have purple flowers in my antlers at the moment and often park myself next to someone for some warmth and relaxation.

I danced and worshipped a statue today with two little ones in skull masks. Thanks for the derpy fun, fawns!

A bit about me, in real life.

I last played this fabulous game when I was roughly 13 years old on my mothers work computer. I'm now 27. Needless to say, this game was quite a significant piece of my early teens and arguably a title that got me interested in the games industry. I grew into a 3D artist and I'm about to land my first job in industry. So thank you, TEF team. You are part of the reason I decided to stick to my gut feeling and pursue games.

My heart was so warm when I saw the crowdfund page. I can't wait to play The Second Decade in UE4!
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