Lady Luck Readings: Urschanabi's Crystal Ball

As you mentioned, Lady Morrighan, she is a white dove, yes? I saw her and many like her, all white and glowing. Almost angelic, I would say. They danced among ethereal, stellar fields. With the doves, were black shadows, hard to make out in the expanse of night spreading across the landscape. Morrighan, she was gathering stars, her wings were like a white sheet draping over the ones who burned out. The other doves were splitting up the shadows. Their brilliant feathers embracing looming silhouettes, turning their darkness into gold ashes that float away. It looked like a dance among the heavens. I'd never seen anything quite like it before. There was a sun. A white carpet in the plafond, directly above... it may have been a hole, actually, but it radiated outwards. I don't know the place beyond... I'd like to have seen it, but I was stuck standi-- floating where I was. This place, although it was rather empty, was also very decorated. One of the doves saw me, it looked like. Looked right at me, almost. Not through me. It didn't feel like a vision. It was current and piercing. And the white dove, it whispered, 'Go'. With this, I felt it was best to leave the vision. Not a sensation that has ever quite met me before, but a new one. In me heart, I felt an ache that told me it wasn't my place to be there at that moment. Not right then. Maybe I would see it all later.

At this point, my vision faded out, and the light of the forest, the sounds, the smell, enveloped me again. Slowly, it held onto me and eased me back to earth, with soft hands that caressed my face and body. Almost like an angel put me back where I belonged.