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*First ever character bio. I'm such a n00b TTATT*

Name: Quiwej (kee-wedge)


Sex: Female

Species: Unknown. Likely guess is something in the Capra genus.

Scientific classification:

Related species: Twin sister- Comix

Age: Young adult

Physical characteristics: Quiwej is just over a meter (3.28 ft) at the shoulder and weighs around two hundred kilograms (440 lbs). Her coat is reddish-brown with 2-3 well-defined vertical brown stripes on her torso and a collar stripe around her neck. She sports a light underbelly and brown stockings, as well as a thick brown dorsal stripe and a distinctive white face. Her horns are long and thin, extending up and then abruptly angle outwards and down, not unlike an archer's bow or a lyre. Whatever species Quiwej is, it seems that both sexes, male and female, grow large horns.

Occasionally Quiwej will have faded red markings under her eyes and across her forehead, not unlike Kumadori make-up used in the Kabuki theatre. These red markings are frustratingly inconsistent.

Foraging behavior: Quiwej appears to be strictly herbivorous, and can regularly be seen browsing on low growing vegetation. Certain species of mushrooms found on tree trunks and fallen pine cones are particular favorites, but Quiwej primarily survives on a diet of grass, moss, flowers, leaves and twigs. If leaves and shoots are out of reach, she will often stand on her rear legs to reach this food.

Temperament: Quiwej herself seems to be a laid back, amiable animal; usually playful and keen to get along with the deer herds that inhabit the area. Somewhat aloof at times, she can be unaware of the specific meanings behind the body gestures the deer use to communicate and as such, recent attempts to integrate into a preexisting herd have been unsuccessful.

Offspring: Quiwej currently has neither found a mate nor produced young. Little is known of the species' breeding habits, though there is sufficient information to suggest individuals may be monogamous and mate for life.

Curiously, Quiwej displays affectionate, maternal behavior towards stray fawns of the local deer species; it is not uncommon to see her with an 'adopted' fawn in tow.

Conservation status: Information on the status of the species is currently being researched and written and is not available at the moment.

Other sightings of Quiwej:

There are a four documented fawns of different species that have been observed around Quiwej's usual territory when she herself is nowhere to be seen. The correlations between these fawns and Quiwej is as of yet unknown.

Still very much a WIP.
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...Oh. My gooosh. HOW AWESOME

...Oh. My gooosh. HOW AWESOME IS THIS GAAAAL ♥ *rolls about all over this coating everything with love*

I'm sososooo curious about those nifty little fawns, thar, too-though I must say, the only thing I disapprove of with this biography is the fact one is called Secant. MATTTHSSS, WAAAAAI D: D: D: Buuut I do enjoy the word, so I'll ignore it's connection to maths. Plus the word Annulus amuses me because I'm that mature ♥ *giggles*

Truuuly though, I adore this character, I adore this bio (it's so well done~! Shocked), aaand I hope I get to play about with her sometime-how awesome, tee hee~! :3 Sooo le stalking riiight now ♥

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I think this looks

I think this looks lovely!
-tracking post-
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Those fawns look like they'd

Those fawns look like they'd be extremely amusing to see in the forest. x'D -remembers their picto's-
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How fascinating! Tracking

How fascinating! Tracking this. ^^

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Such an adorable bio! Those

Such an adorable bio!

Those fawns are so cute! ~<3
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@ Zebbie: XD lol. I'm glad

@ Zebbie:
XD lol. I'm glad you like her so much <3

Sorry about the math term, I actually liked Geometry and all the cool words we used in it. Plus the picto reminded me very much of Geometry class D: Annulus is a math term too, for the difference in area of two concentric circles like this.

@ Ocean:
Thank you ^^

@ Dementia:
Thanks XD Though I've only ever played as one of them for a little while, and they've all got 2nd generation pictos, so they might not be the same in-game, unfortunately.

@ Verycrazygirl:
I'm glad you found it fascinating XD thanks!

@ Kiraki:
Thank you ^^

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Tracking this.

Tracking this.
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@ QuiQui: Tee hee, I truly

@ QuiQui: Tee hee, I truly do! *giggles* What's not to like after all~? Sticking out tongue ♥ *fangirls*

Ahaha, SO YOU SHOULD BE SORRY *points finger* Haha, to be honest I don't really dislike maths as much as I used to anymore, and geometry was always one of my best parts so at least you didn't choose like, domain and range stuff-it's not that hard but GAWDS I hate domain and range SO MUCH *giggles* But I totally see about the pictos-they are totally geometry-y! ♥ And tee hee, yeeey annuluuus-when we did work on them it always made me want to eat donuts :D Gaaawds look at us, spamming up your bio with maths-let's talk integration and i, because EVERYONE needs to know how to find the square root of -1, totally D: *giggles* ♥