request things for me to draw for you~ (Ptashka for Sora -Done!)

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Hi I'm bored, drop a link to a character or describe something and I'll try to draw it. Who knows what kind of art style it'll be in, but that's part of the fun amirite. No guarantee I'll be able to draw what you post but worth a shot, here's my gallery for reference on things I'm familiar with.
have fun, go nuts

Sora1996 - Ptashka
I believe she may have spotted something super cool going on in the forest, thus using the 'surprised' emote from the action bar to express her wonder. I can only imagine what the cool thing going on is.
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i will leave these two girls

i will leave these two girls here
first beb

second beb
maybe they will inspire you :eyes:
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Will drop my girl here :3

Will drop my girl here :3
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Authieu pls i need more

Authieu pls i need more cinnamon buns in my life
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Ooooo perhaps Leodora or

Ooooo perhaps Leodora or Pythia will inspire ya!

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I love your artwork Cyda!

I love your artwork Cyda! ♥

If you'd like you can try out this boy.
Here's his bio if you'd like some more reference points.
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i would like to try out yer

i would like to try out yer boyo, basen
would you mind to describe his features, is he more cervine/canine/feline/etc, are the orange projections hairs/feelers/antlers/etc, i needa ken more aboot the h0rny war boi
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- mild nsfw warning. - He's

- mild nsfw warning. -

He's very canine, with some cervine influences.

His facial structure and body are canine, with paws in the front and hooves in the back.
He does have a set of pearly white fangs and sharpened teeth to go with and always, some kind of dirty, enticing look.

He has no tail - to accentuate his masculinity and well, seductive appearance.
As for his overall body fur, its very soft and smooth.

The orange projection on his sides are like a living fire, but instead grained down.
He has a good bit of scruff from his shoulder blades up to his head.
(I can't draw hair/fur for the life of me.)
His antlers are massive, they extend to his lower-half of the body.
They're sharp and curved. His eyes are a piercing white.

Overall he's a masculine doggo/deer boy. I hope this helps, also feel free to message me on discord if need be.
(: And thank you so much for considering him, I'm rather excited to see what you can come up with! ♥
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Woah, this is an inspired

Woah, this is an inspired face! In your drawing she looks like a real child Ooh
thank you!