r h a d a m a n t h y s ;

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In progress!

Name: Rhadamanthys (Rhada)
Picto: Click here

Gender: Male
Age: Adult, early 20s
Set: Swan pelt, Golden rams horns, Kabuki mask
Size: Fifteen
Voice: Unknown

Good-humored - kind - laid-back - intelligent - curious
shy - fragile - uncertain - jealous

Solid white for the most part, with the exception of a few thin golden stripes along his back and tail. Human-faced, with a thin jaw and large eyes. Long, straight white hair. Large golden ram's horns that curl from his skull. A very long tail that is thicker at the base, and has a tuft of very long hair near the end. Feathered hooves.


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9.1.17 - Sitting quietly with company.


codes by unplugged, shey, and aquilo.

sis track!

sis track!
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Brother track (:

Brother track (:
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t! ♥

t! ♥

By Draak ♥

*smirk emoji*

*smirk emoji*
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hi c:

hi c:
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Hi. : ) I play the brown one

Hi. : ) I play the brown one that's sitting with you atm.
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Oh my gosh, hi! Thanks so

Oh my gosh, hi! Laughing out loud Thanks so much for helping me get his set. <3
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