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Pagan Poetry


' Perhaps it is time. '

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Currently playing hostess to Tristan on the ranch. New journal entry here.

"On the surface simplicity

But the darkest pit in me

is pagan poetry."

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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥

hi ♥

hi ♥

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! Interest track

! Interest track
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look out, kid.

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Track! c:

Track! c:
-by Sokoora by Kamaya
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Sigi by Wake

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&hearts; ! (keeping the

♥ ! (keeping the stream of hearts here afloat aha)
seems she has attracted a certain satanspawn fawn ;>
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hello! (sorry for the

(sorry for the confusing actions aaaa)
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"What do you know" comes the

"What do you know" comes the boy's voice, soft, nearly a whisper, meant for her ears only.
"About feathers?" his throat aches just with those words, vocal chords thrumming in a body still not used to speech. "What do you know." repeated like a mantra of questions that tie into one another. "About eyes? About fire." his head turns up towards the sky, eyes closing for a few long moments, when they open again, it is only halfway.

"When I close my eyes it's all I see." and they close again. His head drops once more. The eyes open, staring at nothing in particular.
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(bear with me if I am slow,

(bear with me if I am slow, am working on job applications and such Smiling )

The sleepy trance she'd fallen into after finding her spot beside the boy is broken by sound of his voice. It is a strange thing to realize he, like all of them, has a voice at all; she has grown used to speaking to him in gestures, in looks. She blinks, gazing down at him from over the beak of her mask, her mind buzzing as she considers his questions. It doesn't take much to see how heavily they weigh on him - perhaps this is why he has seemed so tired lately?

"Feathers are vital to the living beings they dress, no?" Pagan hums, shutting her eyes for just a moment to consider her memory of the feathers she'd gathered a few nights prior, recalling the pulsing energy they'd given off. "Without feathers, most birds could not fly. But in the same way they are vital, they are also disposable. They molt. They shed. They are torn from their roots. They grow back in time." Pausing, she drops her head just enough to meet his reluctant gaze, searching the depths of his inky black eyes for the echoes of his thoughts. "Many would argue that fires purify. There is a lot to be said about a force of nature that can swallow the Earth while at the same time feed it.

"And eyes... well. The only place one cannot carry lies is in the eyes. Or so I've always believed."

Following a deep inhalation of the damp air around them, she breaks her gaze and brings it instead to the top of his head, where his antlers are budding, strong but sure, a small gesture of privacy. "Does it bother you to see these things? I suppose the better question is: what do you know about feathers, and eyes, and fire?"

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{ Take your time! Also: A

{ Take your time!
Also: A quick doodle }

He considers her words at great length. And in his own way, understands the truth of them. These are good answers. He stores them away for private contemplation at a later, lonelier date. His head shifts, a nod of 'I understand.' in response. Inhale, exhale. What does he know of feathers. What does he know of fire. What does he know of eyes?

"Birds've feathers." he eventually speaks. "Hearts've fire." and then; "Many've eyes." but he knows that isn't what she meant. His tail flicks once. And he watches the grass stir under the slight breeze.
"Sometimes I think I know things" he admits quietly, "But when I try to remember, my head fills all up with fog." his eyes close again, like he's trying to remember.

"I feel like that now. I know. But I don't know what I know."
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(AHHH! That is so beautiful.

(AHHH! That is so beautiful. Oh my gosh. >_< Thank you so much. I love it, and I love your interpretation of her. Especially that mask and those trinkets!)

"You are so smart for such a young little thing." And indeed, she is heartened by his thoughtful wordplay, her chest swelling with something akin to pride. Understanding niggles at the back of her mind, just out of full reach of her consciousness, but there, available, sure to be found in the depths of her dreams. She remembers the feathers, the energy, the dream that had spurned her to seek them out in the first place.

"I am not surprised that you feel this way. Neither should you be. The universe has conspired to bring you here, touched as you are with what some people call intuition. I, myself, call it a gift." She takes a moment to regard the hills in the distance, her ears tipping back to greet the bubbling of the tears pouring from the Crying Idol's eyes. "Though you have been blessed with knowledge, you should not rush to uncover it all at once. There is danger in haste and reckless misunderstanding. Would you be so quick to undo a beaver dam, for instance, if you knew that pulling free too many twigs and branches at once would flood the valley?"

Pagan regards her young companion with a gentle look, her lips pursed as if to abruptly stop the flow of words. Then, after a few long beats of silence, she smiles, the tension melting from her eyes. "Do you know the story of the phoenix, Little Crow?"
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{yw! I'll definitely do

{yw! I'll definitely do another if/when she has a reference too ;w;}

"I see." and again, he falls into the silence that comes so naturally to him. Loses himself in the feeling of his companion not far away, the rush of water from the nearby idol. The damp of the air, and how it clings to his coat. It all feels so real, enough so to pull the fog from his mind for now before it can overtake him the way it can when he thinks too long, too hard, about something out of his reach.

A gift. Perhaps. He has never felt gifted. But then, he has only ever felt how he feels, perhaps he would not know a gift if he saw it. Or perhaps not. His friends are gifts, he feels as if he has been presented with something sweet and pure and true every time someone comes to visit him, or allows him to sit by their side in the drowsy morning light.

Her question causes his head to shake, a silent 'no'. But his ears tilt forward all the same; He is listening, should she wish to speak on it.
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"I first learned of the

"I first learned of the phoenix while on a voyage a very long time ago." In her mind's eye, she can still see the ocean, taste it, smell it. Sometimes she misses it. "The phoenix is a bird born of fire. As the story goes, its only job is to live - sometimes for thousands of years - gaining wisdom throughout its prolonged life. However, and as with all things, it too must die, and so, when it is ready to pass on, it builds itself a pyre made of herbs and branches and sets itself aflame, burning to its death so that it can be reborn from its own ashes. The phoenix then starts its life anew, and, tasked with regaining and building upon the knowledge of its previous life, lives."

It has been so long since she's thought of this tale. She is gripped by the nostalgia, her voice soft, reverent. "You and the phoenix are much alike, I think, except the phoenix knows that knowledge is not gained by dwelling, or hiding. It is gained by living and sharing. Be gentle on yourself, Little Crow. It will come in due time, as it is meant to."

The end of her words are punctuated by a thin, tired breath. It has been a long few days, and but she is grateful for the opportunity he has given her, whether knowingly or unknowingly, to sift through the debris of her own scattered dreams and visions. Though she can feel his energy brushing and beckoning at the fringes of her own, trying to coax her into further analysis, she ignores the feeling in favor of returning her thoughts only to him as he sits down, young, doubtful, insecure. She meets the side of his head with her forehead in a firm nuzzle and does not pull herself away. "Rest now, little one. The morning awaits you eagerly. You should seize it when it comes."

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He closes his eyes. Can see

He closes his eyes. Can see it behind the lids so easily, how the brilliant red and orange would creep up darkened feather. The heat. The light. His tongue runs along the top of his mouth, the backs of his teeth, and for a moment, he can nearly taste the ash.

His eyes slide open. And once more, the forest is his reality. The gentle air. The idol's roar. He nods again, and looks at the pale doe with a serene sense of determination. Life was not always to know immediately. Life was to live. Another lesson learned.

Leaning up, he presses against her in silent thank you before he settles, curls small, and sighs.
Sleep takes him gently. Safely, into its embrace.
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hello pretty lady c:

hello pretty lady c:
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hello! you met Atiq when he

hello! you met Atiq when he came to say hi to his twin...before he accidentally scared him off >n>

it was nice sitting with you~<3

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I'm sorry Atiq is having

I'm sorry Atiq is having issues responding, I'm very bad at this ;n;
I think she was asking to spar? maybe? |D
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She was actually play

She was actually play sparring with Atiq's fawn! XD Although, she's always up for an adult spar with a friend. <3
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ahhh ok I wasn't sure who it

ahhh ok I wasn't sure who it was aimed at lol
he's...apprehensive but if it was Pagan he'd probably be ok with it haha <3

also I keep meaning to ask but super nervous, do you mind if I add you on discord? ;w;
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Add me!

Add me! Smiling
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sent <3
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Lil Babu, likes very much.

Lil Babu, likes very much.
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Ahh, such a gorgeous design.

Ahh, such a gorgeous design.
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Thank you both!

Thank you both!


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idk why pagan showed up as a

idk why pagan showed up as a nameless on screen for me!Exclaim!! (': BUT HELLO!! ♥
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There's a calm in the air

There's a calm in the air tonight, even through the slight chill there's a small sense of comfort wound among the trees. He nearly melted out of the night, gold markings twinkling like starlight, and just as quiet. There was a pause as he assessed the sleeping doe curled up before him, careful not to make any sudden sounds. Judging by her slow, steady breathing, she was still fast asleep. Good. She'd been shying away from him for awhile, and he'd picked up on it, resigned to it. So he'd snuck in with the shadow of night, when deep sleep would allow him the closeness he required. Atiq ever so quietly lowered himself beside the pale doe, and gently laid his own gift where she'd see it in the morning. It was something he'd been working on with his friend Neirin for awhile. Atiq had very little, beyond just physical trinkets he didn't even have memories, all he had to give was himself and the flowers that crowned his head. So he'd ought out his magically-inclined friend and asked if he could preserve one of the blooms, and together the two had managed one near-perfect jasmine blossom, shining almost like glass. Neirin had also helped him attach it to a bit of leather cord, easy to carry or affix to something.

The only other gift he could give was a bit of himself, his warmth, his comfort. Caught in the depths of sleep, he knew he probably wouldn't be heard, but gave the sentiment anyways, "You know you will always have a place with me, no matter what. You'll always have a home there, should you want it." There was a sadness in his eyes, and an ache in his chest as he watched her slumber. Very quietly, nearly silent, he began to hum. A near-wordless echo of some distant place and time he couldn't have a hope of remembering, but the imprint remained. Slowly he saw the tenseness recede slightly from her curled form as the gentle melody wrapped around them. When he knew he could stay no longer, before the spell of sleep was broken and his presence brought unease, the lullaby ended and he was up.

"Salaamat, dear friend. I'm here when you need me." He knew she wanted space, her distance made her feel more secure for the moment, but every ounce of him still hurt to turn his head away, and plod silently back into the darkening night.
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hey &hearts;

hey ♥
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Hello <3

sry Rac was a bit confused
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Track for the gurl! (As in

Track for the gurl!

(As in replying because blind and can't find the comment button. Sorry D: )
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t! :>

t! :>

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ggfshdnf -smooch-

ggfshdnf -smooch-
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Gorgeous!! nice to have

Gorgeous!! nice to have Blossom meet her <3

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owo Tracking this beautiful

Tracking this beautiful lady~
By Draak <3

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I couldn't find the comment

I couldn't find the comment button but that didn't stop me. Hi.
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