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Name: Urschanabi (IPA transcription: /urʂɐn̠ˈabʲɪ/ 🔉)
Species: Aardvark-like spirit, psychopomp
Gender: Male (?..) (well, strictly speaking, genderless. But usually referred to as 'he', since the name Urschanabi comes from a male mythological character. I understand, however, those small antlers might look a bit deceiving..) so I won't mind very much if someone accidentally treats Urschanabi as a doe... a spirit can take any form after all)
Also, for some reason always takes a female shape in Lem's presence. Can't help it.

Orientation: Autosexual (probably this is the reason he's always attracted to those who wear the same mask as he does Twisted)
Size: About 29
Age: Eternity
In the forest since: 20.07.2014
Speaks in: #E52B50
Diet: Spirits don't eat...
Scent: Narcissus, green tea, lime, iris
Home: The bottom of the pond
Appearance: x
Set: Noh/Blood Red pelt, Long mask, Koi antlers
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Are you a member of the VC

Are you a member of the VC group about deer ?
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@rabbanim: Urschanabi felt


Urschanabi felt warm under the angel's loving gaze. "I'm afraid it's the only way I know of. But I will do my best to help you!"

Huh, thank you) Good choice, I guess pigeon is the most suitable form for an angel.
Are you playing the 3.41 version of the game or an older one?
Maybe you should try wearing a different pelt under your shapeshifting spell, cause it determines the exact size that you get after making the above described steps.

Do you mean vk? Yes, I am.
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Lady looked at him so

Lady looked at him so intently that she forgot where she was. It even seemed to her that everything she needed had already been received.
"Urschanabi, you are so kind and sympathetic. Can I be your temporary student?. Molex smiled thoughtfully and looked down.

Hmm, platform 3.41. It works!! "screech" XDD
Thank you~

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At the sight of her success

At the sight of her success Urschanabi dropped all his seriousness, got on his hind legs with joy and nodded enthusiastically.
"Hey, you're a quick learner, it turns out!"

You're welcome) At what time do you usually play? Wanna see this gentle dove ^^
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"Awh, thank you sooooo much.

"Awh, thank you sooooo much. Forest magic is a very interesting science."
I attend a game in 6-8pm any day (especially Friday) :3
When do you go into the game? I dream to meet you..

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Damn, I immediately launched

Damn, I immediately launched the game as soon as I saw your picto on the map, only to realize that the server was down and the map hadn't been updated for more than an hour, meh Frown

My visits are random, but I'll try to catch up with you at the said time!
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Yup, it’s unfortunate that

Yup, it’s unfortunate that the server did not work yesterday. I was really waiting for you! Well, I will catch you again. Do not worry so, because it is such a trifle..

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Instant meeting, but I'm glad

Instant meeting, but I'm glad to see you.A little disoriented, time has passed to come to life a little.

I like the new Urscha radiates heat.
Your tricks amused me.
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@rabbanim: Sure, see you!

Sure, see you! Smiling

Glad to see you too, didn't understand whether you wanted some other antlers or not, sorry))
I gotta work now, but Ursch is resting at the ruins with friends and Feo is welcome to join!
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after today I'll start

after today I'll start calling you a wizard
because 1 you suddenly appear and disappear
2 you become too small in the form of an animal )
by kseniamokhova
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Huh, that day Ursch and Yumi

Huh, that day Ursch and Yumi ate different pieces of the magic mushroom from "Alice in Wonderland". So Yumi grew bigger and Ursch became so tiny you'd need a microscope to see him)
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Molex did not appear in the

Molex did not appear in the forest for a long time. She held a little bottle of ruby liquid in her paws. It was a holy wine used for Communion. A very rare gift that people have from God.

"Urchanabi, thank you very much for teaching me how to use and communicate with the energy of the forest. You get holy wine that even spirit can use. Since the Holy Trinity communes not only on earth, but also in heaven".

Receive this little gift, Urshanabi, for your help! Thank you very much <3
Artifacts: Now you have a small bottle of holy blood
by Draak

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Urschanabi curiously steps

Urschanabi curiously steps closer and sniffs the bottle, but it is sealed with a cork and smells of nothing else. Then suddenly a sun ray falls upon it, and Urschanabi's eyes widen with wonder: the ruby liquid is glimmering in the sunlight and he can't take his eyes off it, captivated by its rich and beautiful colour.

He asks Lady Molex to open it for him and carefully takes a sip. The liquid tastes like wine and its warmth spreads down his throat. But there's more than that... He suddenly feels uplifted, purified, renewed and blessed. The inner change seems so great that it comes to his mind his appearance must have changed too. And as he looks down at himself, his mind a bit clouded with wine, he doesn't believe his eyes. He blinks. No way! He shuts his eyes tight and shakes his head from side to side, trying to shake off the illusion. But as he looks again, it's still there: his new velvety pelt, of that same blood red colour that the holy wine had!

Lost for words with surprise and awe, he can only bow gratefully to the Angel Lady.

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The air was filled with the

The air was filled with the smell of fimian and burning candles.
There was a quiet and distant choir singing of thousands or milions of thousands of Angels. It was heard from Heaven. The Holy Trinity is celebrated every second.

Molex shed a few tears a little as she worried about Urchanabi 's likely scare. It is much more difficult to involve the spirit than a person. And when Urschanabi accept Gift and transformed, the energy he radiated began to revive the dried grass. This effect will last for about an hour, and Urchanabi has the right to dispose of this energy as he wants.

"Now, Urschanabi, you are like the fiery heart of the true Lord. God the Son lives in you, and you in Him from this second". Her voice was getting quieter.

Inside, she was going through a storm of joy and affection for her new brother.

"God is jealous and vetting. Spirits can also succumb to temptations. Be careful. I will definitely come to you to play with you and communicate!"
Oh, when will you appear in the forest? ; __ ;

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After discovering the effect

After discovering the effect that this divine energy had on the withered grass, he was determined not to waste it and help the forest flourish. So he ran joyfully all around it under the watchful and caring eye of the white dove.

Glad to meet her in game at last! ^^
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Thank you~ Urschanabi really

Thank you~
Urschanabi really looks cool!

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Lady Molex too!

Lady Molex too!
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Hey! I should have done it a

Hey! I should have done it a long time ago, but thank you for keeping me company no matter what, I appreciate it so much. Here a track!
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No problem, your company is a

No problem, your company is a pleasure!
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Thank you for sitting with me

Thank you for sitting with me briefly tonight! I ripped out unfortunately, but I was going to sleep anyways. Vani always appreciates Urschanabi's presence, no matter if playing or napping.
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Always at your service, he

Always at your service, he likes Vani's company too.
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Now I'm here too. I will

Now I'm here too. I will always be happy for your company)
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Thank you, likewise.

Thank you, likewise.
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bloody sunset

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Beautiful screens, thank you.

Beautiful screens, thank you. I love how our sets look next to each other.
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Welcome! Smiling
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&hearts; !

♥ !
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just a little hello for a

just a little hello for a good old friend! it was a pleasure seeing you in TEF
siggi by Sybilline
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Hey, Cu! I actually hopped in

Hey, Cu! I actually hopped in because I saw your picto on the map (:
Was glad to see you too, even though you were a SCARY little fawn yesterday lol Shocked
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Tracking from Midori

Tracking from Midori ^^
Always so so so so so happy to see you in game <3
I'm not sure if I have said this already, but Urschanabi's design is amazing! I adore it a lot.
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Aww, thank you! It means a

Aww, thank you! It means a lot coming from you.
Your characters are always a nice company, and I love their designs too!
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