hi it's me

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Spring break, finally!

[[Main]] : Rossamund, Irene
[[Secondary]] : Benat, Kolgrimr, Matthias, Solas
[[Inactive / developing]] : Anja, Karu, Rune, others
[[Other]] : a lot of headworld characters

to do:
- prize art for Wildflower (wip)
- open commissions?

ugh wrong account

ugh wrong account
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there we go. track. love that

there we go.
love that background a lot.
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Hello, and thank you!

Hello, and thank you!
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Do you mind if I save it?

Do you mind if I save it?
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Sure, go right ahead. I got

Sure, go right ahead.
I got it from here, by the way.
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Thank you so much :') Also,

Thank you so much :')

Also, I look at the picture you drew of Livnat a lot. I think it's incredibly unique.
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ajsjdffjxcxhv Thank you! I've

Thank you! I've admired your art for some time now, so that really means a lot. :')
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giela,yrfwe hi

giela,yrfwe hi
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Traaack 8D

Traaack 8D
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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afhtdfjghe Hi

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I hated braces. I had them

I hated braces. I had them for two years, Junior and Senior year. They gave me 'dsl' and idk they were just a real pain in the ass and food was also a pain and it was a pain to tighten them and yeah.
Time flew by though and before I knew it they were off. I think the part I hated most was when they had to scrape the glue out of my mouth. It was like nails on a chalkboard to me, that metal scraper from hell.
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And the glue tastes horrible

And the glue tastes horrible too. Ick.
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! Found it! The link as your

! Found it! The link as your homepage does not link here.

Somewhere I don't feel so weird spamming. <U> Hello friend.

got an email that i can

got an email that i can contact you w/? [for tobias' stuff]
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Oh my God, that

Oh my God, that pictogram.

It can be friends with my first.

But really omg it's gorgeous. 8l
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The instant I saw it, I just

The instant I saw it, I just went omg it's a bird and of course I registered it. Been wanting to make some sort of bird-like character for a while.

Ooh, yours is gorgeous too. It reminds me of these boat-like things I saw in a book by Shaun Tan. Here they are, in the bottom image.
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Omg those are so cool. I

Omg those are so cool.

I always considered that one of mine to be a Barn Swallow or Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher. I'm herp.

Subtle, quiet screeching at bird character.
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Screeching back. Hmm.. are

Screeching back.
Hmm.. are you using that pictogram for a character already? Two birds is better than one bird of course.
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That picto makes me think of

That picto makes me think of the Stellar's Jays that used to live outside of my window and go "SKRA SKRA" at me when I sat at my desk to do work.

Also, I just noticed you're from the Pacific Northwest. Me too, it's the BEST. :3
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@ Echo, Screeching

@ Echo,

Screeching forever.
Unfortunately, yeah. I mean, in a way. I redacted the "character" entirely because it... Never really belonged here, honestly. Too not... Right? But I still come in on its name to use 3.13 to help people out, which is, humorously, in its character. Plus, it was my very first account way back in '09, so I'm uselessly attached to it. I actually only have one pictogram for every year I've been here, so I don't feel super bad about hoarding my gen 1, even if I don't put it to use much. 8I

Thank said, sorry friend. :C At least you got your cool one. :DDDD

@ Alison,

I think we all three are. Party in the cool rainforest. BI
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Ohhh my God that picto IS

Ohhh my God that picto IS LITERALLY A BIRD I LOVE IT ;;
Also stalking <3
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Alison: There's a flock

Alison: There's a flock living in my neighborhood too. They scare away all the owls, those hooligans.

Oh gosh, did that sound like I wanted your picto? My apologies, that wasn't my intention. I meant that maybe you could play a bird character while I played a bird character if your picto was unused. Birds everywhere! Guess I should have expressed that clearer. Anyways, sorry!

Xemi: Heya. <3
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Owls hate steller's jays

Owls hate steller's jays because they're mimics, they do a pretty good job imitating sounds that other birds of prey make. They are very pretty though. Hooligan is a good word to describe them.

And heck yes rain forest times. :3
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oh derp. you can tell I

oh derp. you can tell I worked today because I'm clinically retarded.

I guess I assumed it because, if it wasn't that one, I like you enough to give you ones I have. xD'

I wouldn't ever hedge my bets on me charactering though. In all this time I've only had two, and stone's so relatively recent. I tend to make characters really few and far between--personas non-withholding because there's so little thought put into them and they serve no true purpose but to express minor desires.

That said, I do have a persona who thinks it's a bird. >u> Though they'll never get pictograms, etc. xD

Boops you.
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I think I understand, though

I think I understand, though I don't really have any personas myself; just mainly a heck of a lot of character ideas that I lack the time and/or inspiration to actually use. That and they wouldn't make very well developed characters.

Those scientists must have had fun naming that fish.
-boops back-

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Species names are the best.

Species names are the best. :3 The rules are basically that "whoever discovers them gets to name them". So basically first dibs anything goes. One of my best friends named a bacterium she found in some dirt after her mother and gave her mom a petri dish of it for Christmas.
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I didn't until I thought that

I didn't until I thought that maybe my offhanded ideas for simple characters might actually be okay and wrote some down. In twenty minutes, I had ten. Though they're by no means really characters, I like them enough that I'm still going to show their dumb little selves around. We have a similar issue, I'm just flaunting mine selfishly while you have the decency to save your ideas for actual characters.

Oh my God, I can't handle that article. I snickered so loud Beloved even asked what was up.

I feel you, Alison. It's like all the pets I had when I was younger--they all got stuck with moronic names. Bless my patient parents and animals.

nnng i'm so sorry and i

nnng i'm so sorry and i should have contacted you later but i only found this now D8
your email doesn't seem to be working? just send me one
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Sent you an email!

Sent you an email!
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Have fun! Good luck. :D

Have fun! Good luck. :D
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I thought I was tracking this

I thought I was tracking this >/
Yay Texas \o/
Have fun~
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Oh that sounds fun! Enjoy

Oh that sounds fun! Enjoy yourself. :D

What vacation.

Shame on me for not having

Shame on me for not having tracked this. ;;

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

-says the double post

-says the double post

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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Helllooo <3
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Barnacles are literally Satan

Barnacles are literally Satan and I'm so sorry.
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Ha, I'm mostly alright. It

Ha, I'm mostly alright.
It sorta reminds me of part a book I read for Biology about the Galapagos finches and Darwin- Darwin did a really thorough study of barnacles, and became so frustrated (because the species are hard to tell apart) that he wrote a letter to another biologist simply complaining about how horrible barnacles are.
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That sounds like Darwin. He's

That sounds like Darwin. He's kind of my spirit animal, despite the thing with his cousin. (You think someone who studied evolution so thoroughly would have started wondering about that.)

Still, good luck with the barnacle wounds. I wish I could send one or two of my cockroaches over to clean it up—they clean messy wounds with a lot of dead skin like a dream. Unless they were clean cuts, of course. Then there'd be no need.
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They're mostly clean cuts.

They're mostly clean cuts. Just right down the leg. Aside from one or two messy scratches on my wrist.

Do you keep pet cockroaches? That's pretty cool, actually. I can't have any high maintenance pets right now, but I do have a large aquarium tank that I've set up as a sort of terrarium, along with some other containers. I'm growing some succulent plants and keeping pillbugs. They're easy to take care of- I just give the bugs some lettuce and/or fruit every couple of days, and water the plants every three days or so (it's hot).

That sounds so painful omg.

That sounds so painful omg. I hope you heal quickly! Laughing out loud

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THANK YOU! Laughing out loud

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I DO- IT'S rossymund

I DO- IT'S rossymund
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Gross. I still remember my

Gross. I still remember my epic duel with coral in my youth, so I feel you on a more physical level than I would prefer. At least you won. Stick in to those barnacles.

I do! (I'm awful at high maintenance as well lol) On top of the other pets (two leopard geckos, a chinchilla, a ball python, and a green iguana {the latter two of which are technically Beloved's but w/e household animal sharing rule}), I keep four (currently) Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Flightless, slow, and unable to bite, they're basically the sweetest things. They don't even particularly mind being handled—they're docile by nature. There are two males—Fahrenheit and Celsius—and two females—Candela (a measure of luminosity) and Joule (a measure of potential energy). Hopefully I get some nymphs (technically actually called something else, but oddly I can't find the name anywhere now that I'm looking for it) soon to establish a breeding colony. I spoil them with a twenty gallon insectarium (I just learned that word today, along with vivarium, and I needed to sound pompous and use it) which is decorated so ridiculously I may never clean it, so at least it's an interesting feature to the house and conversation piece. Also they're really cute imo.

They're really easy too. Honestly I haven't changed the food out that I put in there when I got them roughly a month and a half ago: some Kix cereal, cricket powder, and leopard gecko "food" (some dried insect medley that leopard geckos don't care about at all that I was gifted). I've given them a couple plant scraps, but I've only ever even seen one eat once, after I put all four of them on the cereal and one noticed (Candela—looks like she really is the brightest AHAHHAHA sorry). I have six cricket "pillows" (sacks that hold water retaining gel) in there for water that I resoak, but I've never seen them use those either, so I've been rather lazy about soaking them. They seem to just drink the dew after being misted to keep up their humidity. It's really sweet.
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Same. Also, do it. Do


Also, do it.
Do it.
Make something for Mahj.
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Thank you for the help.

Thank you for the help. Smiling
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Hum: eep, sorry I haven't

Hum: eep, sorry I haven't replied till now. Aaa, so many pets, it sounds awesome! Your cockroaches look cool, I like their antennae and their red-gold color. And your insectarium is really neat, I like the set up you used.

Ravynn: You're welcome, happy to help. c:

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I'm sure he's a nice person,

I'm sure he's a nice person, but he doesn't sound too bright technologically.

I think I see how your brother got stuck in that chair for a half hour now.
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aw congrats on the

aw congrats on the scholarship!! omg