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As of now, I am not very active, especially not enough for a lot of characters. However, this profile will remain up just incase I ever feel active enough to play him again.

Name: Ikhthus
The Guitar
Gender: Male
Species: Tatzelwurm
Age: 28 years. Young for his species.
Height: #4 or 12", .3 meters.
Length: 8'8"
Voice: >Kaa
Scent: Swamp gasses

Sexuality: Unknown
Mate: N/A

Main Set
Mini Spell
Nightfall pelt
Day of the Dead antlers
Orca mask

Physical: 100%
Mental: 100%


Today's Activities: Lurking around in the pond, skimming along the surface and observing everyone. Watching for something in particular.

Previous Activites: ...

Cuddly - Passive
Cruel - Liar - Manipulative - Gluttonous - Lazy

gotta redo this....

I. Jaws and mouth resemble a snake, shown in this picture. His jaws can unhinge. His fangs have deadly Neurotoxic venom, but it also contains some Cardiotoxic. Pretty much a King Cobra's venom. Doesn't strike unless threatened or hunting. (Will not poison without player's permission when it comes to hunting)
I. Likes to secretly wear warm things like cat sweaters or giant socks or scarves. Cold all the time. Craves heat.
I. Slimy and smooth skinned.

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RP interactions are currently NOT WANTED on this bio!

Ikhthus is a character, and is in character %100 of the time. As such, this bio may contain mature(violence, language, possibly sexual) content at times. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Feel free to add me on MSN for roleplays or chatting; sablekat@live.com

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meee. <3

think this is my fav css/bio of yours
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<3 thank you alci. i'm pretty proud of it myself. hehe

never you mind, death professor
love is life, my love is better
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TRACK this awesome being Man

TRACK this awesome being
Man I wish I could understand this webdesign stuff like you do Laughing out loud
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Must track this awesomeness

Must track this awesomeness <3
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Such an interesting character

Such an interesting character *_*

Awesomeee &hearts;

Awesomeee ♥
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8D ?

8D ♥

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tracking thisss c:

tracking thisss c:
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Whoa,this character is so

Whoa,this character is so cool ;u; Definatly tracking <3

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What an amazing

What an amazing character/bio, Sable...

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<3 you guys

unathi added to relationships since it took ALCI SOOOOOO LONG

never you mind, death professor
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