Alyca's first bio (will be edited)

Name : Alyca

Meaning : There is no meaning, it's a surname I often use on the web ^^.

Gender : LSD (Lovely Sweet Doe), but she's still a fawn.

Birthday : May 21, 2008.

How to Remember : It's a cube surfing on a wave (surfing power ! xD).

Bio : Alyca is Ocelo's big sister's daughter. She loves her uncle because he has always been kind with her (he is very young so he is not as boring as the rest of Alyca's family, from her point of vue). Her mother doesn't think Ocelo has a good influence on her, even if it's a very protective deer with his niece.

Personality : Alyca is very shy when she doesn't know someone. But she is very friendly with the deers she knows, and she'll always try to play and make funny things with them.

Appearance : She still is a fawn so... a simple fawn ^^.

Location : You can find her everywhere. She doesn't have a favorite place for the moment.

Behaviour : She is very friendly with the other fawns and the deers she knows. But with unknown deers she will be very shy, and she can be scared by rude or aggressive behavior. If that happen she'll run away, or hide behind a friend if there is one next to her.
She's very polite anyway, and will bow to say hello. She loves to nuzzle with friends.
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Ocelo : "Hi my dear, how are

Ocelo : "Hi my dear, how are you sweety ?"

Alyca : "Hi uncle Ocelo ! I want to play with you in the forest !"

Ocelo : "Not tonight, it's time to go to bed."

Alyca : "Oh, no..."

My God ! Would IT be double personnality ?! O_O lol
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Awww...Those are cute

Awww...Those are cute pictures.

Welcome to the forest; hope to see you soon. ^_^