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Quiwej - Bio of sorts

*First ever character bio. I'm such a n00b TTATT*
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Art I've done for TEF C:
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TEFc Arts - Requests and Trades

This is basically just to get more practice at drawing deer and other people's characters. I may add some color, I might not. We'll see.
Please include ref picture/screenshot/detailed description of character's appearance.
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Party shots, epic showdown, and clones.


Very image heavy.

Dancing Deer. Feel free to point yourselves out (in fact, please do Sticking out tongue)
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Bunnies! and misc. sketches

My twin sister Comix and I were messing around at De Drinkplaats and collecting 'morphs' of various, different sized animals like LARGE BUNNEHS. At one point I got a small bunneh while she got a large bunneh. It was so cute we decided to run around as them for a bit.
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New Icon

Finally got around to making an icon for myself.
It was supposed to 'bounce'... but it just looks like a flailing hot dog-blob O.=

And I did a quick doodle to post on the side of my blogs *points to the right* though more and more my character is developing a plain white face...

That's all Smiling

today is my 19th birthday C:
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Welcome to my blog! It's a bit empty, I know :C

Pictograph: http://taleoftales.com/TheEndlessForest/register/pictogram.php?username=Quiwej

  1. 'Pals' http://endlessforest.org/community/pals

  2. 'Most realistic deer I have ever drawn' http://endlessforest.org/community/most-realistic-deer-i-have-ever-drawn


Edit Just hiding a few resources for myself here. Pay no attention to these.
HTML colorpicker http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colorpicker.asp
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