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Ravenous, Wraith, Smokeborn, Berserker, Preliator, the.

» Sire to Jhorla, Grímkell, & Zafir. Ex-mate to Isiel.
» Male. Late thirties. Heterosexual. Symbol.
» Reference. 2250lbs. Eleon x Eralian ('reborn').
» 2.15m. Carnivore. Chaotic neutral? Scorpio.
» Pinterest. Spotify. Toyhouse.

» Wraith-like. Continuously emits black 'smoke' (Eralian magic) from his body and is unable to control how much is released while in any realm besides Erialas. The longer he stays outside of Erialas, the more unstable and smoky his form becomes. Can risk losing his form completely if he fails to return to Erialas.

» Able to control the solidity of his body and make it transparent to the eyes and touch. At his strongest, he has the ability to transform his body into a wisp of smoke and travel in any direction.

» The long fur on his mane slowly moves and floats in different directions as if the wind was blowing on it at multiple angles. Has considerably longer hair than he used to.

» Fur has darkened and horns have become both larger and spiked post-resurrection. Human form has also changed as a result.

» Has little memories of himself, his relationships, or his past. Recently regained a few major memories.

» An Eleon from a world called Vozatis.

» After his death and resurrection, is now tied to Erialas, making him part Eralian.

» Resembles very little of the Eleon species physically. Due to a set of extreme mutations from his sire, is far more beastly and monstrous than a typical Eleon.

» Like his sire, was not welcome to be a part of the Eleon community — a species that prided themselves on their elegance, beauty, and regality.

» After being cast out shortly after his mother's death, was forced to fend for himself as a child. Wandered aimlessly for years until stumbling upon a portal to The Endless Forest.

Updates (10/20/19)

yesyesyesyes ♥

yesyesyesyes ♥
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Oooh, I need this guy in my

Oooh, I need this guy in my life. ♥
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Traaaack <3!!!
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tracking, he seems so sweet,

tracking, he seems so sweet, would love to see him inforest!
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Mmm,tracking <3

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Can't wait to meet this guy

Can't wait to meet this guy in forest cx

I've waited for this for far

I've waited for this for far too long.
Like all the others, I absolutely cannot wait to see him in-forest. Hnng.
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Oh my word... o.0

Oh my word... o.0
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Ramsus.... *makes a

Ramsus.... *makes a love-nest*
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo

Hmmm, I like this character

Hmmm, I like this character already c:
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ohyeah. &hearts; this looks

ohyeah. ♥ this looks great. also loving the name Ramsus.
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thanks, guys. ;;

thanks, guys. ;; <3
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EEE. Why haven't I tracked

EEE. Why haven't I tracked this yet?! >C
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hey sexy BI

hey sexy BI
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This biography is so cool~! I

This biography is so cool~! I love the artwork, and I enjoyed reading about him c: ♥

By Leuvr
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Thank you!! Ramsus is now

Thank you!!

Ramsus is now available for in-forest interaction. <3
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ohmygod I want to meet this

ohmygod I want to meet this bad boy in forest some day so much.
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He's so awesome *hug 'im*

He's so awesome
*hug 'im*

woop woop &hearts;

woop woop ♥
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Do you mind if I rp with him

Do you mind if I rp with him here?
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I don't mind. Just a

I don't mind. Smiling Just a warning, I'm a slow poster. P:
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That's alright with me.

That's alright with me. Everyone works at their own pace.
I'll post first, then.

The luminous doe glided forward with weightless gate, her slender neck and appealing visage holding a massive crown of tines. It was a marvel at how her fragile, pencil-like body was able to handle such a burden. Báisè was also an exiled one, having been rejected from her last world by the abnormality that sprouted so abundantly from her cranium. Yet, the inhabitants of this endless world were even more strange than herself. A world of outcasts, one might say. Nimble, thin legs carried her to the cold carved stones around the remnants of what could be considered a church. The place felt not of death, but of sorrow. Perhaps on this day, even more so than usual. No one really talked to Báisè in this world either. She was like a silent intruder, and would watch from afar.
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Loves all over. Tracking as

Loves all over. Tracking as well.
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A tiny fawn black in

A tiny fawn black in appearance and ruff looking at first glance snuggled up against the males side. Her fur was not ruff in truth but silky and thin. Her skull face was placed neatly on her long front legs and leaning against his side. Her crystal blue eyes were closed contently as a soft purr could be heard. Lane found this one deer to be rather interesting. His appearance lied about his true intent. She had taken a strong liking to him.

I hope you don't mind if I add you on msn.

tracking &hearts; love his

tracking ♥
love his design and character
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opale12 - The ebony beast

opale12 -
The ebony beast lurked within the shadows; his steps were without a single sound and his muscular body aided him in prowling for deer to observe. For a large stag, Ramsus was quite talented for moving around stealthily when he wanted to; though for most of the time, he was just a giant lumbering brute. His soulless gaze scoured the forest, blinking every so often to refresh his tired eyes. This forest… it did not seem very different from his home. It was still filled with hostile creatures; some beautiful, some downright ugly… just like himself. It was a freak show, and he was a part of it. He always was. Then again, that never changed. Wherever you go, no matter how peaceful it may seem to be, it was all the same. The beast was lured out from his thoughts as a small, petite doe came into his vision; she would have passed as normal if it weren’t for the large rack on her tiny crown, though it did not make her any less beautiful. He watched her intently; it felt as though she would tip over at any second from the giant antlers. Ramsus stepped from out of the shadows, keeping a large distance from the female, though he did not make any attempt to make himself less conspicuous. He simply stood there, staring down at the delicate doll.

LilyBlue -
His body tensed. The thought of having someone cuddling against his body was a strange concept to the beast, and although deep down he quite enjoyed the little creature’s warmth and company, he could not bring himself to relax. He did not want to grow attached to anyone. He did not want to go through the pain of being disappointed or stabbed in the back by deer he thought he could trust, nor did he want to rely on company to get him through the day. But there he was, allowing the little bugger to cuddle with him. It was pathetic, really. The giant beast refused to look at the small fawn, instead keeping his gaze on the landscape in front of him. Fawns… what naïve creatures.


You can add me on MSN. I don't mind. ^^
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The doe's quiet gate would

The doe's quiet gate would cease as soon as she reached a small patch of poppies. Ah, her favorite flower. Turning slightly, she would angle herself in a way that would allow her to sniff then without her mass of tines raking into anytthting.. or anyone for that matter. Yet, before her slender neck bent down, her own luminous white orbs caught sight of some kind of giant. Jutting teeth and curling deadly horns gave him quite the appearance, but the doe was not wavered. Face like porcelain cast him a friendly smile as she would process to curtsy to him. A freak in this mess, just like her, maybe? She was definitely a marvel, as was he. She observed his muscular composure, and then his face. Yes, it was not the prettiest she'd seen, but he was far from appearing any less unattractive to her.

Pardon any typos. Replying on my phone.
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Lane looked up at Ramsus and

Lane looked up at Ramsus and gave a soft of smile, her little stump of a deers tail wagging. She watched him, inspected him. The little doe had not always been this small, she had not always been a child. For now though she was getting a second chance. Lane cuddled closer to the creature her eyes wide open now "You're warm." She whispered.
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>:0 Track! I love his design

>:0 Track! I love his design asdasdasdasd <3

~that determined girl was my suza x) haha!
Siggy by awesome Sypris

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he's quite intriguing. x)

he's quite intriguing. x)
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"That's enough." The giant

"That's enough." The giant stag stomped his hoof, done with the prying eyes of the stranger. "Leave my family alone. I have been told you have been following my mate quite some time now. And well, guess what." His red eyes stood out harsly in the rain, contrasting his black, wet fur. "She is mine. You have nothing to gain. Move on." He wanted to add 'before I make you', but didn't. "I will not hesistate to kick your sorry ass next time you try anything." Gehirn snorted, turning his back on the ugly creature in front of him to return to his family.

Gosh what an amazing

Gosh what an amazing character! ^-^
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The beast’s eyes were fixed

The beast’s eyes were fixed upon the large stag as it neared him; hostility and tension filled the damp air as Ramsus stood in the pouring rain. He became almost perplexed by the male’s behavior and words. They all assumed. The stranger turned away from him… turning his back on an equally large creature with jagged teeth protruding from his black lips did not seem like the smartest thing to do, especially when deemed as a threat. The opposing stag was cocky, that’s for sure. “Your mate?” he paused, turning his head but never taking his fixed gaze off of him, “I don’t want her. I never did." A single, quick glance was given at the fawn sitting near his legs. He almost forgot about her.


opale12 & LilyBlue, I will reply to your posts later. :> And LilyBlue, if you added me on MSN then I don't think I received the invitation.
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Oh Gehirn did not fear. He

Oh Gehirn did not fear. He had kept his eyes on the stag now. Had he been a true danger he would've been acting quite more like it. But Herla felt uncomfortable, and so did he. "Oh, you don't?" His head turned for a moment, eyes focussing on the creatures. "Then it would be wise to stop following her, to stop sneaking closer, don't you think?" His voice was filled with sarcasm. "That is no way to treat a lady and you bring her discomfort. Get that into that.." He paused, checking over Ramsus with quite the disgusted look on his face. "..Ugly skull of yours, alright?"

(Sorry about Geh's ass-ness! I think Ramsus looks awesome! XD Also hi!)
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There was a short pause of

There was a short pause of silence. Ugly. That word was all too familiar. He averted his eyes for a second, furrowing his brows.“You’re mistaken,” he said almost too calmly, bringing his attention back to the hostile stranger. His voice was deep and raspy, sort of unsettling, too. “I’m not following her. No, not in particular,” he said as a matter of fact, “I will leave, for now. But I will make no promise.” He would not reduce himself to petty insults. The large beast turned his muscular body and began to walk away from the stag, though he continued to keep one eye on him. He actually did not blame the stranger for acting the way he did. He would be uncomfortable if he saw himself lingering in the distance, too.


hi & thank you! haha it's fine, ram's a bit creepy so i don't blame him. c:
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Love this biography, and this

Love this biography, and this character, and his design. :j Definitely keepin' an eye on this.

So many cool things about

So many cool things about this character. Also love that he has Rorschach's voice.
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I'm a huge fan of this bio.

I'm a huge fan of this bio. What a handsome boy.
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i hope you haven't forgotten

i hope you haven't forgotten about the rp, not meaning to pry or prod, though.
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opale12 - don't worry, i

opale12 - don't worry, i haven't, i just wanted to settle Gehirn & Ram's rp first. i'll be able to reply to you guys sometime friday or on the weekend.

and thank you all! i'm glad you guys like him. :}

Tracking, I like his design.

Tracking, I like his design. (x

Heya. Added you to MSN. Might

Heya. Added you to MSN. Might have to counter-add me though, for it to work. Caramelcamel@live.com

*rolls in* Trackin'. Been

*rolls in*

Trackin'. Been secretly stalking this bio anyways.
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Obviously gonna track this.

Obviously gonna track this. <3
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Should probably track this

Should probably track this myself. :I
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opale12 - He stood silently.

opale12 -
He stood silently. A stranger… smiling at him? That was certainly a first. He half expected her to turn her head with a disgusted expression on her face. This odd, unfamiliar behavior perplexed him; it was not every day that a pretty doe show him at least an ounce of kindness. He was not sure how to react to the ashen dahlia. Instead, he did what he always did… turn his neck and body away from the doe and stand there awkwardly with a frown on his elongated lips. He at one point averted his eyes from hers, avoiding giving her eye contact. This was certainly awkward… as it always tended to be.


thank you for the tracks. :'D
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Would it be all right if I RP

Would it be all right if I RP with this character some time? He's so fascinating.
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Yep, that's fine! I'd love

Yep, that's fine! I'd love to. (: