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Update 8/27

| Carry |
skull mask | dark real deer pelt | peacock antlers

• Pygmy Goat | Faun
• Mature Adult
• Bisexual | Taken
• Nanny | Female
• Size - click
• Pictogram - this thing here
• Speaks in #d7812e
• Scent - dog shampoo
• Appearance - hover a goat who can turn into a faun
• Personality - hover spontaneous, creative, sensitive, playful, moody, and insecure

| Can't RP with an OOC |

| Fun Facts |

> Loves Coffee; Starbucks 4ever <3
> Has a thing for a certain black man and his dreads. <3
> Can not hold her breath for 1 minute.
> Sometimes wears an orange collar.
> This character is my Fursona.
> I work as a Dog Bather.

| Images |

• Myself xxx xxx

| Updates |

>August 27;
WOW. Life has been crazy since the last time I got on. Work has been crazy and I'm tired all the time. Got on to see how everyone is doing and planning to dust off a few of my deeries. c:

> December 25;
MERRY XMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a late Merry Yule! c:

> December 12;
Feeling a lot better now; found out am allergic to cats, dogs, dust and cockroaches. haha. But really, spending most of my days ether working or surfing the web. Yippy for me.

> November 2;
Currently ill, but doing better then a few weeks ago. Spent my Halloween with friends around a bonfire and told spooky stories to one another. Weeeeee.

> October 2;
My favorite time of the year is here. Tis the season for Halloween. <3

> August 29;
Well, long time no see. Been really busy with life lately, that's why I haven't been on. ;-;

> June 26;
Fixing up this ooc bio. Was thinking of making it a little more active seeing as I love to go out in the forest with this account. Cause, who doesn't like tiny goats running around a forest? HAHA.

> June 8;
Remade my my ooc bio; changed into my current persona. A pygmy goat who can turn into a faun and visa versa. How fun.

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small update; weeeee

small update; weeeee
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Looks nice! Track...

Looks nice! Track...
"Common sense is not so common." -Voltaire
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I'm glad you found the source

I'm glad you found the source of the allergy c: and that you're feeling better now <333
*happy nuzzles*
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weeeee, Happy Holidays

weeeee, Happy Holidays everyone!

- - -

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