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Christmas Gifts Blog

Takeharu Ishimoto - Fufilled Desire (Crisis Core Soundtrack)


Weather: Sunny
Time: Day
Forest Magic: None


Vee Blog

Feral Hearts is finally, but unofficially out.
However their servers are very dodgy, you might have to keep coming back and trying to get in until it works.
I'll post the link when it's ready.


Final Fantasy 7 Gaming Phase.
Crisis Core - Completed (Sniff ;_;)
Last Order Anime - Completed
Original Game - Playing
Advent Children - Watch After Game
Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus - Trying to obtain

Connection: Good
Pictos: Good
Framerate: 15fps

Bios & Links

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I feel like such a hypercrite

I feel like such a hypercrite saying that. xD' Talk on MSN or something later?

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No, no, I don't think I have

Smiling No, no, I don't think I have anything else to say about this.
Edit: Wait I have:
Frou Frou is amazing.
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I think part of it - or a

I think part of it - or a large part actually - is that people are more busy nowadays, so it's difficult to start something interactive like that. Some people also lack motivation or ideas too. Or in some cases, both. Sort of like me. |D
A roleplay blog is a lot like this though. It just needs the right start so people will want to be involved, free time or no. Even with low free time, a roleplay is still possible.
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I very much agree with you on

I very much agree with you on the story thing~!! <33 I don't think I've been involved in any story here before... ;-; There were two, that were going to become good plots but neither fell through - Plague was going to raise Aurelius to be evil or something, and there was going to be this whole thing that I even forget, but Haru has left and thus nothing can come out of that. There was going to be a big plot between several deer but foremost Plague, Raimundo, and Laurette, but then the suicide thing happened and kkjsfhdkdfhlksfd. It died.
Oh well :c
However, I'm pretty sure I mentioned I have a plot brewing in my mind regarding Isabelline |D Since Virgil is her father... he'll definitely be a part of it ;}

By Leuvr

I had fun tonight

I had fun tonight <3 ... I'm sorry things weren't going so well for you.
I hope you have a better day tomorrow...
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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the evening Ki. Sorry for being over dramatic outside the game, I hope it didn't disappoint you...
I do love playing with you... <3
It should be.

You didn't disappoint me at

You didn't disappoint me at all! And thank you for the evening too, I didn't realize it would go on for so long. I can't get into a habit of staying up late though like tonight (x
I laughed a lot at all the nuzzles... I was trying to hit the button and nuzzle the same time as you as a game teehee.
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This is the second time you

This is the second time you stayed up super late now. xD They were both great nights, though!
I was trying to do the same at a couple of points! ... I think we failed. ): How sad. x3
We'll have to get it right next time! Shocked

Yes! Let's do it when Dag is

Yes! Let's do it when Dag is around, she'll probably shout "get a room" or vomit from the cuteness rofl.
But yes, lateness... I'm logging off (: see you next time!
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VCG, I'm sorry you've had

VCG, I'm sorry you've had such a bad day. I'm also sorry that I stirred up trouble out of the game. Thank you for defending me, but try not to stress yourself out anymore. I can take it from here. <3
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Fincayra... I am glad you are

I am glad you are here
I am glad you was there

You are amazing.
Thank you. <3

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I assure you I am not amazing

I assure you I am not amazing in the slightest.
I was only having fun today. <3

I also forgot to add:
WOW. I just saw the screenie edit at the top of this page. It's incredible!
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I think you're amazing. And

I think you're amazing.

And the credit for that screenie goes to Ephra, she is incredible. ^^

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Well, you're both amazing and

Well, you're both amazing and incredible. xD
...and Ephra, too.
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I was going to comment on the

I was going to comment on the screenie too but I guess I forgot. Its very pretty. :3

I saw you... You've just

I saw you...
You've just nuzzled Estme xD aww

Better late than never

Better late than never amirite?

*trackaroni* X3
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(No subject)

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Love. x3

Love. x3

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tracking uncle.

tracking uncle.
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I knew it! Vir's a pimp XD

I knew it! Vir's a pimp XD
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Of course he is! All the

Of course he is! All the wo/men love him! ;D

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Lmao @ the Twin Gods in his

Lmao @ the Twin Gods in his antlers.
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I'm pretty sure there are

I'm pretty sure there are more people who experience this.

Most of my frustration is Mozart's fault. He is always creeping in my thoughts. It's almost scary sometimes, but I consider it as normal. :x
This bond seems to give me a lot of creative energy though, most of my stuff is influenced by what we both feel nowadays. It doesn't have to be TEF-related.
I yet have to understand how exactly this kind of bond works. (Extension of oneself?)

Sometimes we influence each other too much for my liking..
I'd hate to think I am personally vulnerable in-forest while playing a character. It takes me a lot of effort to actually convince myself I am not upset because of what happened to Mozart. It's like to find out someone just made your best friend sad. Which is probably the main reason I am still very uncomfortable with the concept of plots.

Rambling again. xD'
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I do find myself arguing with

I do find myself arguing with my deer at times... They do seem to have minds of their own, even moreso than other characters I've created. They all in some way are extensions of myself, though, so...I tend to feel what they feel. *shrug* Not sure how to explain myself, but I do get what you're talking about.
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I think you know how me and

I think you know how me and my deer are alike D8"" We have a strange connection. I think that comes out best when we have a "disagreement", as I tend to call them. It's when I feel my deer's feelings and mine are out of line, and we get both insecure about how we should feel, and about how to respond. It also comes out when I think I'm doing something "In-character", while it's totally out of the line with how they would respond on their own. It's strange to explain D8
They're all me, I'm all them. If someone hurts them in-forest, I'm hurt myself aswell. I guess not a lot of people understand that, since the general opinion is that deer should be seperate from player. But I can't do that.

NUUUH But yap I get what you mean.~
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Oh god, me and my deer are

Oh god, me and my deer are always close in connection. We feel eachother's emotions all the time. Chavs, hurh. Whatthehell is the point with them? They are so retarded and pointless. ó___ó Sorry about what happened to your sister. :/
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I know what you mean, VCG. I

I know what you mean, VCG. I don't feel this way with any of my other deer, but with Esll I have always let my emotions leak into him at times. He is practically myself in deer form, even if I limit myself to strict roleplaying. But that doesn't mean my feelings can't effect the way I play him on certain days. When he's upset about something, I'm upset too. When he's excited or really into something, I'm just the same way. And I can't seem to sever that connection.

Ever since what happened between him and Bylah, Esll's visits to the Forest have been less frequent. I know I was only roleplaying in that instance, but it still effected me personally. To the point where I feel too ashamed to even enter the Forest for a while. That's an example of how my deer and I share a connection - I feel exactly what he feels, and in this case it's shame.
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Fin, do you have MSN...? I

Fin, do you have MSN...?
I would love to talk to you. Smiling

Fincayra's picture

I do. It's

I do. Smiling

I have to be somewhere in twenty minutes, so I can't talk right now. But I'll try to catch you later. <3
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Added. Do poke me when you

Added. Do poke me when you have the time. ♥ ^^

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Well, I don't know if it

Well, I don't know if it makes a difference but I'm ill and annoyed and stuff, slightly dizzy with a throbbing headache. So you're not the only one having a bad day. ...but I got the day off school anyway.

Underneath Robin's updates, it says 9th Match, not March. :B
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Thanks. :B

Thanks. :B

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This is why I think I'm so

This is why I think I'm so hypocritical because when the word got out and everything was chaos, I wanted the antlerless to end. But god do I wish we still had the ability to keep them. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask the gods, but I highly doubt they would let us. Worth a try I guess. It was so beautiful.. ó___o
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Nothing was ever as ugly as

Nothing was ever as ugly as those bald heads.
Why not appreciate what M&A have done for us instead of being greedy?
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I'm not being greedy, Seele.

I'm not being greedy, Seele. I just said it was nice and I'm not expecting M&A to let us have them back anyway.

I love the picture, it

I love the picture, it reflects his feelings well... Poor Virgil... Maybe she's bad for him ;_;
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He's always been one to

He's always been one to forgive way too easily. xD
Maybe, maybe not? We love hanging out with Kiyoko and Rokujou. Sticking out tongue

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"Virgil... I-I am to blame

"Virgil... I-I am to blame for this. I went too far... got too close. The strangers follow me. I tried to keep them away, but I brought them. I can't stand by and witness her grief, and neither you nor I can do anything about it. I can't watch you get hurt... I'm sorry, my friend. She needs you. Not me. My visits will be shorter, if on some days altogether scarce, anything to keep both of you safe."
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"Sir, why blame yourself for

"Sir, why blame yourself for something that has been happening for a long time now?
It is not a fault of yours, Sir Esll, it would just seem we have an awful lot of bad luck.
Sir... I would like you to continue visiting, from what I have witnessed today, dear Kiyoko appreciates your presence - trusts you.

... Recall what our dear friend Sir Iaurdagnire said last night...?
I alone can not be a great enough fence for her.
It would be an honor for you too to be here to help..."

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"Your words are of some

"Your words are of some comfort, sir. Forgive me if I am distraught. I shudder to think what came over her earlier, but Kiyoko should not have targeted you. It should have been me. You have been her true guardian all this time; while I can keep the others from coming too close, only you can really protect her from them. For the life of me, I will not see you deal with the pain of the wounds that should have been cut into my hide."
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"She has... another side to

"She has... another side to her... I dare not ask yet, but it is almost like it is not her, but is.
Ah sir, but if it was not for the help of others when Bylah attacked, we most probably would not have stood a chance! I am very grateful for your interventions.
These wounds are a lie each, I take them because I wish to understand this other side to her, to know if it really is her or some...one else..."

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"Regardless, your wounds

"Regardless, your wounds should have been mine.
It is beyond my comprehension why she went for you, her closest friend, instead of me, the stranger. I am curious about her actions as well... dear Kiyoko did not seem herself. Her antlers... grew so long, so deadly, in only a short amount of time. Though it will never be my intention to frighten her further, I do not think I can restrain myself from interference should she go after you again..."
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"Come now my friend, perhaps

"Come now my friend, perhaps you are seeing this a little too shallow?
She went for me in her other state because I came and let her. I am, in a way, telling her that although I may disobey her Other, I will never harm her even in self defense...
If it became more than I could handle, a hasty retreat would be in order.
! Sir, I would ask that you do retrain yourself if such should occur again. I do not wish to ever have to protect her from you.
Trust in us..."

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"Do you believe me to be a

"Do you believe me to be a monster? Never think you will ever have to protect her from me. You misunderstand my meaning, though I do not blame you. I would never harm her for your sake, nor would I act in self-defense to protect myself. As much as my instinct to protect is strong in me, I give you my word that I won't interfere because you are so strongly opposed to it.

I trust you."
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"Thank you sir, and I do

"Thank you sir, and I do apologize. Fear caused me to over-react again.

I trust you too, my friend."

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Woo for being online at uni

Woo for being online at uni on my midgetty slow notebook thingy~! Laughing out loud

Just a notie on your getting-onto-iloveim problems, try using a proxy-usually american proxies are fast enough, and these usually are not blocked by any filters. You might want to read up on proxies before you do so-whilst they can be awesome, there are some dodgy ones out there that can let people see your details and what you're up to on the network. I've used proxies many times before and had absolutely no problems-hell if this notebook wasnt so slow I'd use one right now Laughing out loud

Sooo, yes :3 Try a proxy m'dear, and you should have no problems. I can even find you one if you wish that I find reliable/link you to a site where the good secure ones are ♥

Talk to you soooon~! *goes to nom donuts outside*

edit: btw if youre wondering how the proxy bypasses blocks placed by school servers and such, basically it fools the network into thinking youre connected to something that doesnt have the blockage. Worst explanation evah right thar from me but yes :3
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*Throws a Pancake at*

*Throws a Pancake at* ♥

I love hidemyass.com. But I've also recently found ways to get onto MSN live via MSN site, so all is good! Laughing out loud

Talkies laterrrr. <3