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Quad is an OOC character.

He will probably be hanging out with fawns and nameless from now on since I will be pretty certain they're not integrated into some deep RP that I'm not allowed to be a part of.

Name: Quad

Meaning: Came from the human word for "Four". He heard this word early in his fawnhood and chose it for his name.

Title: Grand Talux

D.O.B: October 2007

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Pictogram: Click


Main -

Subs -

Mate: Mazey separated

Children: Axie, Zephyr

Status: Video Mate essentially never got finished, so he's still single.

Quad's first mate was Mazey, who he loved dearly. She sadly left the Endless Forest.

Orientation: Straight

A note about Quad's orientation:

Quad is a representation of me, and therefore is considered straight. He has no interest in having a gay relationship, so please don't ask me to change him to accommodate your deer.

He once loved a doe named Mazey, but her player does not play TEF anymore, so Quad is single. He wants to have a doe for a mate, but I have a few things I'd like for his mate...

- I'd like for it to be a player I know pretty well
- Someone Quad's met in-game a few times
- Someone who wants to have a meaningful relationship with him (No mate beggars please)
- And like I said...a straight relationship. Quad won't do a gay romance.

There may be some others thrown in but that's all I really have for that...

If you want your doe to try to ask Quad to be her mate, please feel free to let me know on here but remember the things I said in this thing. Or contact me on my MSN at

Whisper and Quad pretending to be wall-mounted deer heads

Quad is often considered a gentle and friendly stag. He generally is very happy and will dance, laugh, and play with other deer.

Quad enjoys meeting new deer and treats everyone with respect. He has a few close friends, but usually he will hang out with any deer in the forest. He loves parties (groups of deer) and generally flocks to areas with the most deer. Quad especially loves to teach fawns new tricks, including laughing so hard that you fall halfway into the ground, yes-no combinations, and in particular his "listening while spinning around" trick.
Quad loves to look goofy. He loves to stick his head through trees and stare at other deer. He also loves to tilt his head over and over, not in confusion, but to mess with other deer.
When he gets tired, he generally sits in one of four places:
- The broken pillar at the ruins (his sleeping spot)
- The old bridge
- The dragonfly gathering at the pond
- A tree within a mushroom circle near the ruins

For a while, his path crossed with a doe's. He had fallen in love with Mazey, but soon after she left the Endless Forest. Quad waited for her to return, but soon decided to pursue another doe. One day he'll find another, but he will always remember his first mate. *Please note, I actually contacted Mazey and she gave me permission to let Quad mate another doe, so this isn't in any way an affair.*

So in short, Quad is single and looking.

IF YOU NEED A FRIEND, JUST ASK! Quad's always happy to hang out with anyone, so don't be afraid to come up and bow to him!

Powers and abilities:
Quad is a special deer called the Grand Talux. He can grow four wings on his back at will and his body and fur can glow and shine a brilliant white light that can fight against Iugulare's infection. He often comes to the aid of his friends who have been infected and heals them with this ability.

In addition, Quad has been given the gift of rebirth. When he dies, he comes back to life after a few moments, though he will still feel the pain from whatever killed him before. While many may see this as a gift such as 'immortality', Quad sees it as more of a curse, as he has been killed multiple times and suffers deep amounts of pain every time. There is ultimately one way to kill him for good, though only the Twin Gods know it.

Additional facts about Quad

Quad and Laruna trying to be superheroes

Wolf Quad represents another side of Quad. Since Quad is a part of me, when needed, he may shapeshift into a wolf (or another animal) for guidance.

I generally associate Deer Quad as a counselor, where Wolf Quad is more of a teacher. Deer Quad usually helps me get through a tough time in life and is there for compassion, where Wolf Quad teaches me about things I simply don't understand and is there for encouragement and clarity. He is extremely wise, even being a part of me he can teach me things I would have never known about.

So why a wolf? Until recently, I hated wolves, especially the internet fanbase for them, but it was because I didn't understand anything about them and needed serious lessons about them. After much help from my friends and a walk with Quad as a wolf, I gained a better appreciation for wolves, though I still catch myself having resentment for people who like wolves. I just haven't gotten to a state of complete acceptance yet.

I asked for artwork of Wolf Quad and got a great response from my friends. I'm always looking for more artwork of him, and love any and all representations made of him. There is no set-in-stone way to draw him, though he usually retains his blue and white fur from being a deer. He is depicted a variety of ways, too - sometimes he seems kind, wise, and friendly, other times he appears as violent, snarling, and angry. The variety helps me understand who he really is - a serious guardian who believes in tough love.

In the Endless Forest, Wolf Quad may sometimes appear. He will have a different look than usual.

When finding him in the Forest, feel free to treat him exactly as you would when he is a deer. He may not be as silly as usual, but he's still the same Quad.

Wolf Quad will continue to stand by me when I need him to, and when I have learned what he wants to know, he will change back to being a loving deer. He does not seem to mind the transformation, despite turning into practically a polar-opposite animal to who he really is. It's all in a day's work for him.

"Please, don't ever cry for me. There is no need for it. When I die, I don't want any of you to be sad. Don't grieve for me. Rather, be happy, live your life every day with your head high. That is what I want, not this sadness." - Quad

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8/3/11 - "So that's how it's

8/3/11 -

"So that's how it's going to be. I wanted to prove to Kaoori that I'm worth something, that I can protect her. And sure enough, Fath--...Walter...tried to go after her. I was there with a few others who drove him back, but when I tried to fight him, he hid behind Moth--...Ephra...

I'm...I'm a monster...I nearly hurt someone who loved and cared for me so many years ago...


I don't deserve to live for what happened today..."
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"Quad.. don't say that.

"Quad.. don't say that. Ephra of all deer, does not judge. And she wouldn't want you saying these things about yourself..
you're worth something to many deer, including me, Quad. Please don't do this to yourself. Don't let one demon's temper ruin you. Ephra wouldn't want that."
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"I can't even talk to her

"I can't even talk to her now. Because Walter is protecting her. Because I'm the enemy now.

Do I just forget about my childhood? Will that stop all these awful situations to occur?

I just don't know what to do anymore...I miss them both so much...but I know that this had to end...I just...

I feel misplaced...lonely..."
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Continuation of this Quad

Continuation of this

Quad wanders over to the old Bridge, knowing he was being followed, he doesn't look back. The blackbuck looks over the side into the river below. He sees his face. He is ashamed.

"So that's how it's going to be...", he speaks softly, "There's no room for me here any longer...", and falling off, he plummets into the water, creating a loud splash.

Quad! Quad!!

He hears their voices under...he sees them through the rippling waves...

He lets the water in, and succumbs to darkness.


Coughing up water...


He has washed ashore...

He lays in the shallow water, his body weak, wanting to give up but resisting.

And then they come, those who stood by his side earlier, sitting by him now.


They still sat by him...


((The following is a roleplay with Kaoori))

Kaoori -"Don't -ever-... EVER.. do that again."
Quad -"Why do I even go on living, Kaoori? What is there to fight for anymore...when you're nothing but a heartless monster..." (he still is trying to convince himself that he's done something terrible for earlier)
Kaoori -"Stop that, STOP THAT! I almost just lost you, do you think I'd care about a monster?"
Quad -"You really...care about me...?"
Kaoori -Kaoori grabbed his ear and pulled it, hard. "How can you say something so stupid, Quad? I almost lost another to that ... f... filthy beast!"
Quad -"It's my fault...it was always my fault...I was the one who abandoned him...I was the one who failed my father...and my mother...I was...", he continues to say, never once accepting the reality that he was a good stag
Kaoori -"Quad.. he killed my -child-.. how is any of this your fault?"
Quad -He shivers. It has been looping in his head that Walter was a good person, and that Quad was the one to blame for all of Walter's misdeeds. It slowly sinks in, he slowly speaks, "...How can I accept that...Walter isn't a...?", he doesn't know what word to even describe Walter...trying to use words like 'saint', 'noble person', or 'hero'...
Kaoori -Kaoori exhaled. Even thinking about Walter was something hard for her to do. And all she wanted to do right now, was wish harm on the old man. "He's nothing but an old fool, Quad. Someone he considered a -son- just tried to kill himself. Washed ashore, choking. And where is he? Where? Quad's friends are here. I see no Walter. Walter's priorities are messed up. Walter comes first. It's always been this way."
Quad -It was this that set Quad off the most. He bursts into tears, hysterically. He stumbles to his hooves and starts to scream out.
Kaoori -Kaoori was afraid she'd said something wrong. She knew her own feelings had gotten in the way.. but she knew so many felt the way she did. She'd been insensitive in talking the way she had. "Oh, Quad.. I'm sorry.. I know you care about him.." Her ears fell, and her head dropped.
Quad -He slows down, still crying, he mumbles, "So...where do I...go from here? Do I just...-forget about them-?!", he screams the last part
Kaoori -Kaoori's voice was level, but kind. "No. You keep them in your heart. No one says you have to leave Ephra, Quad. Ignore Walter. Or.. make your own choice. You.. decide what is best for you."
Quad -He nods. A slow nod, but in agreement. "I'll try...I'll try to ignore him..." He weakly walks to the shore, out of the pond so he can dry off. His muscles ache and he has a pounding headache
Kaoori -Kaoori stands, shaking the water off her own fur. "Take the time tonight to rest. Before you make decisions."
Quad -He nods again, wishing this day never even happened. He tries to stand again but his legs won't budge. Stooping his head, he continues to cry here. "I've never really done anything for myself, Kaoori. I've only made decisions to help others. I'm so afraid of the consequences of being -selfish-", he sobs here, now understanding how much more selfish he was for trying to drown himself moments ago
Kaoori -"Sometimes.. you have to do things for yourself. It's not being selfish. It will all be okay, Quad. Whichever you choose. But please.. don't do something like this again. Please.."
Quad -"I just...", he turns his head away, "...I didn't want you to be hurt anymore because of me."
Kaoori -Kaoori shook her head. "Whether or not you go back to Walter, Quad, he'll always go after me. You are not the cause of his hatred toward me. You need to worry about yourself, and what you need."
Quad -"If that's the case...", he sighs here, "I really -am- stupid for letting this happen. Let me redeem myself, Kaoori.", he speaks a little more confidently here, and stands. "Let me protect you as a bodyguard."
Kaoori -Kaoori laughed, although it was kindly. "Quad.. all I want you to do, is be my friend. And be safe."
Quad -He shivers again, but this time, it is a feeling of warmth that fills him. The moment has touched him so deeply that he nods one last time. "If that's all it takes for you to forgive me...for being so stupid...then I am your friend..."
Kaoori -"The only thing I want you to do... is never make a rash decision , and harm yourself like this again. Promise me."
Quad -"I promise", he approaches and nuzzles her, weakly but as best he could
Kaoori -She returns the nuzzle, fiercely.
Quad -he turns and walks away, without saying another word, to find a soft flowerpatch to sleep at. His muscles are already aching with each step, and it would take the rest of the day for him to recover from the trauma he had been faced with
Kaoori -She called out softly. "Good night, Quad."
Quad -He stops for a moment and turns his head back to her. "Thank you...for everything...", and then turns back and climbs the hill to the nearest flower patch
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"Hang in there, man. You gave

"Hang in there, man. You gave us quite a scare tonight."
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The soft flowers cradled his

The soft flowers cradled his body. He ached, both his muscles and his head. It would take some time to fully purge the water from his lungs.

He barely moved, just resting, eyes closed. But he was deep in thought.

Remembering Kaoori's words.

Reflecting on what happened today.

Nearly losing himself...

Ephra...the look on her face when she saw what he did...

Would she ever forgive him for attacking...

He didn't even want to think about it.

The butterflies above were busy doing their own butterfly things, but over time, one landed on his cheek, resting upon him. Soon after, another landed and sat on the side of his body. The others did the same, and it wasn't too long until all of them were resting upon him, slowly opening their wings.

Don't you see...?

You were meant to be a protector...

Even the butterflies trust you...

You know what you have to do...

He felt their little bodies fly off, and soon they were all in the air again.

He didn't ache so much.

Sitting up, he walked off. He had that feeling as if he was needed somewhere...


It was moments later that he found Kaoori and Pavo resting at the graves by the Ruins.

He sat with them, his body still giving him pain. But he had enough time to think and make a decision.

"I'll stay by your side then, Kaoori. If Ephra comes alone I will greet her and try to explain what I can. But from now on, I won't go near Walter unless he's threatening you, Wesker, or anyone else. It's gone on long enough, I understand now that he has been toxic.

I won't allow myself to be this weak again. Not anymore...I'm making my own decisions regardless of Walter's approval."
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*Edit* Changed the

*Edit* Changed the song

Chris found him asleep near Hoshiko's grave. He was breathing normally, but occasionally he had to cough, trying to get the water out of his lungs.

The human put his hand on Quad's side, felt his breaths and heartbeat. The blackbuck snorted in his sleep and moved a little, but continued to lay there, dreaming.

Bending down, Chris whispered in his ear...

"I'm here, Quad. You've gotten me out of my own depression before, now I'm here to do the same for you. Please talk to me when you can.", he stroked the blackbuck's side here, and in a moment he was gone.

Quad's eye opened, and without moving his head, he looked around. But he was too tired to sit up, and he drifted back to sleep.

The words sunk in.

"Please talk to me when you can..."
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"It's not so black and white

"It's not so black and white as I thought.

Here I stand among friends who care about me.

So many beautiful deer here, who don't see a monster...
Who don't see an abomination or a waste of a life.

They only see me...they only see Quad.

What a terrible thing I tried to do yesterday.

My friends...I was ready to throw my life away because of one weakness...

But now that I see you all here, dancing with me...

I now understand the strength I have from all of you.

...You have my promise, all of you.

That I will never...never let myself go to that dark place again..."
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I apologize for bumping this

I apologize for bumping this but...eh...do you guys think I need to have CSS on this bio? I'd hate to be selfish but I may ask if someone would design a layout for him.
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you don't -need- CSS. it's

you don't -need- CSS. it's all about what you want. Smiling
I'd help if I could but I needed help myself. |D
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You don't have to apologize.

You don't have to apologize. It's honestly up to you. I've seen some great profiles with and without CSS here.

I'm still learning myself, but I'd be happy to help or even give you one of my profile layouts to work with, if you'd like. Just let me know. (:
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My bio just looks so dated

My bio just looks so dated and ugly compared to many others XD

But if you say so, I guess I'll just try to straighten it up sometime.
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Response to recent happenings

Response to recent happenings involving Kaoori and Walter. MSN roleplay with Kimi

Quad -
"I just need to sit for a moment...he got my shoulder but i'll be okay."
Kaoori -
"Oh no.." the little blue doe sat down next to him immediately, inspecting the wound and cleaning it.
Quad -
"I'm okay, Kaoori!", he insists, "It's just a bruise, just sore."
Kaoori -
"I want to make sure there's no small wounds that could get infected."
Quad -
Quad laughs for a moment, "Kaoori, I can handle infections", referring to Iugulare
Kaoori -
"Doesn't matter.. you're talking to a mother here. at least let me do what I'm made to do, hm?"
Quad -
Quad sighs, "Heh...alright alright, i give in. Just no nipping it, okay?"
Kaoori -
"I promise. ...Thank you. I know that was difficult." her ears drooped.
Quad -
Quad shakes his head, "I'm past that point. Fa--...Walter is on his own."
"It's just as you said, 'just an old fool'"
Kaoori -
"He'll always frighten me. As much as I deny it."
Quad -
Quad stands, "Where to now? Where do you want to go?"
Kaoori -
"I don'.. want to go anywhere.. can we just stay here? And don't leave me, please.."
Quad -
Quad's shoulder pains him more than he expects. He sits, unwillingly.
Kaoori -
Kaoori grabs a poppy, tearing the petals around it off, and picking the seeds out from the middle with her teeth. She nudges them toward him quietly. "Eat these. They'll curb your pain for a while."
Quad -
He does as she says. Quad's not used to eating flowers so the taste makes his eye twitch somewhat in disgust. He looks around, hoping to find a mushroom to get the taste out of his mouth, but not seeing any, he grimaces and sits still
Kaoori -
Kaoori tilts her head. "What is it?"
Quad -
Quad shakes his head, "Nothing, nothing..."
Kaoori -
Quad -
He nods, and stands to take a drink from the nearby stream. Kaoori notices his front leg is limping
Kaoori -
"You're hurt more than you let on.."
Quad -
he tries to smile, water dripping from his face, "I'm used to pain"
Kaoori -
"Those poppies will help you. Please.. just rest."
Quad -
He returns to her side and sits, grimacing again as he extends the front leg outward.
He then speaks, "...What the hell does he have against you, anyway?"
Kaoori -
She sighed, ears pinning flat against her skull. She spoke quietly, her voice shaking. "I wish I knew, Quad. My only thought is that if he can't have me, he wants no one to."
Quad -
He shivers, his leg starts to cramp up. He readjusts, hoping she doesn't worry too much about him. When he is comfortable again, he speaks, "I wish I knew too. I wish I knew how someone could *love* a doe like I remember he did to....this..."
Kaoori -
"It's.. over now, Quad. I realize he's not all bad. But I can never forgive him, much as I've tried."
Quad -
He tries not to cry here. He isn't the best at hiding his emotions, as old memories seem to fill his mind again of how things used to be. Frustrated, he says, "This has to end. Even if I have to do it right now.", and tries to stand
Kaoori -
"Wait a minute, what are you doing? Sit yourself -down-."
Quad -
He cringes, not putting any weight on his leg (front right by the way). "I have to end this, Kaoori. Even if it means killing him. I have to end it for you.", he says, and tries to walk
Kaoori -
"Quad! Sit DOWN!"
"Wesker would be livid if you did this."
Quad -
he takes another step, his leg giving out. He crashes into the ground
Kaoori -
"This is his fight as much as yours. And he won't die. Don't waste your energy on a worthless fight."
Quad -
shivering, he can't resist a few tears coming out. "I just want to...", he tries to say
the pain in his legs send shocks up his spine. He starts to get the sudden realization that all the training he's done would be for nothing while he was in this state
"...I just want to protect you"
Kaoori -
"Quad.. brother.. ", she smiles softly. "You did a wonderful job this evening. Protecting isn't all about rushing into battle, either. Staring an enemy down can break down his defenses just as much. Don't use your strength and energy when you don't have to.. especially when you're wounded like this!"
Quad -
He starts to break down again. He's shivering more now, "All that training I did...I just couldn't remember...what they said about not...not getting hit...", he quickly throws his head down in shame, "...failure...useless failure..."
Kaoori -
"You only learn by experience. And that which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. That I know from experience myself." She smiles crookedly at him.
Quad -
"I won't let this happen again. I won't let him...!", he stops speaking, crying even more
Kaoori -
"You're strong, Quad. I believe you." She nuzzles him.
Quad -
he doesn't say another word, just continues to shiver and sob. it will take a few moments for him to calm down
Kaoori -
And Kaoori will sit beside him, making sure he does calm down.
Quad -
Eventually he stops crying, catching his breath. "I...I really did protect you....didn't I?", he sniffs
Kaoori -
She grinned at that. "You did. You drove him right off, Quad."
Quad -
Quad tries to smile here, an odd half-smile after he was so emotional a moment ago. "Then I shouldn't worry so much..."
Kaoori -
"Don't worry so much. You did okay. You're a good friend, and a good protector."
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Uh oh looks like Rascal is

Uh oh looks like Rascal is starting to hit on Quad there! ;D Lol You made him like stags now -.-

Thank you Kaoori for this drawing!Natali looks beautiful =D
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Hey sorry but Quad's

Hey sorry but Quad's straight. He just likes to dance with people. It wasn't supposed to mean anything.
BouncyDeer1's picture

Oh ok I understand....I hope

Oh ok I understand....I hope Rascal does -.-

Thank you Kaoori for this drawing!Natali looks beautiful =D
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Hello there! ^_^ I'm sorry if

Hello there! ^_^
I'm sorry if my Rumen bothered you or something. He's quite bold today (which is rare) and just wanted to... well stalk someone and have a little fun. ^_^" He didn't want to disturb you (I read in your bio that the bridge is one of Quads resting spots - sorry!).

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Nonono you weren't bothering

Nonono you weren't bothering him at all. He was a little annoyed with something that was going on but it wasn't anything you did. Also I was talking to someone on MSN so that's why he didn't respond all that much.

No I had a lot of fun with you, thanks for hanging out with him :3
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Ah okay then. It was nice to

Ah okay then. It was nice to meet Quad at last. Smiling

I have an urge to track

I have an urge to track this~


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I worked on the layout for

I worked on the layout for this bio. Please let me know if the old screenshots are too annoying XD Originally I only had screenshots of Quad by himself...

I was trying to go for the 'Quad has a lot of memories and makes lots of friends' theme

ROFL I was the one who turned

ROFL I was the one who turned him into a frog yesterday XD

Nice to see he's still in the forest Quad c:
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Quad, I really respect you

Quad, I really respect you for always trying to improve yourself and learn new things. Be proud, not many are like that.

Baby Quad? (8 Quick pic from

Baby Quad? (8
Quick pic from ZT2 of a baby bluebuck
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Aww he's adorable! Looks

Aww he's adorable! Looks just like him too!

Thank you for sharing XD
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*stalks her near

*stalks her near twin...again*

Hey..i saw your comment on

Hey..i saw your comment on one of my blog entrys. Wanted to know if you were interested in roleplaying with my character Adam. he's not completely finished, but he's got the basic outline.
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Tracking. (: Oh btw, what

Tracking. (:

Oh btw, what kind of deer is Quad? I was kind of wanting to make a manipulation of him..
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He's a blackbuck antelope

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Wow, I love Quad's bio! I

Wow, I love Quad's bio! I gotta say, no offense to anyone else, this is by far my favorite bio. Smiling I only hope to make Kuzii's as interesting. /track Eye

(No subject)



Your company is always pleasant - and welcome. Thank you for spending some time with me today.
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XD sorry about leaving, I

XD sorry about leaving, I gotta get some homework done. I was really surprised that there were so few players in this morning, but when I saw Lacie there I thought she'd like someone to sit with her Eye

Nah it's alright! I hope I

Nah it's alright! I hope I wasn't too boring though, haha. /lazy

I saw a post on Tales of Tales forum that there was something going on with the server, though that was about 2 days ago. Still really odd that hardly anyone was on though.

Hee, again, thanks for the company. <3
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should have tracked this

should have tracked this aloong time ago >.<
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There is a very happy Quad in

There is a very happy Quad in the Forest today! He got to see Mazey again, his mate from a few years ago! ((Mazey is Zephyr's mother, for those who don't know))

Dancing with her and Fawn

Sad to see her go, but very happy to see her today!

its good to see you deer

its good to see you deer friend
im hoping i can find the time and loyalty to come back more often
much love to quad
much love to everyone here <3

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Have to re track this now

Have to re track this now that I switched accounts...
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"I was too late. My antlers

"I was too late. My antlers were not fully grown. All the work...all the training...wasted...

I will remain as a hummingbird to hide my shame. I do not want the others to see my weak, pathetic antlers.

I'll never find love again...no doe would ever love a lesser stag."
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"Don't worry, Quad, size

"Don't worry, Quad, size isn't everything. I'm sure there are plenty of does that are out there that would happy to have you," The doe said as she heard the stag's anguished statement, her tone carrying a great sense of almost maternal pity, like she were a mother reassuring her child that they would not be alone forever when they worried such.
quadraptor's picture

"A sit with my friends has

"A sit with my friends has sparked the feelings of warmth I had within before. I was a fool to believe that there was no love for me. There certainly is, and one day...I'll find another who will see me for more than just an obese blackbuck.

But until that day, I will keep my head high. My antlers were late to grow to their former glory, but that does not mean that I am a failure. For no one is a failure until they're satisfied with being one.

And I'll be damned to call myself anything less than a success.

I may remain as a hummingbird, I may step out and be a blackbuck again. I do not know which form I prefer at this moment.

Stay strong. That's all I need to remember

Stay strong."
quadraptor's picture

"I could still participate if

"I could still participate if I thought my antlers were ready...

But who would want someone like me...when they could have a muscular scarred up stag like all the others?

...Why should I even bother trying to prove my worth...when I am worthless...

...I should just accept that I will never find love again..."
AngelWings's picture

*sniffle* thats so sad...but

*sniffle* thats so sad...but beautiful too!
onyxsoulclaw's picture

Quad never worthless, never

Quad never worthless, never needs to prove himself quad is loved by all quad is what makes the forest. There will always be a nuzzel or to for you. streagh is not only of body but also of heart.
quadraptor's picture

"Hide my shame in a field of

"Hide my shame in a field of blue...
Maybe the smells of berries will mask the scent...
So they will not track me, hunt me down...
And end my life over something so petty as a doe...

What a fool I was to even think of this...
I was never meant to be normal...
My dreams of living like anyone else...

I cannot hide forever...
But maybe I can hide long enough...
So that the Forest forgets I even exist...
Maybe in exile I can find normality..."
onyxsoulclaw's picture

A heart of purness that

A heart of purness that shines so bright
Cant be currupted or lose its light

No shame should you feel
no pain or no fear
Streanght is nothing
an emotion thats all.
you've got better ones than it ... thats all.

Never should you have to hide
For we will find you again
Two blue deamons twisted and deformed.
Yet there is no need to be warned

If it's for a doe you pine why may we ask?
Theres one at your shoulder every time we pass
though made of spirit and not there to see
she nuzzels and cares for you better than we

Open your eyes and see!

Do the sane judge the not or the not judge the sane?
Its the rutt and thats all it will be over soon, then you can leave this infernal gloom.
Nothing is normal you know this is true, but even here we support you!
Look to youn right a doe stands there still
Looking to love
as one day you will.
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"Perhaps it's for the best

"Perhaps it's for the best that it has to be this way.
I never realized how old I really am.
Almost four years...
No wonder...

I am afraid to even approach my friends during this time.
I must stand at a distance so they do not take me the wrong way.
And why wouldn't they threaten me if I approached?
They know I trained for this time of the year.
They can see how weak my antlers are.
They know I can be killed...
I'm sure I would just be an easy target for them.

There is very little left in this Forest for me.
Time marches on, things come and go.
Creatures much more fit for violence and war belong here.
There is no room in this Forest for one like me.

No room for a broken heart..."
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I think I want to take a

I think I want to take a break from Quad for a while, and maybe play my OOC in-forest a little more. I know it's nearly Quad's 4th birthday/anniversary, but something may happen to him real soon where he is in a state of slumber.

The two ideas I had so far were either that he turns into a tree for a while (would be his shapeshifting ability, so possibly revealing a new form much like his wolf and hummingbird forms) or maybe he and either Iugulare or Nekumbra work out a truce to where he could sleep under their captivity, although I don't know how that would really work. I know Iugulare would contemplate killing him in that state but since...uhh...she secretly has feelings for him, maybe she'd be content with postponing her world domination to take care of him. Nekumbra of course would be more than happy to cocoon him and inject some of her sleeping/paralyzing poison.

I'm not sure yet, but please don't think I'm killing him off or anything. I guess I've just lost my muse for him right now since the Rut is going on. I know Misako said I could join but I wasn't sure if anyone would get angry with me for joining in so late. I felt like it would be cheating those who have been participating the entire time.

But my brother's wedding was more important so that's why he hasn't been participating. Of course now that he is back in the Forest, I've had really awkward depressing vibes from him. You can tell that from his posts above...

Anyway...what do you guys think if I take a break from him for a while?

If I did turn him into a tree, I could give him this set, and maybe place him somewhere where he could sleep. Maybe he could wrap around his favorite tree, or maybe sleep within the Old Oak.
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You can take a break from him

You can take a break from him if you want to. =]
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*pops in* Hey. Was just

*pops in*

Hey. Was just randomly doodling a gazelle, and I thought it looked like Quad... so here you go! xp