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Christmas Gifts Blog

Takeharu Ishimoto - Fufilled Desire (Crisis Core Soundtrack)


Weather: Sunny
Time: Day
Forest Magic: None


Vee Blog

Feral Hearts is finally, but unofficially out.
However their servers are very dodgy, you might have to keep coming back and trying to get in until it works.
I'll post the link when it's ready.


Final Fantasy 7 Gaming Phase.
Crisis Core - Completed (Sniff ;_;)
Last Order Anime - Completed
Original Game - Playing
Advent Children - Watch After Game
Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus - Trying to obtain

Connection: Good
Pictos: Good
Framerate: 15fps

Bios & Links


It's okay, my game keeps

It's okay, my game keeps freezing and is being a butthead too!

I like all the colours in here 8B
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I looove that screen edit up

I looove that screen edit up there. Laughing out loud Clever idea to use The Path's forest as a backdrop, it fits perfectly.
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Thanks! And it does! It's

Thanks! And it does! It's great to be able to combine two games from ToT because they just... fit, in art and style. Laughing out loud

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Wow. Shocked
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I'll say it before and I'll

I'll say it before and I'll say it again:
It's so delicious, I could spread it on a cracker.
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XDDD Thanks you guys!


Thanks you guys! <3
*Chucks Dag a glass of milk to go with those crackers*

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You're going to meet Dag?!

You're going to meet Dag?! /jealous /wants to come toooo ;A;
I live all the way in the U.S. Not close at all T.T
/too paranoid to meet anyone anyways xD
And yeah, the Path stuffs look absolutely lovely here 8D
The top picture is absolutely amazing @.@

By Leuvr
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*Packs Ranza in a bag* To be

*Packs Ranza in a bag*
To be honest, I'm extremely paranoid too. xD Poor Dag-human has to tolerate my constant need for reassurance coming up to this meet. 8D'
But it's okay. <3 She's awesome you see.

The path is amazing! I'd recommend it! It's cheaper until the 28th. <3

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/probably actually could fit

/probably actually could fit in a bag LOL
If I ever planned to meet someone, they'd have to reassure me too xDD
Y'know, I think TEF should have TEF-meets like deviantART.
That would be so exciting. And we could have an Abiogenesis-styled party to celebrate the gathering. And our name tags would have our pictograms on them.

EEEP I won't have enough time ;A; Oh well. I'm still going to get it if it's the last thing I do. I played the demo version a couple of months ago and had so much fun @.@

By Leuvr
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^ Now that would be cool.

^ Now that would be cool. Like an Endless Forest con. 8D
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Yeah! 8D I don't know about

Yeah! 8D I don't know about dressing up as one's deer, but who knows. Maybe there could be a little corner where you could design a shirt with your deer on it?
/getting ahead of myself
/will jot this down and post on the forum later

By Leuvr
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*headbutts Virgil* ... >.>

*headbutts Virgil*
... >.>
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"*Headbutts back.*"

"*Headbutts back.*"

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Me: STFU!!

I used to want to kick AOL's ass. hehe. xDD
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Don't come near me anymore.

Don't come near me anymore.
Every time you do, something bad happens.
We can stay friends, Virgil. We just need to be distant ones...
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"No. Tell your mate to loosen

Tell your mate to loosen the hell up.
I only wished for company."

((I was feeling OOCly sad and rather lonely earlier, hanging out with you was more ooc than ic to me.
Today has been a really crap day.
Also, regarding my poofage from Yahoo earlier.
My internet sucks, so it died.))

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Give me some time to try and

Give me some time to try and work things out...
These things take time...

I thought you signed off b/c you were really mad or something. UGHHH VCG. -_- I'm sorry.
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"So much time has already

"So much time has already passed."

It's fine, you know now.
My internet should be famous for dying at the worst possible times.

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I'm working on a picture of

I'm working on a picture of Virgil btw. .-.

And yeah. It should... Haha.
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I've nothing against anything

I've nothing against anything here, but I want to remind that the real deer mask is at least - if not even more - popular as skull mask is. ´._.
Verycrazygirl's picture

I know. But I can't change

I know.
But I can't change his mask now, it's the only thing that really fits him. Maybe I could have him wear other masks more often.
I guess I've never really taken much notice of the real deer face. I was mostly set off this morning when I saw a character who's supposed to be beaked except wears the skull mask even though there are three beaked masks in TEF.
I had an epic wtf moment because of it.

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Is Friiha at fault here? D8

Is Friiha at fault here? D8

By Leuvr
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No. 83

No. 83

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Kkfkgkjghkgfhddfgsgd phew! xD

Kkfkgkjghkgfhddfgsgd phew! xD I was worried because her face wasn't actually a skull but resembled one and if I used the real deer mask I didn't want her to be a Tally-clone x3
So thank goodness <3

By Leuvr
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I did say it was ok if she

I did say it was ok if she was though. c: <3

Before I go on, I'm not here

Before I go on, I'm not here to tell you what's right and wrong, because of course, you have your opinions and I have mine, and I'm not here to be all "DD8<". [8

But I just don't think it's all that fair to say that player's who have deer that wear skull masks have no creativity.
In my opinion, deer who wear skull masks have as much creativity as someone who wears the deer mask, or infact, any of the other mask at that. It's just a mask that's become very popular, just as how the real deer mask is also popular.

Yes there are some deer that look great with it on, but there are some that don't. There are deer who's faces look like something completely different in art yet they wear the skull f-ing mask.
There are other masks to choose from people, where the hell is your creativity?

So basically, aslong as their set looks good and looks exactly the same on a piece of art, it doesn't matter? That's what it sounds like to me.
There is a lot of creativity in the skull mask, just as there is in any mask really, or atleast that's what I think. A lot of players just decide to use it, and there's nothing wrong with that. It is a mask, and masks are to be worn.

I swear at this point there is no longer an original set that involves the skull mask.

There aren't enough sets to go around, so of course there's going to be some sets with the skull mask that are the same.

Sometimes I nap with TEF running, I hate it when I hear a bunch of skullfaces roaring their heads off it's annoyingly noisy and really not a nice sound.

I understand what you mean there with the 578345783487 skullfaces moo'ing 24/7, and I can totally agree with you on that. It does seriously pee me off, but all we have to do is turn the sound affects down. [8

As I've already said, I'm not posting this to have a go at you, tell you what's right and wrong or force my opinions down your through because you have the right to have your own thoughts on things. This is your blog, so I know you can do what you like here, I just wanted to add my thoughts on the subject.<3
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I accept that I am wrong in

I accept that I am wrong in some of my wordings. And may have come across as rude.

I'm just tired of seeing the same mask over and over.
But now that I've done that pole I'ma stfu now. xD

I understand. c:

I understand. c:
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Come on, it's nothing to get

Come on, it's nothing to get worked up about. Sticking out tongue
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I really like Vir's

I really like Vir's disconnection.

"Transition terminated." Haha.
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I wanted to be a dork.

I wanted to be a dork. Sticking out tongue

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I'll be 20 years old on the

I'll be 20 years old on the 27th 8D

...Phuck, now I'm feeling old....
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You're 19? o_o Forgive me, I

You're 19? o_o
Forgive me, I thought you were younger.....
Ah well, feel young now? 8D

OokamiAzura's picture

Yep, I'm 19. Though I don't

Yep, I'm 19. Though I don't always act like it 8D

I suppose I'll have to, yes. xD


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'Tis an amazing song!

'Tis an amazing song! <3 I was randomly thinking of it this morning and was all "omgmustadditnow"... and so I did! xD
Those lyrics are fantastic. <3

Oh, you were the deer sat

Oh, you were the deer sat with me! I'm suprised I found this, I was just clicking though names and stuff and saw your pictogram on one hahaha!
However my pictogram looks like this. That's strange.

I'm a bit slow with my emotions right now too, sorry for my delayed reactions. D:
Density's picture

/randomly interrupts omg

/randomly interrupts

omg Lacie you and I share the same birthday AND we'll both be turning 20 o3o
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Ah so you're that fawn! :3

Ah so you're that fawn! :3 nice to meet you!
Vir took a very immediate liking to you, you see, that set you put him in, then the combination of what seemed to understanding in the poppies...
Well, lets say you've triggered some extremely deep emotions in him connected to a very major event in his past in the forest.

As for the picto glitch, yah, it's common. The pictos in the second generation often have problems.

And pardon my frequent poofing, my internet is extremely unstable, and deteriorating, fast. Bloody thing. T_T

Maybe I should try find a

Maybe I should try find a first generation picto someone has to use. I don't want anyone getting confused. :c Is it still possible to get first generation ones..?
I heard they were different or something. Plus, I'd love to hear more about his past if he's willing to share anything.

Heh, internet connection's are a pain. I don't know if this would help in anyway but putting tinfoil around the edge of your router box and make it point towards your computer.
It usually gives a better connection, even if your comp is in another room. The Gadget Show showed that a week or so ago... |D

Wait you got AOL? Nevermind. LOL Yes, it does suck. :B
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That's up to you, but most

That's up to you, but most everyone is used to these silly glitches now. Smiling

Just feel free to ask him whenever you'd like, we don't mind. ^^

Aha yes, we're just gonna make a complaint later and demand it get fixed, this poor inet succcks. xD

Haha, yes maybe I'll look

Haha, yes maybe I'll look around the forums and see what I can find for a pictogram. (:
Make sure you do that soon then. 8U
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I use to have glasses like

I use to have glasses like that 8D! Now I have contact lenses. Heh, I had a nightmare too-ish.

Hakuu, I actually have a spare pictogram which looks similar to yours which you can have.
If you email me I can give you the password.

Thanks again Custard! From

Thanks again Custard!
From now on Verycrazygirl I'll be using this pictogram > http://tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest/register/pictogram.php?username=Bam.
It's grown up but maybe I'll stay a fawn for a little while.

I caught some images of us last night and messed around with them, would you like to see?
Verycrazygirl's picture


Sure! Smiling

1 2 3 4 5 Pink fawns ftw.

1 2 3 4 5

Pink fawns ftw.
Verycrazygirl's picture

Pink! Aw these are really

Aw these are really sweet, and pretty! C:
Thankies for sharing, you're pretty talented methinks. <3333

Pff, I thank photoshop.

Pff, I thank photoshop.
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Tree roots be the enemy, huh?

Tree roots be the enemy, huh? Laughing out loud
Verycrazygirl's picture

Haha. If there was only one

If there was only one tree root in all of england...
Dag will find it
actually she will trip on it. 8D