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I decided to make one, because

1.My deer are not in game as much these days with classes killing me it's hard. I'm also doing more drawing and things in my free time

2.My deer have nothing going on any more

3.I have characters that I need to develop better (so I will play them in game more when I do get on) and rp is, I have found out, the best way to do it.

I’m not saying that things will get rough on here but language could happen so I’m tossing this warning up. To be considerate

If you do not want to rp here there is always my msn. It’s not hard to find just look on Night Shade’s bio at the end <3

I’m not going to scream about spelling and grammar.
As long as I can tell what it is and everyone is having fun it’s ok.

Please do ///NOT// mix IC and OOC. What my characters do and yours do are- and should be purely in character.

Please do not one line me. I’m not being rude. I don’t expect books, but give me something more than say..
“Hi.” *bounces*

Night Shade

A small back doe sat quietly on a log near the play ground, watching the world around her with little interest. She yawned and flicked her fox like tail from side to side, as she settled herself in. It could be said that she was an easy target or blissfully unaware of her surroundings, but Night Shade was always on high alert. She still wore her winter fur. It would be some months yet before her white markings would return. She was better hidden in her solid coat, but stuck out like a sore thumb at the same time. The doe never worried much though. Why should she? She liked to fight and if she found herself in over her head, there were many she could run to for help. Perhaps she had become a bit too comfortable

will add later


A large shadow colored stag sat in a patch of long grass, within the birch forest. Every now and then he would toss his silver white antlers to rid himself of the pesky birds that perched there. He found it really annoying that the more he wanted to be left alone, it seemed that more of the forests inhabitants bothered him. He just wanted to go back home. He was no deer. He didn’t care for it at all. The deer form left him with nothing but a bitter taste in his mouth, as he reflected on why he was even in the forest to start with. It was a punishment and a good on it seemed. A growl rumbled in his chest.

“Damn you Asaroth. You will pay for this, you and your little mate.”
He had hated the pair before, but he wished nothing more than to see them dead for what they had done to him. Of course they were nowhere near him now for him to act on his anger any way.

other stuff
Asaroth is owned by Kittycatkita.
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track though my rp skills are

though my rp skills are suffering nowdays xD

Well ma'am you see ma'am I

Well ma'am you see ma'am I will set up my fold-able chair here ma'am and stay here a while. Ma'am.

thanks for the tracks and

thanks for the tracks

and fish.. 8| *hits with a sock


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Ooohhh, I can has RP with

Ooohhh, I can has RP with you? >w< My new stag Dorian needs some serious development TwT

track for now... though i

track for now... though i don't know yet~ |D

{May I please Rp with Des my

{May I please Rp with Des my character is Kiana}

The white fur doe was walking slowly through the forest the low deep voice of a male stag frightned her.She didn't know what his words meant only that he seemed to want revenge.She wasn't the meddling type but it would be unwise not to introduce her self lest he thought she was spying.Gathering up her courage she made it so that he could see her.She bowed showing the black fur on her back which looked like wings"Hello I'm Kiana"she said with respect her voice did not shake which she thought was a miracle.

Chickenwhite sure ^^ Faunet

Chickenwhite sure ^^

Des kept his gaze ahead of him, tired ice blue eyes scanning the horizon. He greeted the white doe with an irritated growl. He wasn’t really interested in what any of the deer in his personal prison had to say to him but, If the doe decided to push it’s luck. He might spare a word.. He grumbled and looked over to the doe, finally acknowledging her existence. His expression was cold as stone. The only change was the perking of his ears, as if to say “Well?”



"Nice to meet you I guess"she

"Nice to meet you I guess"she said with a bit of humor.She notced his gaze bit wasn't worried by it.
She pawed the ground a little and sat next to a tree."Do you mind if I stay here for bit"?she asked the stag not really expecting any answer.

He stared at her for a long

He stared at her for a long time, contemplating on rather to get up and move. It wouldn’t do any good though. The creatures of the forest had a way of following him around. It really was a losing battle. The stag grunted and made up his mind.

“If you wish.” His voice was very rough and monotone, but held a certain amount of properness as he spoke. Another bird landed on his antlers and he growled, violently shaking his head. The bird tumbled to the ground and as quick as a snakes strike, Des snatched it up with his powerful jaws. The birds bones snapped and popped under his fangs.

She watched the scene with

She watched the scene with curiosity while most would turn away in disgust.He seemed to be the opposite of her.While she healed others he hurt them.As if to prove her point a bunny came limping torward her.She felt sympathy towards the small creature as it cuddled next to her.Lowering her head she kissed the bunny on the head and light glow eminated around the bunny healling it's wound.As soon as the process was complete the bunny hopped off into the shrubs"Careless ones"she said under her breath while rolling her eyes.

Des finished his meager meal

Des finished his meager meal and glared at the doe irritated. The rabbit would have been an easy meal, and much better than the bird.

“Indeed very careless.” He growled and pushed himself up off the ground. He stalked over to the doe, his posture predatory. He had no reason to keep his temper under control, or to hide what he really was. In his prime he had killed many for less than being deprived the possibility of an easy meal. To one of a sane mind, healing a rabbit should not have mattered, but Des was not feeling very sane.

Her piercing amber eyes

Her piercing amber eyes watched him as he approached sensing his attitude she stood up.She puffed her chest out bluffing sort of she arched her neck.She felt like he was trying to make her the prey but she wouldn't have it.If he wanted to have a go then she would gladly have at but as an equal and not as someone of lower level.Even if she was female she could care less"Is there a problem"she asked her voice calm and pure.

double post.

double post.
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*swoops in with a Wonder

*swoops in with a Wonder Woman Mousse*


Fear not! I shall return!

*swoops out*

“You ignorant animal.” He had

“You ignorant animal.” He had no patience for arrogance. Of course there was a problem. He hated for things to be inconvenient and she had inconvenienced him. The fact that she didn’t run away like a pitiful beast enraged him more. He roared, fangs becoming longer as he continued to stalk forward. He was old and broken down a bit by age, but that didn’t make him think himself any less powerful or intimidating.

kitty. 8U !! trigger.

kitty. 8U !!

trigger. *chases after

She snarled and growled back

She snarled and growled back at him "You call me igorant but you were already eating the bird,your mouth was full at the time.I kept myself a respectful distance from you as did the other creature."She wasn't intimidated by him as she closed her eyes she moved as fast as lightning till she was behind him."If your as tough as your claiming then it really wouldn't have been an inconvience,besides if I was here that bunny wouldn't have come even that close to you.

Great the creatures of this

Great the creatures of this forest have powers as well He though bitterly to himself. He wondered how a place could become even more of a pain in the back side. His lord had picked a great punishment for him, no doubt about that.

“You speak as if you are doing me some favor. Rather you had been here or not the fool thing could have easily have been tracked with a wound.” his fur stood on end as he made a lunge at the doe. “If you think I’m weak, Your wrong. I simply see no point in wasted energy.”

"I thought nothing of the

"I thought nothing of the sort" she said evading his blow"Nor did I know the status that you were still hungry forgive if I am not up to date on your eating habits"her voice was full of anger."Had I known I would have let the creature be "she said with a huph
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I'll interact with Des, then,

I'll interact with Des, then, okay? >w<

Stumbling through the woods, yet another of the inhabitants of the forest was about to bother the shadow-like deer.
He was confused, scared, running away. Panic was obvious in his movements and his scent, obscured as it was by the smell of metal and decay...
And lavender...
Crashing through bushes and undergrowth, he literally barged in on the dark deer, only just managing to skit to a halt, legs forcefully stomped into the ground, stopping every movement only three meters from the solitary shadow-deer.
He gasped, as he spotted the other, freezing in place, yellow eyes wide... or at least the one of them that worked.
He swallowed.
It looked painful.
"I'm so sorry to intrude!..." He jabbered, words fast and fearful, as he stood there, trembling...
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(Mind if I throw an old moose

(Mind if I throw an old moose at Des? Sticking out tongue)

Browsing through the shady trees came a large creature, a female moose of brown and gold, larger than average due to the rolls of fat that lined her bones. She hummed softly to herself as she browsed, thinking of happy days and how peaceful the forest was.

Her peace was disturbed by a low rumbling growl from nearby. Lifting her head slightly, she glanced toward the source of the noise, a big dark stag lying in the grass, perturbed by the birds that paid his aggression no heed. Pricking her ears, she caught the name of her friend's mate, Asaroth, and moved over to the stag curiously.

She moved into the stag's view and tilted her head slightly at him, looking down at the stag although her head was lowered.

"Good day monsieur. I hope ze forest is treating you well aujourdhui? I happened to notice that you spoke the name 'Asaroth'; are you an ami of his perhaps?'

She looked the stag over curiously. He did seem to remind her of Asaroth, all jagged edges and barely concealed aggression. Perhaps this stag was another demon in the forest.

(hehe you can kick my guy out

(hehe you can kick my guy out of the RP if ya want but I always love joining RP's)

Airia walked caustiously through the dark forest, flicking her mane out her eyes. She walked into a clearing where she heard a small group of deer.

Airia flicked her ears back and swished her tail. She approached quietly up a hill and looked down on them. She snorted fearfully as she viewed them, one of them scared her the most. Although she fought her earge to step towards them, she placed one hoove infront of her. She walked cautiously through the bushes and peeked out at the deer and then quickly stuck her head back in.

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(off topic here; Wow, this

(off topic here; Wow, this thing got bumped down fast! O.ò)

Faunet “Oh?” He snarled

“Oh?” He snarled taking another leap and snapping at her with his razor sharp bite. “I really doubt that . You are a healer; you would not just sit and watch me rip apart some wounded animal.”


Des whirled on the newcomer with a snarl. His buttons were really being pressed. He felt quiet stupid now for being irritated with birds. He had bigger problems now and very little control left. Not that he had much to start with. Unlike his lord and some others, he didn’t keep his demon under control. He stayed in his truest form at all times, even as a deer. The only thing he did trouble himself to control, was how much power and energy he used. He was not as strong as he used to be, and could tire rather quickly if he pushed himself too far. “Of course.” there was a cold malice behind his voice as he spoke. “Sorry doesn’t get it with me, Not for you and not for her.” He snorted back in the doe’s direction.


The big stag’s spine stiffened and his fur stood on end, as a growl rose from his chest. She knew Asaroth. His very name set the old stag off. He glared at the brown creature, larger than a deer, but almost an equal in size for himself, if not a bit bigger. “No.” He said simply. He was satisfied with his answer as it saved the trouble of answering two questions separately. He thought he was quiet cleaver in his coldness. Des was however curious about what the newcomer knew of Asaroth,so he would not snap on her, not right then any way. “You know the bastard then?” His fangs scraped together as he spoke.


The big stag noticed yet another deer in the distance, but he didn’t turn his attention to it. He had enough bothering him at the moment, but remained aware that it was sneaking around, in case it attempted to attack him. He was always on high alert.

people are just posting alot

people are just posting alot today i guess lol
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The big cow raised a brow at

The big cow raised a brow at the stag's tone.


She snorted slightly in amusement at his words.

"I do know him, and je pense que he is indeed a bastard, as would be any hellspawn. He is good to his mate however, and that is all that I am concerned with. I take it from your sentiments that for you, Asaroth is...non désiré?"

She moved a slight distance away, lowering herself ponderously to the ground so that she could speak to the stag at eye level. She watched him carefully, not trusting that he couldn't spring up without a moment's warning. He was old, yes, but she could sense that he still had energy.

He watched her quietly, his

He watched her quietly, his expression unchanging as his eyes followed her movement. Des was not intimidated by anything the forest had to throw at him. In his mind, other than maybe a select few, he was the strongest beast there, but this female was bigger than him and he did keep that fact in the back of his mind. She certainly had him beat for weight. He would have gotten a chuckle out of that thought on a good day, but no day spent in the forest would ever be good enough to lighten his mood. When the moose had sat down, he knew she was not planning on going away anytime soon.

“You must be so honored to know them both.” He growled. “Such perfect examples of poor breeding they are.”

He wanted to see just how much she did know and if she might possible prove useful. Des had a way of getting information by making negative statements. He knew that if the cow grew defensive, like most ignorant would, she would possibly babble out more than she would mean to expose.
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The moose snorted softly to

The moose snorted softly to herself. This stag was like a fawn throwing a very slow temper tantrum. She chose to ignore his sarcasm.

"I am indeed honoured to know Night Shade...she is a lovely doe, and her little ones are tres beaux. As for Asaroth...well, I confess that I do not know much about him, beyond that he is a demon and seems to care for his mate deeply."

She paused, looking at the stag steadily.

"I was worried at first. Demons are not unknown to me, although I did not believe that such a beautiful place as this could call them. I feared that one day his temper would snap, and Night Shade could be the victim of that. I see now that while he has a temper, he is a proud beast and would do anything to protect his love."

She added an edge to her last phrase, although she did not look him in the eyes directly.

"Don't label me"she said

"Don't label me"she said fiercely opening her mouth to reveal almost canine like teeth.Her fur on her back was standing up."It's a gift I have but I choose when and when not to use it"she said her eyes glaring at the stag.

Trigger The moose’s words


The moose’s words were like a hard slap to the face. He had no idea Asaroth had reproduced with his pathetic beast of a mate. Asaroth had stayed gone from his Kingdom for long amounts of time, but Des had never once thought he might have a warm and fuzzy little family in some strange place, especially not a place as unfit as his forest prison. He looked at the cow wide eyed, there seemed to be some kind of energy, like a gravitational pull around his body, as he rose to his feet and roared. His plan had worked. The big female had certainly exposed something of interest to him, but he didn’t like it. He couldn’t accept it. The other words she had spoken got lost in translation somewhere, when he had heard the words “little ones.” It was a whole new game.

“He can protect his little family all he wants. I will kill them all.” he roared
“No Half breed spawn will inherit the kingdom. I’ll make sure of that. Pathetic. PATHETIC!”

”You should choose more wisely doe.” he snorted, snapping at her again. He was not set back at all by her posture or her sharp teeth, those kinds of things only encouraged him to fight more. The doe was lucky she had speed on her side

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As quickly as her large bulk

As quickly as her large bulk would allow, the moose rose to her hooves, planting herself. As loudly as the stag himself roared, she bellowed into his face with all the force she could muster.

Catching her breath she panted at him, anger permeating her words. She had never felt a rage like this before. How dare this beast of a creature threaten the family that she helped bring into creation.

"You call them pathetic?! Look at yourself! A shell of a beast consumed with rage and fury! You are nothing and you will never get their family."

She raised her head high with a slight smile on her face. Part of her couldn't believe that she was doing this, provoking this beast even further, but the other part of her was proud, willing to protect the family that she cared for.

"Asaroth is ten times the being that you will ever be. He will defeat you like the nothing you are.

"My time is worthless on you

"My time is worthless on you as ,,,,"she stopped she didn't know whether she wanted to divulge that tid bit or not.She dashed to the side and lept into a tree where she balanced on a limp.She looked down at him raising her eyebrow,she knew he had alot of emotion bottled up or so she thought

darn double post

darn double post

trigger He struck at her


He struck at her with a mighty swing of his antlers. They were not an impressively big set of antlers, but they were no less deadly than the biggest set in the forest. His tines were curved much like gut hooks on the end of a hunting knife, perfect for ripping through even the toughest of flesh. Everything about the big stag was designed to hurt others and he always enjoyed doing it.

His eyes were blazing with anger, full of hate, as he glared at her.

“This place.”
He spat “Has made Asaroth soft. If he is ten times what I am..He is more than welcome to try me. I only served under the fool, because I respected him, but that respect was stomped to the ground when that mate of his followed him home like some sick puppy.”


He growled irritated as he looked up into the tree. “As?” he asked slowly, curious

She sighed jumping down her

She sighed jumping down her movements gracefull her voice was slightly irritated she spoke"As guardien of death and succesor and ruler of the underground"she let out a low growl not to him but more in frustration and memories she hadn't asked to be saved and named ruler."And after all this time I don't seem to know your name"she said.
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The moose swung her body to

The moose swung her body to deflect the blow from her face, but winced as one of the hooked tines caught her side and ripped through her skin. A flash of thought passed through her mind as she felt the tear: she for once was glad that she had layers of fat to protect her organs. A slimmer deer would no doubt have been gored by that same blow.

Ignoring the pain for the moment, she turned back and glared at him, matching his hatred with her own.

"Even a sick puppy knows where its loyalty lies. You are nothing but a mad dog, fit only to be put out of its misery! You snap at those who would otherwise help you, seeing only that the world is against you. You disgust me mad dog!"

With those words she swung a heavy kick at him, low, aiming to cripple him if possible.

Faunet He relaxed his


He relaxed his anger. He was really getting exhausted. He decided to humor her, at least until he was feeling less drained. ”Des is my name and do not complain about positions of power, only few are so lucky.”


Des had little time to feel pleased with himself for wounding the moose, blood dripped from his tines as he arched his spine trying to escape what he knew would be a powerful blow. The cows kick caught him dead in his right fore and sent him spinning around and roaring in pain. It wasn’t broken, but it hurt like hell fire. He was much too old to take low blows like that with a shrug of the shoulders.

“Fat fool.” he growled turning to face her once more, body shaking with rage.

“You won’t be the one to put me down. Dare you to think such foolishness. You will be lucky to limp back to your worthless family.” His fangs popped like that of a wild hog about to charge as he spoke coldly to the old cow.

“Whatever spawn you helped bring into this world... I will kill. YOU should have done it yourself, to save them the grief later. I will kill them, and you won’t stop me.”

He knew he didn’t want to kill her. She was an emotional piece of work, she would come in handy. Those types seemed to have a way of doing that, getting caught up in there good deeds, and becoming carless with their actions. With her there was the possibility of a direct lead to Asaroth’s family.

Her ears flattened when he

Her ears flattened when he told her not to complain.She didn't care much for being told what to do.
"Des is it"she repeated the name and cocked her head she had heard that name before but where exactly she wasn't sure.She sensed him calming at least for now.Composing herself her fur flattened and her eyes looked warmer than the harsh gaze they held before.

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The strange-looking newcomer

The strange-looking newcomer hesitantly turned his head, jerkingly, not wanting to look away from the threat before him, and as he spotted the doe hiding in between the leaves and branches, he made a small, startled jump to the side, away from her direction. The smell of fear increased.
(OhshitI'mgonnadie...) He thought panicky, already feeling cornered on both sides, not knowing who to face and view as the bigger threat. The stag in front of him was obviously hostile, but the doe might be too, how was he to know?
He hesitantly took a step backwards.
"I-I'm sensing a bit of hostility, maybe I should just, uh, get on my merry way, then?..." the purple, antlerless stag chuckled nervously, yellow eyes full of fear, which he naively tried to hide under a mask of pretend-friendliness.

(Airia is a mare

(Airia is a mare horse)

Airia flicked her ears at all the things happeneing and almost jumped out of her fur when she heard his roar. She didn't know what was keeping her put, usually she would have spooked and ran by now but something egged her on.

She looked behind and side to side to make sure no one was in her blind spots and then she continued on watching.
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(Oh, sorry about that

(Oh, sorry about that XD;;

Gonna wait with answering 'till Fire has >w<)

haha that's okay :]

haha that's okay :]

Chickenwhite Des was not at


Des was not at all impressed with the odd looking arrival. He had reached his limit already with the doe, so he was no longer in the mood to fight. It was pointless anyway, a waste of energy. He was slowly realizing getting angry wasn’t going to get him home any faster anyway. He might as well calm down tolerate them for the time being. He could always kill them later if he wished.
His eyes flickered over the odd looking stag. He wrinkled his nose as the unpleasant smell he put off and snorted, shaking his head in disgust.

”There is more than a bit of hostility here,..The hell happened to you? .”

Pepper-mill- ranch

((Ffff im sorry |D I missed that point as well))

The big stag was, at rest for the time being. He was still very aware of the other creature. Horses were not unknown to him. He had seen many in his life time, but not in his deer form of course, not that it mattered. Rather he was trapped in animal’s body or not. He still viewed the horse as nothing but a humble worker. The stag relaxed more, seeing it as no real problem.


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Blinking once, the strange

Blinking once, the strange stranger looked down at himself for a short moment, oblivious at first... but then a nervous chuckle came as he seemed to realize his looks weren't exactly normal.
"Eh, quite a lot of things in these past few months..." He trembled, relaxing a bit now as the creature in front of him didn't seem so hostile now... But he still kept his distance and a sharp eye open, ready to bolt and run at any time on those short, trembling legs.
Funny... He almost smelled like a scared doe...
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A small grunt escaped the

A small grunt escaped the moose's lips as she saw the success of her hit. Her body shook as well, although more with fatigue than rage. She had not exerted herself in this way since Night Shade's fawn had been born, and her age and weight was catching up with her.

She could feel the blood flowing still, matting her hide, and the thought of it made her dizzy.

Trying to move in such a way so she could get her balance back, she slowly shifted her weight, keeping her eyes on the big stag.

"I may not be the one to put you down mad dog, but I can assure you that your demise will come. Asaroth obviously suffers you here for some reason known only to him, but if you threaten his family, your end will follow soon after. Do not underestimate Night Shade either, she has a heart that you will never understand and a fury that cannot be matched!"

She paused, her weight braced in her planted hooves.

"If there is any sense left in your mad head, you would be wise to leave them alone. If only for the selfish purpose of self-preservation, stay away."