into the depths of the fire

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into the depths of the fire


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run my little rabbit


They say I'm a monster.. but what's inside of me.. is different.


name [ Brent ]
the chain
unknown species . male . canine features

titles → satan, glowstick, firehead, obsidian flame

carnivore. predator
36 years of age (human years)
homosexual . immortal . alien. experiment. demon .
smells of cologne and cigarettes
voice 0:22 -0:34
size #5

mental: 70%
physical: 99%
emotional: 60%

July 9. 2020 | Was napping when Oltha Aamr approached him, but he was too tired to give much of shit. Somebody always coming to him for something. After waking up, he slowly realized he's not interested in women intimately anymore. After thinking about what happened between him and Tsubaki, he just didn't have it in him to lead a delicate flower into the darkness of his world and mind. Has plans to rebuild his relationship with Tsubaki for a fresh start, as friends.

He didn't have the guts to stick around after their conversation, it was too painful. He was worried he'd hurt her since at the time, he was already raging. Sometime today, he'll drag his ass over to her and tell her he cares. He never hated her, and still doesn't. Remembers how nice it was to be understood, and he wasn't about to toss it away.

recent | Pissed off as usual, stressing over stupid shit, hoping to resurrect what little friendship he has.

recent | Went an apologized to Rag, he felt fuckin' bad for what happened that one night. Had a long talk with her and realized they really were in the same boat. They both struggled in a lot of the same ways. As they talked he cleaned her wounds and made sure she was warm and comfortable against his side.

Later on he had a long and fueled conversation with Plague, one of which failed as usual because the fucker seems to never get the message that either -- "stop fuckin' bother me or I'll light your ass on fire." It was a quite a shit-riled show, Brent for the first time brought out the use of his flames and surrounded himself in circle of them. He offered Plague a deal which of course the dumbass declined it, clearly missing the point. At least a physical fight didn't ensue and Plague disappeared. Brent made a deal with himself to never talk to that scum again, wasn't worth his fuckin' time.

Brent disappeared himself, he went back home. But before he did he left a note for Rag inquiring about inviting her to his mansion if she felt the need to visit him. He didn't have much hopes for it, but it would lessen the dull feeling of being alone. He wouldn't be coming back to the forest for a while, ironically enough it was safer back home for now than it was in the forest.

Once he was home he got some booze and got higher than the sun reaches the sky at noon. Cleaned up, and went to work. He had a plan, and a really good one. Question is, when would he come back?

April. 22. 2020. | Hanging out with Cherry Bomb ("Rag") as of late, feels connected to them somehow. But tries to stay away because of course they're connected with everyone that hates him. Later on he was invited to spend some quality time with her and that all went to shit after Neli came swooping over him with a mock. Brent was just tryna have some goddamn quiet time that for once didn't involve anyone getting hurt and there he was, in the same place again.

Pissed off he fucked off and disappeared. It wasn't the first time he'd been thinking about killing himself. His life back home was nothing for him, people wanna kill him there and here in the forest its almost just as bad. Everything was going to shit. Nothing ever worked out for him did it. What was the point? Everything he ever tried was shot straight out of the window like it was worthless, it wasn't him being the problem now it was the assholes unwilling to forgive him because apparently they can't see he's in pain. No one can. No one understands and they never will.

He started to feel dizzy as he watched the blue aura of plaats float around, a darkness invading his field of vision. Eventually it went away. He burrowed his head into the ground as tears of blood streamed from his eyes and went to his own place in his mind. A place where people understood him, that gave him a chance.

recent | Pissed off, tired of life. Same old confusion lurks like a motherfucker, assholes snapping at him, people mocking him. Easca tellin' him he needs to do better after he fuckin' apologized to them for previous events. UY just avoids him and looks at him like he's a monster. But he knew it deep down, he was just a sad ugly, unstable guy. But shit, he was doin' better wasn't he? Right? He's been going out of his way to keep his anger and check and stop random fighting but no one can see that. They only see his past, they only hold grudges against him and never let go.

April. 9. 2020 | Well shit, at the strangest and quietest time of the night Brent was approached by Kilo. Who the fuck, no seriously, who the fuck goes up to a giant half-sleeping demon in the dark. Kilo started talkin' and apparently didn't wanna fight so aight that's cool. Chatted with them for a while, callin' him satan, and a few other terms he didn't really care to remember but it seemed mutual. Brent found himself almost respecting the guy.

After a while Kilo got kinda weird, had some weird-ass attack and quite literally fell on Brent and went unconscious. Uhhhhhhh what the fuck? Didn't sign up for this shit. Wonderin' what that weird black vomit would do, Brent threw some up on Kilo's face and watched it wrap its way around the other guy. Great, that should do the trick. Evenutally Kilo woke up and Brent said he'd carry him on his back to the pond to wash off.

What Brent didn't realize was the fact that apparently his black vomit or "mucus" has healing properties and it seemed to heal Kilo.

The last thing Brent really remembered Kilo sayin' "will you remember me? And wanting to fight Brent one day." The fuck, a fight? Come on, what you wanna get your guts smeared? After that Brent went back to go sleep and all he heard after walkin away was "later Mr. Glowstick."

That was probably the weirdest connection he had with another male for the longest time, he was half expecting to get into a raging fight and make another enemy but nope. Nope not that at all, if anything the whole thing made him feel funny and slightly suspicious of why it seemed kinda flirty between the both of them? Who knows what the fuck gonna happen now.

March. 31. 2020

Just an ordinary day right? At least he'd like to think so....

He felt heated and physically so. Thoughts racing, sensations of fire, destruction, and anger surged through his veins. Everything inside of him boiling to the top, screams of agony unleashed. Every minute of his life front to back flashed before him as he hurled out vomit and blood where he stood. An uncanny color of black, fluid, and self-transforming vomit was on the ground.

Stepping back in disgust at himself and whatever that shit was. He coughed and wheezed gasping for air and his fur now covered in it.

He bolted. Instincts. Right? Fled for his fuckin' sweet life. "THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT?"

His forelegs racing before him, blood dripping form his eyes, and only the horizon in sight. He had no idea where the fuck he was going but all he knew he had to get away from it. Low and behold, the obsidian vomit followed him, and he wasn't about to deal with it.

Adrenaline suddenly kicked in and he felt like a goddamn feather in the air, there was no fuckin' way it'd grab at em right?


"It's a
Brent, don't run from it, rabbit."

Voices in his head screamed and yelled at him, telling him to do this, and that -- burying him alive.
But he kept running, in

"Brent its about time we had a little chat, you, of all people. Have disgraced your species. With your horrendous antics, instability, and your repulsive appearance."

"I'm a decorated war hero and this how I'm being treated? The fuck sense does that make?" ...

"None, at all."

Remembering what happened, back in that facility, he halted. Why? He didn't know, or would he ever? Visions of him strapped down a table, suddenly things became clear, people were around him the
time. And that wasn't even the end of it.

Tubes, machines whirring, and he was attached to all of it.
"You see, Brent. You're an experiment. Your father disgraced you and forced you into our program. He knew you'd be the perfect

Is this why he always hated everyone? The fact that he was almost mutilated by fucking strangers? People he didn't know, and his father hated him? After everything he fought for, the wars, his country, only to be brought to his knees and forced to shame. What the fuck is this LIFE?

Among all his thoughts he'd forgotten about the vomit, turns out he had passed out on the ground, covered in it.

After a while, the vomit around him had ceased and what unfolded was a weak, miserable, and sopping wet Brent. But he sure doesn't look the same does he?

Awoke eventually, feeling infused with energy and so much fuckin' strength. Damn was this even necessary?

New art of Brent by Shey, THANK YOU SO MUCH. ♥

Later | Already dumping himself into action figurin' he'd go after Horna and his gang for a bit since they be starin' and Horna looked fidgety as fuck. Decided he'd give a little taste of what fear was like, to have that intense surge of adrenaline bolt through you.

Oh yeah now we're talking. His intent being only to cause fear and alarm, without doin' serious damage went well. Butted heads with Horna for a bit until he got bored and went after a tiny doe (Roo) - holy fuck was that chase exhilarating. Chased down Horna for a few more spars, until Brent walked off satisfied and would ignore them now.

Received a few gashes (one on hind leg and left side) but with his new body things didn't seem to hurt as much.

recent | Back in the forest after hitting one two many we all know what that is took advice from an old hag tellin' him to "relax" and so he did. Boy does he feel better? Or did he just bury and compartmentalize everything? Who the fffuck knows, does he care? Not right now. Checkin' out what's new and boppin in the woods. Hopefully something good..

recent | Went home. Smoked like a fiend. Walked around the city masked and fortunately didn't get anyone tryna find him. Figured everyone kinda just forgot after a couple plus years of not being back. The fresh air of home felt good, for once he wasn't being harassed or stalked. Went to his mother's grave and left roses and a few words. Ended up falling asleep on her grave and woke up eventually finding a leaf nestled gently on his chest. Figured it was her way of letting him know she was there for him.

Shuffled off back to his manual 370z and drove to the bar. Drank his mind out. Uber'd back home and watched criminal minds. Spent the rest of his days back home enjoying his mansion and serenity. After about a week at home, figured he'd come back to the forest. Felt better about himself and in a much better mood it couldn't be that bad.

Nov. 17. 19. | Giving up. Sinking farther into the darkness, confusion, hate, anger. All of it. What the fuck is the point anymore? Found the nameless doe again with Sab, cuddled up on the both of them and laid down quietly just enjoy the quiet. His ribs were screaming in pain and the rest of him felt like a sack of shit. He just didn't have much energy left.

Dallas and Kenna approached them, both of them he didn't know. Politely greeted them and offered them to sit with him. They sat for a while until they seemed to become fidgety. What? Weird. Decided he'd try and walk off with the nameless doe somewhere, maybe they could get some quiet?

Of course that fucking failed, they followed after later. Awkward staring. Nameless doe kept getting twitchy and weird, scared? Of them? What's going on, did she know them? He didn't know and was starting to not care. This seemed like another waste of time. Tried to get Dallas and Kenna to go away but they wouldn't leave. He just fucking wanted a peaceful night. Was that so hard to ask?

Finally after a shitload of awkward staring and trying to comfort the nameless girl he got her to himself so they could just rest and snuggle. Eventually was bothered by Dallas again sniffing up on the nameless doe, and giving her nuzzles? What the fuck? He was getting pissed, he was not about to let more people take away one of the few friendships he had.

Stared at them for a while until he stepped and tried to push nameless chick outta the way and away from these weirdos. She didn't seem to want to go but Brent insisted, he wasn't gonna lose her. He just wanted to keep her safe and show her he's a good dude. He was trying SO HARD to avoid fighting today and of course it just didn't seem to be working.

After getting her to go; with a light shove of the head to her back she picked out a tree they could rest by and that was fine. Nuzzled and snuggled her until Plague showed up staring at them. Brent's head was spinning and he was hanging on by a thread. Stood up and turned his ass to face Plague. He was sick of that asshole.

Right when he thought he could get nameless doe to get the idea that they just needed to ignore everyone -- she starts going toward Plague trying to say hello? Stepped the fuck in and pushed her away gently from Plague and back to the tree.

Then Plague came up and wanted to talk about his apparent "forcing" of the nameless doe and making her do something she didn't want to do. What -- just taking her to a different spot for comfort and peace was a bad thing? Since when? You know they'd call it a "lovers quarrel."

Tried to tell Plague he meant for nothing bad towards the nameless doe but they didn't seem to understand that, maybe it was how he so badly explained it. But his mind, he was running on fucking fumes and the rest of him was falling apart in severe pain.

He just didn't have the energy. In the end tried to get Plague to agree to stop fucking fighting him and to just leave him alone. Including the fact that he'd never bother with the nameless doe ever again. Plague could have her. Do whatever he wanted. Brent didn't care anymore, no one was worth his fucking time.

The one person that Brent finally found some common ground with was getting stripped away from him. His heart shattered when Plague yelled and went at him head-on and the fight pursued. Brent fought weakly, his broken ribs weren't helping his breathing or stamina. He had nothing left to give.

Probably the worst fight he's ever been in. Dallas was going at him too, they had joined the fucking fight on what grounds? Barely fucking nothing. Only words of what -- him calling the rest of Plague and his group "a crowd" and the apparent HUGE misunderstanding towards him they created? Wow what a bunch of smartasses thinking they were right. Thinking they were so high and mighty for beating him down for such a small act of literally nothing.

Fought with whatever he had left and eventually gave up and bolted off praying and hoping they wouldn't follow. He was bleeding excessively everywhere, limping like a fucking loser. Collapsed on the hill under a tree, shallow breaths were the only thing keeping him alive. Doing everything he could to keep from passing out into a coma he could feel himself sleeping hard.

Flashbacks of the wars he had been in blasted in front of his eyes, groaning and whimpering in pain he watched tears of blood mixed in drop to the grass below him. He'd been in so many wars it resulted in a horrible case of PTSD that drove him to pure mental insanity. The stress he endured in those wars, the bombings, the blood. Dead brothers in the field. Government assholes after him trying to kill him back in his home town.

He was sobbing so hard he lost control of his breathing patterns and started choking on the air around him. Until he saw a small beetle in front of him flapping its one wing helplessly, he focused on that instead. Guess its just him and this beetle now huh? The pain, misery, confusion, all of it. Fuck this day. And fuck everyone.

(SORRY for the incredibly long post, hope you enjoyed! History has also been updated.)

Nov. 13. 19. | Just another day of fighting. Zemora, plague and Umay show up again. Fucking great. What is it with these assholes? Pissed off he tirelessly went after them again until everybody from every fuckin' corner of the woods showed up which turned into a whole shit show of fighting. Chased Umay around, pissed off she's always such a fuckin' bystander.

Snapped and bit at Zemora, beat the fuck outta Plague who seemed completely un-phased by the entire thing. Was trying to defend Sab and this one nameless chick he'd befriended. Failed miserably. Eventually Kissare but in tryna stop em, which seemed to work for the most part. Got tired of the whole thing again, exchanged a few words with Kissare, tellin' her half-sister is fucking insane or somethin' enthralled?

Until Sab was getting into a fight with Zemora, Brent went awol and went after her again. Made a point to chase the fuck outta Zemora and Umay. In the end was this even fuckin' worth it? He'd re-broken his rib again, unsure if he'd broken another or not. Came limping back to Kissare atop the hill and almost passed out from the pain and dizziness. Told her he was about ready to give up, whatever that was supposed to mean. Not really feeling much of any support, but what little her words offered the bull limped off to go pass out.

"I'm sick of this fighting."
- 2 broken ribs
- fractured tendons, internally ripped muscles
- fresh gashes to his neck and upper back

"Ain't fightin' no more. You guys don't get it, I'm the good guy here. Right?"

Nov. 8. 19. | Well for once things settled down again, headed to his spot as usual but was stopped suddenly only to see the one fawn he'd been enthralled with to protect was now somehow a full grown adult doe. Fuck. What? She's -- ?

Shook like a dog in confusion before approaching her to smell this new and enhanced gal. Well shit this would take some time gettin' used to. Eventually warmed up to the idea of all this and nuzzled her warmly. The one doe he didn't have any problem with, at least as far as he'd known for now.

Spent the rest of the day chasing her around and frolicking like children. It was great, positive vibes. Shit yeah that's what I need. Continued to hang around with her and took small breaks to rest and snuggle himself around her. Sab came around eventually to check on him as usual and she seemed to be jealous she wasn't gettin' the attention. Ah fuck he could care less? --- Enjoyed his day.

Even though he had a broken rib it seemed to be healing alright, fairly bad pain here and there but he sucked it up like a man. He was trained to deal with pain and not even on this scale. A broken rib? That can't stop em. Hoping to get a name on this strange doe, if she had one?

Nov. 4. 19. | What the fuck to even say? After what seemed a peaceful few days was interrupted during his sleep by Ravnen, who seemed like an alright dude. As far as he could tell. Exchanged small talk, found it hard to talk to the guy since he didn't say much but eh. Was hopin' he wouldn't get in another fight and for a while it seemed that way.

All up until Plague and his hoard of people showed up again wanting to pick a fight. Decided a hard no at first, until he finally came to senses. Not very good ones either. Went ahead and pummeled into Plague and of course the usual the rest follow after. A fucking 3 some fight? Oh wait not there's spectators people tryna see a chance to crawl in. Fucking morons they are. Pursued Plague like there was no tomorrow a vicious blood lust settling into his body. Wanting ever so badly to just rip his head off right then and there. Umay, Minh, Rhea, and Neli were there (few others I think SORRY GUYS LOTS OF PICTOS.)

What IS IT WITH THESE PEOPLE? GIVE ME A FUCKIN' BREAK. For a second there he realized he was LESS of a bad guy, this Plague motherfucker goin' around hauling ass with others just tryna start shit up. So who's the hypocrite now? Turning perfectly good people into dicks? All for what? A petty fight with a stranger? The words he'd exchange with Plague, but he had no fucking interest in talking to such trash. Brent had morals at least, he tried, other things just get in the way. He doesn't care what people think, he knows who he is, a fighter, and a war born soldier. At least SOLDIER'S fight for what's right.

After one part of the fight, Ravnen had followed and Brent was hoping to keep things calm to day but it didn't seem like that. Stood and tried to stay his ground, balancing between a manic attack and barely tangible sanity. Until a doe, Noe had showed up to offer healing. Holy fuck was Brent greatful for this.

Just when he thought a long chase would get them to go away saw Umay sniffin on Sab and Brent instantly went for her, pissed off. He's not gonna let another person take away his only source of connection. Brent was at a loss when it came to connections in the forest and by fuck would he keep those well protected.

Things started to slow down as he sauntered off eventually trying to get away from it all. Chiren showed up yelling and snipping at him, all he could do was lower his head as the blood fell from his eyes. If he could even manage an "I'm sorry" it felt impossible and he knew it'd mean nothing. To have someone go out of their way believing in someone like him? How? How is that possible? It's not gonna last, there's no way it will. He had his doubts. Nuzzled her softly and whispered his pathetic "I'm sorry," before leaving off to find somewhere to rest. He was tired of this.

Chiren kept yappin at em, and all Brent heard was his head screaming inside of his skull. Neli and Ara showed up later starin at him. All he could do was snarl and snip at them himself. He had no energy left to fight and he just wanted people to go away. It was so conflicting. He needed help, love, affection, and yet now there he was, wanting nothing to do with anyone.

Wondered if he'd just be better of dead. No one would care. Right? He "unstable, unsavory, vulgar, sexist, -- " but he wasn't that bad right? There are people a lot worse than him, come on. Walked off and disappeared like he wanted to until he found the adorable little fawn he'd been keeping company lately. Stuffed the child into his bloodied fur and rested.

"Everyone misunderstands me, and yet I'm the one to blame."

- Broken rib, plenty of flesh wounds along his hind legs and chest.

recent |

Chillin' again with this little babbin'. Tryna prove he isn't such a fuckin' monster. Feelin' kinda aimless with his thoughts but relaxed enough, still rough around the edges but aiming to keep his manic attacks on the low.

Oct. 20. 19. | Woke up from a long nap, feeling better. Wounds seemed pretty healed over for the most part and the rest of him was still questionable but plenty more manageable. Went around staring and possibly stalking people until he caught notice of a small fawn-- figured he'd give it a shot. Maybe this kid would vibe with em and so far that's been the case.

Amazed at how he's keepin his chill and swallowing down the rage. Fuck. Last thing he wanted to do was take it out on a kid right now. Enough people hated him. Taught the kid a few tricks, fightin' style. Pretty pleased with it, the kid seemed to pick up quickly. Unsure of the name or gender of the child but regardless havin' the little kid around reminds him that he was once, a child too. Shit takin' him far back, he could hardly muster up anything of his past but somethin' about today was different.

Oct. 17. 19. | Was napping in his usual spot when to his fuckin' surprise Umay and Zemora show up. Zemora hovering over him and Umay shadowing not too far off. What a surprise. Highly unexpected that the women who supposedly disliked him are now taunting and flirting. Figured it had to be some kind of ploy. He stood up and walked off entirely uninterested in this due to the fact his mind was sent straight into a hell of confusion and mixed emotions.

Of course Zemora ended up stalking him when clearly Brent had no intention of fuckin' around today. Exchanged flirty sentences of words with Zemora until Umay caught his attention more when she went to nibble him. Became even more confused and tried to leave again hoping he had ended this charade. Just until he thought he had a moment of peace Zemora and Umay showed up again. He was being brushed up against and nibbled on by the both of them until realized he was getting sick of the fact he didn't have control the situation.

Shoved his bite around Umay's neck as she became stone cold still. Trying to show Umay he was tired of fighting and asserting his dominance. With this he offered her a blood pact, something of which he'd never offer to just anyone but of course was declined by Umay.

In the meantime of all of this, black clouds of smoke started appearing from his sides. A hint of his transformation in the works. What he was turning into -- he had no idea. Surely it had to be something good, right? Right? He knew he had his demons but whatever this smoke was, it wasn't good. It was only the start of a dark future for him, something beyond the forest that he couldn't even comprehend.

Ignoring this for the time being he listened to Umay's response saying she just wanted to "fuck around with him." And with that he told her she "can come by later" and maybe just maybe they can figure out something. The predator left somewhat pleased but also raging quietly in his mind with confusion and frustration. Yet he was pleased to have somehow stayed calm during the entire process.

Going back to his normal resting place, the bull sighed and laid down in the grass, snout buried among the foliage. Falling into a deep sleep Brent's body started to twitch and convulse strangely-- a black aura of smoke surrounding him. Growling and snarling in his sleep the predator was in for something even more wild than his dreams. His anger piling up into the smoke that surrounded him was becoming a physical entity all around him eventually disappearing back inside of him after he had quieted down to rest peacefully once again.

Later on --- music
Brent had been sleeping quietly until once fucking again goddamn Zemora and Umay show up but with fucking Plague. Jesus christ when do I ever get a goddamn rest? Fuckin' hell I'm not goddamn forest clown to fuck around with I have fuckin' feelings and people just get off on my fuckin' reactions. After what felt like the world's shittiest sleep he had ever gotten decided "fuck it I'm gonna pummel this plague cocksucker everyone likes so much and burn him alive."

Continued to fight with Plague and kept his focus on him. He had no interest in beating up the women cause he was gettin' sick and tired of it. Beat the shit outta Plague and got pretty beat up himself. A crazy manic, bloodied look rested on his face. His lowest point of sanity was present and he wasn't proud of it. Blood dripping from his spines, jaws, and the rest of him. The pain felt so good, but it hurt so bad.

Just when he thought he was done he watched Plague getting love and snuggles from Umay and Zemora and fuckin' hell Brent wasn't having it. Nuzzled Sabbath D'elia with his bloody self, panting and heaving into her trying to catch his breath. Bolted off to cut Plague off from his shitty show and it worked for the most part but eventually Brent gave up. Stared Plague down for a bit until Brent decided this was his time to disappear.

Limping to the depths of the woods to hide in the tall grass. He trying to hold back tears and a thrashing pain that illuminated his body and flooded his veins. Didn't give a shit about his wounds, just continued to bleed all over the ground knowing full well he had a bad gash to his neck. Didn't fall asleep this time, he chose to stay awake in this state of hell because he was worried they'd just come back to kick him in his sleep.

"What the fuck am I to people?" He was confused, depressed, and lonely. Ashamed and knew he was guilty of his actions but in the end he was just trying to defend himself. Spent time thinking about all of the thousands of lives he had saved back home and yet they turned their backs and hated him as well. A glorified war hero he was titled but a disgusting creature in their eyes, in everyone's eyes. "What's my point? My existence? --- No one can save me."

Oct. 13. 19. | ON what seemed to be a peaceful day and a nice nap in the sun the predator was approached by Néli who had revenge in her mind. Tossing about a dagger trying to stab it into him which she managed to be successful with. Néli was pissed off he had attacked her mothers and Brent honestly really didn't give much of a shit but he figured he'd settle it once and for all. The bull engaged in a vicious fight with the doe and sank his fangs deep into her neck.

Paused once Völundr Eiríkrsson appeared and was of course, in his fucking way. Otherwise Brent would of dragged her lifeless body around the forest for everyone to see. Pissed off and annoyed the bull told her he wasn't interested in dealing with her "shit family" and walked off to tend to his minor wounds.

Ripped out the dagger with a grunt and licked the minor gashes he had received and any old, opened wounds. What a fuckin' day once again. Just when he had thought shit was going well for him this is what fucking happens. He fumed. Thinking about how now he's never gonna have a fucking chance at goddamn anything.

Oct. 11. 19. | Not much goin' on, was wanderin' around for a bit until he got bored of that. Eventually walked off back to his spot to rest among the grass for a bit. After a small nap he was awoken by the sound footsteps not to far off. Curious. The predator lifted himself up from his spot and went to investigate. What'ya know, its the lady (The River Stone) he seemingly never had the guts to approach thinkin' she'd just run off in the wake of his presence.

Stood for a while atop the hill and stared at her indirectly for a while admiring her figure wonderin' what his next move would be. She didn't seem interested after a while and he walked off to find his usual resting place. A few moments later and there she was walkin' up to him. Damn. What a fuckin' surprise. Confused but appreciative of the fact that she had the balls to approach him, he greeted her. Sniffed her more than maybe once but was intrigued nonetheless. Offered her to sit with him and a interesting conversation followed of which was both an ambient experience but he felt things he'd never really felt before.

She really seemed to know her shit, she had a confidence he loved. Surprised himself after he realized he was being overly open and honest with her and her words were nothing but supportive and and kind. What person just comes up to him and wants to help? Apparently her. Asked her name of course finding out that she allowed others to name her as they please and he went with "Obsidian Doe," "Doe" for short. Smiles and laughs were exchanged.

He was trying real hard to just be normal for once and it seemed to be working. Later on, asked why she had decided to join his company and that's where things got interesting. She seemed shy about it and he was too but he just had to know. She had said she remembered him. And that's what blew his mind, the way she said it wasn't with anger or negativity it was the exact opposite from what he could tell. Later on she had to leave and he was a little disappointed by it considering how he had just settled in with this and was really enjoying the time spent with her. Watched her walk off as he settled down in the grass once more to rest.

His physical state has increased but mental and emotional are slow to gain better stats.

Oct. 4. 19. | Woke up to the presence of Sabbath D'elia who was on the other side of the tree he was resting against. No words exchanged just silence. Kinda annoyed with how fidgety the female was at times but chose to ignore it mostly. Didn't exactly think it was because of him but he wouldn't be surprised about that either.

Didn't really move much until Accendare appeared not too far from his spot and in the meantime he got a nice view of pretty-lady ass. Figured he'd fuck around a little bit and see what rubbing up against a tree closer to her would do. Dare is skittish - didn't like em doing that. Sniffed her a couple times, no response but stares and the fear that was vibrating off her. Walked back to his tree and continued to smirk until a Wollunka appeared.

Just. Fucking. Great. Wow. He wasn't even doing anything. Just playing. Had a bit of a staredown until Woll approached him and Brent assumed it was either just a quick hello or "you gonna fuck with her man?" Didn't really care either way but decided against a fight because he was in no shape to do so. Lots of sighing as he dozed off near his tree once Woll decided everything was cool.

After a light nap he wandered off to find a better spot in the sun and then fell asleep again only to wake up to a beautiful Chiren nestled against his side. A loud snort. This lady has the tits to just - just fucking burrow into him? H-how in the fuck? What in the world keeps bringing her back to him? But he had to admit to himself that he did enjoy the company wondered if he might actually get to build a solid relationship with someone. For the first time. For now, resting with Chiren in the warm sun and enjoying the quiet ambiance of the forest.

Oct. 3. 19. | Awoke in the sun, sprawled on the ground. "Fuck, just another shitty day yet again." Got up and got some water to drink from the pond before he scented Chiren off in the distance. Something inside him told him he should go to her. Snorting off this feeling he quickly trotted over to her and sat down in the silence. Saying nothing. He was in too much pain to really talk and fell asleep. Wakes up and realizes Chiren left, his spines still out and about.

Groggily smacks his lips and looks around. "Fffffffffffffffffuck." He smelled anger in the air. "Ah shit all these dumb women...." Trots off to the pond lazily and dumps his whole face in the water for about 5 min. Throws his head out of the water dramatically and shakes off. Starts licking the wounds he can reach then walks off to aimlessly stare as he dries off in the sun. Only to realize Chiren had come back for him. Amazing. Someone who might care?

In the meantime while he was asleep Aramantha showed up all snarly n' shit. Arguing with Chiren, basically saying to avoid him and never give him a chance. It broke his heart to hear that, he had the best intentions but his rage was what kept him from it. Deep inside, he knew he couldn't be all that bad.... right? Right?

Chiren apparently felt the need to defend him somehow, give him a shot. Chiren appeared after the fight was over between her and Ara. Surprised by this. She had asked if he was okay and he didn't know at all what he was or how he really felt other then a never-ending sadness and pain he could hardly bare. Talked for a little bit until he realized he was higher than a kite from her calming aura since he was already emotionally, and mentally deprived.

Passed out with his head nestled against her chest. Woke up eventually after what felt like a day's worth of sleep. Talked a little more and remained to sit with her for a while and then disappeared off into the woods.

Oct. 1. 19. | Of course it never fucking ends, does it? Went to say hello to Plum cause he was feeling lonely and bored. Felt a lot of tension with Plum, why wasn't he surprised? A cold blooded killer near a delicate flower of a boy? No shit everyone would be uncomfortable, a guy unstable as he is. Yeah, perfect. Umay showed up with the same fucking tension dripping off her body. Eventually he just got up and left. But low and behold he was being followed by a snarling, angry Umay. The fuck did he do to get that? No fuckin' idea. Goddamn wild is what it is.

As she follows him his spines appeared from the depths of his back, blood dripping from the tips of them and a low aggressive snarl rumbling beneath from his chest. Turning around to face her, shining his fangs at her, all fur on end. Pissed is what he was, extremely pissed - literally right after he just had his last manic attack and finally had calmed this is the bullshit that surprises him. Told her he wasn't tryna hurt the kid, just protect but in the back of his head Brent knew he had a hunger for fresh blood.

That didn't work she went awol and a huge battle between them commenced. He fought with every ounce of energy he had left, his entire past flooding in front of him. The fighting never ended. Growled so loud he woke up the entire forest tossing his spines directly into Umay tossing his full body weight to push her off her feet.

In the meantime of all of this Rossamund had appeared to JOIN the FUCKING FIGHT, jesus fucking surprise that is. Great. Got a few hits from Ross and tried to shove them away as much as he could. Trampled Ross here and there tossing him around like a rag doll with the intent to push and not hurt. WHAT the fuck IS it with people tryna gang up everytime he gets in a fight? Wished he had that kind of support but knew he probably never would.

Didn't work, kept going at it for a while, leaving sharp imprints of teeth and blood sunk into her neck. Eventually charged head-on off the hill, his head lowered and spikes forward going for her legs. His entire goal being "I'm gonna knock this bitch off her feet and then feast on the flesh."
Kept getting whipped from her tail right to his face and getting dragged down some, but managed to push her up and away. After a while, she seemed like she was done as he pranced around snapping and snarling "yeah you go fuck off to your pretty little friends."

Fucked off as he stared at Umay's little support group, pacing. Blood dripping profusely from his eyes, legs, and both sides of his body. Realizing he had gotten scarred around both his eyes from her tail - blood and tears dripped from his face. The rest of his body was weak and worn out, limping over to Sabbath D'elia for comfort and to not feel like the loner in the fight he nuzzled her and walked off to collapse in the flowers covering them in his blood. Sabbath D'elia told him he was stupid and he agreed a light chuckle was all he could manage and a few words of jealously and loneliness. The Witch offered him a pill of something that he inhaled - apparently it was supposed to help him feel better but it wasn't working for shit, for now.

Heavy sighs and eventually he dozed off.

mental: 30% | physical: 60% | emotional: 20%

recent | updated his art for the last time I swear.

Sept. 26. 19. | What a fuckin' day. Got covered in flowers by Plum and his friends while the bull was napping. Sneezed like a motherfucker which he hasn't done in decades and then instantly reminded of his mother. Back at home that's what they did to honor the dead is bury them in flowers and well, fucking great. Got the fuck up and steamed off to the pond. Sat for a while at the pond while his fumes only built up even more.

Plum came near and he scooped the boy up onto his back and took him to a patch to discuss why the fuck he hates flowers on him. Eventually Éasca and her gang appeared. Instant death stares were tossed back and forth and a quiet snarling from his mouth. BAM. He was gone, went full batshit mode and started going for Éasca as such she was his target. Wanted to just show her up to not fuck with him anymore. Was getting pissed off at the angry glares he kept getting from her all the time. By that time, he was having a mental breakdown.

Pummeled head-on into Éasca while getting attacked by two others UY, Aramantha, and one other (sorry couldn't find the picto) which was annoying because he didn't want to involve anyone else but of course they were there to protect her. Tried to shove off the rest of the chicks as much as he could. Managed to re-open all his old wounds on his legs and sides again. Bleeding even more after he had received more extra wounds to his sides again. Fought Éasca for a good while made sure Éasca was bleeding with a deep gash on her hind leg as well. Kept trying to shove Aramantha out of the way but it didn't work. Ended up biting Ara here and there mostly on the back and hind legs. REALLY wasn't his goal but she didn't seem to give up from what he could tell.

Got tired of it, "these chicks just don't stop do they." Eventually just walked off and disappeared into the pond while Aramantha followed him back assuming she was trying to make sure he was completely done. After she disappeared he sank into the water even further dunking his face into the water trying to wash off the blood. Vígolfr happened to be nearby, a dude he's never met who quietly asked if he should stay or leave and Brent didn't care either way. Ended up leaving the pond to go rest somewhere else in the woods. Passed out hard for another nap letting his wounds bleed out and dry up from his body heat.

Since the rut and this recent event he hasn't been feeling himself as much lately, stressed with his past and what to do about it. Realizing he's so unstable that he needs some serious help. Sulking by the redwood trees while be stared at by Rica. Attempted to scare em', worked fine for the most part aside from them sticking to the same spot they originally were in. Wasn't in the best mood to socialize but he knew he wanted company, someone to understand him. Let alone, he could barely understand himself. Cursed with his instability for the rest of his life and he wasn't sure about how to deal with it.

recent | Been spending most of his time with Plum, adoring the little "flower boy" as he calls him and carrying the poor broken thing on his back.

recent | Updated his art yaaaaaaay.

July 16. 19 | Wandering around. Back from home. Mostly sulking.

April 27. 19 | Hung with Mag, feelin' a bit antsy and some bloodlust. Stared down a Nikalaus and wanted to start a friendly spar of which ended up being successful until they ran off, assuming they got tired of it. "Oh well that was fun."

April 26. 19 | "Ah fuck everything is boring." Stood around, stared. Did some more staring. Didn't have much shits to give about mentally processing his current state and eventually sat down near one of his usual trees. Was joined by Kiassare, a nice surprise and rather unexpected. Snort. Enjoying the free views and the company. Fabulous.

recent | Had an episode, went completely AWOL. Went after Elijah, wanted to separate the kids from him but his plan failed. Threw some hard bites at Elijah and fucked off eventually. It was useless. Received a few bloody wounds he didn't care to tend to and left to the cold of the stone and still a smirk remained.

Feb 25. 19 | Soaking wet, adding to his massive weight already. Sat around, not much to do, not enough people to harass. Eventually approached by someone he's never seen before (Ryoko) bit surprised honestly. Last time he recalled a lady approaching him was when his aunt would kiss him goodnight as kid. "Damn, where'd this angel come from." Guess he wouldn't be a dick this time, let her sit near em for the hell of it.

Feb 16. 19 | Wandered around, intimidated a few before he fucked off elsewhere. He was tired, and eventually decided he'd go find Lyssa. Talked with her for maybe longer than he thought he would which led to an interesting night. Spent the rest of his day snuggled with her.

Jan 12. 19 | Found Maggot staring at Kissare and Fain, (faces he hadn't seen before). Gave Maggot his usual bites and nips of aggression hoping he'd spark up a brawl session. The result was satisfactory. Whether we as interrupting or not he didn't really care he just found it amusing to watch Maggot. After awhile a small doe seemed to catch his attention (Deya) who had the nerves to present herself to him, played around rather aggressively with the small doe before relocating to his usual place for naps.

Jan 11 .19 | Dozed off in the sun even though he preferred the cold he was feeling different about it today. Was later joined by a new face he'd never seen before (The Black Swan.) No words were exchanged between them. In consideration, she seemed decent enough and he was good with that for now. Allowed her to sit by him while he continued his dozing.


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akan says what?

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Heyyy guys thank youu for the tracks! ♥


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Love him..
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Oh thanks you two. (: